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June 15th, 2010, 12:22 pm

bats acrobats

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mr.mushroom: I love you.
blumchen: YOU'RE RIGHT! I COMPLETELY FORGOT! THE NOMIDOES! ahahahahahah! Ew, I got so disgusted when Mung showed what he's not proud of! BLERGH!
jardindelanuit: I must ask everybody first :v
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ALEX YOU FUCK! C: Gonna get his ass whooped. At least I think that's Alex's foot o3o?

Gotta be quick and swift!

All of that work and Alex messes it up! Bad kitty!

LMFAO. Oh man. I see some cat ears high tailing it out of there soon x'DDDD

Also: I love these Domino twins |DD More than someone should love secondary characters. You need to make them official characters s I can fangasm on paper. :U ~

Well, so much for those many months of work. Alex better run. :|


Good thing Nomido and Minodo are calm guys.
Either they're gunna be like "It's coo', we'll just start over"
Or it's the one time they just snap
Smooth move Alex >:/

Hahaha. Poor Alex. This does not bode well for him. There are so many ways to detach a foot without using a knife or other sharp utensiles.

are the domino guys conjoined twins XD i thought they were on the last page but this page it looks like their not, or that their joined by the hand XD

I love how there's hardly anyone who cares about Herz's 'condition.' They're just all "Ahoy, I caught an octopus! Nothing odd here!"

=w=;;; i enjoy ur failz alex OTL

The proper English babe is not 'catched' it's 'caught'

8'D The page is amazing NONE THE LESS!!

Pffft. lol. If Herz doesn't get to tease Alex next page, Imma be very disappoint.

Herz is so cute.. :3 He is one of my favorite you know! :OOOO

Go Herz!! *I* Had faith in youuuu!! *coughcough*

....... lol I do love Alex's expression at the end. >u>

The panel where the domino dude is holding up Herz is so adorable! >w<

Ah! Unexpected twist!

Nooooo!!!!! All the hard work they did, is gone gone gone! T^T lol <3

Oough...Yeah. Oh god. Seeing it on the show never seems to be as gross as remembering it... That is a disturbing show on many levels, but that is why it is so good. XD Also its many video game references. Katamari episode ftw.

Okay. I love these two. And since Herz is joining in with his adorableness, this can ONLY BE MADE OF WIN.

Their sexy tiem together much be extremely calm and synchronized haha I love them already c:

Silly silly Alex shoe, even Herz behave better than you.

@ Luw yo 2~

homg i noticed that turned out as poem! :'---------D im genious

YAY i never had a doubt in my mind *hehe...yeah* Good JOBS :3

Hahaha :'D

Love the catching skills and how Alex' shocked face mirrors Herz' shocked face above xD

BTW, noticed grammar error: it's "caught" instead of "catched" :3

As soon as I saw dominos I cringed. Ahaha, I knew it was all going to fall down!

You made it cry.

lmao didn't see that coming! xD FRIGGIN ALEX!

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