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April 19th, 2010, 12:25 pm


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Give some spare quick love to SUPER CUTE HERZY HERE by DeepDarkHana:

Gumibearcanibal: yes! together! cool!
Jumon: no!
yukaiHUNNY: almost guessed! dad son! ha! ha!
AzurePersona: I LOVE SURPRISES <3
artbythecat: you're too kind!
blumchen: awesomest comment!
VitaminPill: I MISS! HOW TRIP?
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Comment cherry!

I absolutely love these two! It's so sad, so cute... Cheesier than an Italian pizzeria, but that's what makes it AWESOME

awwwww so cute >W<

I want a little brother like Herz. Mine is an ungrateful, uncute douchebag.

Herz is so utterly adorable! I just love how sweet he is! Quite possibly my favorite character. He has such a golden heart... surrounded by crazy tentacles, which is always a plus. *laughs*

so fuckin sweet I got a cavity! :"D

I want one I want an older brother like him D: T_T Where do they sell them and how much do they cost?


I'll give you all the attention you want you poor thing! ç_ç

Herz is so cute.

Good, you did it, you made me cry. I hope u're happy woth yourself now. ;_;


I'm giggling like a moron. THIS IS SO KOOOOOOT I LOVE THIS.

Ahem. But, yeah, I didn't think it was too cheesy. I think it works in nicely, I mean, now we all know how horribly nice Herz is. And I kind of take back the father-son thing after looking at your so called "shit" section.

EDIT: Where did your art section go?!?! D: D: D:


I love that he's one of the sweetest ones, even though he looks a bit scary.

THAT IS SO SWEEEEEEEET <3 this just gave me diabetes <333

aaaaah heeeeeeeeertz! I'll give you all sorts of attention! I promise you'll love it! <3 mmmmm

Before I actually have to stop procrastinating, YAY! My secret guilty pleasure of cheezy and cute brothers. xDDD I love it. >u<

And while I'm at it, SUPER AWESOME LOVE ON HERZY'S JACKET! Subtle and beautiful shading, my friend. Not to mention that it shows all the super awesome wrinkles with highlights! Yeah, I'm excited.

Only things to look at might be coughHANDScough and Hirn's head in the third panel. Just a touch awkward.

Yeah, thanks for the lovely update and the one i missed yesterday too! I appreciate the return of interesting angles! xDDD

And yeah, I'm not you. If I was, 90% of the men in the comic would go around shirtless - all the time. ;D

Muchos adore,

PS. I forgot to mention, your backgrounds are improving so much! It's nice!

And Herzy in the fifth panel. >u< I don't know why -well, yes I do. It's because it's such and interesting pose and also nicely done- but It's just so cute and maybe my second favorite panel in the whole page, first being the last one cause it's just so darn cute!

N'aaww~ I love teh sweet brotherly love~ ;w;
Herzy is so cute.... X3
Hirn is just bad ass and sexy.... >w>
I smell fan art... :T
Now if only I was good at traditional drawing... =A="

Brotherly love is adorable :D

d'awww, Herzy yer so cute~
He reminds me of someone...

lol FINE, don't put up the Russian one too! xD Meany.

Aaaww, this is so sweet it's like honey coated chocolate truffles of AWESOME! <3

Ahaha I know how you feel. Drawing/writing cheesy stuff is so difficult for me.
Which is why I never do it.


lol incest
its not a bl comic till you find out someone is in love with their brother

ITs so cute.
SO cute, my head exploded. So cute I can't come up with anything wittyy to say about how cute this is. :P

Awww is so cute I love herz even more


I think I just had a nosebleed in everywhere.
Including my brain.

love love lovely

cute <3

you pedo>8((((
btw kakoe u nih tam wremia goda?? ja wsegda zabiwaju sprosit:(
i btw2 w fanart sekcii nekotorie linki ne rabotajut i ne te kartinki wstawleni, opiat ze zabiwala tebe skazat:((

This is sooo cute. >3<

i looooove herz's full name translation!!! and i love the fact that its german.

herz is awesome ¢¾,¢¾

OMR I love them~ I want them to be my older brothers... well, I want Hirn as my daddie and Herzchen as my older brother~ they'd be a hell of a lot better then my family... I want Alexandra to be my hot older sister (I'm bisexual) and I want Soki to be my mummie, just shift the ages accordingly so it works

Aww brotherly love. *u*
I love that so much. ^////^
I love these guys so much. :D

@Maggerz: I'm sorry, did you just read my mind?

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