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September 5th, 2010, 1:27 pm

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ahh pages soo dirtyyy :C bad scanner, bad!

Slow Monkey: I'm dying in waiting already ;;o;;
ShtickyPoPsicle<3: no, I just gave them Hetalia's characters hair :o
Sunlily: did you ever have a tentacle in your ear? bleeer
RadicalTrain: yes!
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Oh noes! Someone! Save Herz!

I want a self defense mechanism like that. It would be pretty sweet.

Ah ha! 8D I was going to ask if you changed the characters hair styles to Hetalia on the banner! But you answered my question <3

Woah, the self-defence mechanism is awesome :O
Lunge sure has some extra senses huh? Pretty awesome reaction too xD

...also, I didn't notice the page was "dirty" before you pointed it out x3

love this page!

Wwwwiiiieeee! Run awaaaaay, Herzyyy D:

Hmm... With such good defense and reaction, I bet Lunge is a very talented Traceur. Will ya ever draw anything that shows what goes on in his class?

Oh No!!!
I hope Hirn doesn't work a late shift D:
I'm gonna punch Lunge in the face...
cause it would totally work...


O_______O derp . . . that is all

I am so desperately in love with Herz' spine oh god it's so... I want to touch it forever

also, lunge pillow porcupine. yes yes.

;0 Oh gosh! Save 'em Hirn! Save 'em!

it was nice to meet you herzy <:'I

:O lol

Herz is just asking for it, isn't he?

Sneherherher.... I wonder what will happen next...? *shrugs* Am I the only one who kinda enjoys seeing Herz get hurt...? Yea... I think I am....

xD!!!!!!!!!!! I dont think I've ever laughed so hard at a webcomic....

i decided to re-read the comic. and i tried to go to the next page but it told me too many people were visiting it already D:
so congrats on having THAT many fans :D

@Saff01: Naw, I like this stuff too :3

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