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March 11th, 2010, 3:23 pm

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still dunno wat to draw for 3k ://// SO MUCH TEXT
I know I misspelled "being", I'll correct it later c:
I'm putting more girls, since GIRLS are the reason for the boys to be GAY. If there weren't any girls, yaoi wouldn't exist :,I
HURR HURR ALEXANDRA by AdrenalinXDopamin:
CatzCradle: that thing on photobucket loads really slowly on my comp ;-;
conectrawr: thank you ;u; I use unicorn tears and sunshine dust
*milk+assassin*, March 11th, 2010, 3:33 pm Reply

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I thought Sunny was gonna be a dancer. XD

hahaha Beeing. Sounds cute C:

there is so much detail in this page ;A; idk how you do it

Oh my, that girl has some shiny, pretty legs! :3

And aww, I wanted to see Sunny dance and shake his cute lil' butt!

awwww I wanted Sunny to be a dancer XD

that is not a girl... that's a guy... :( your comic is wrong. BoyXBoy is not correct. Its disappointing that boy love ruined your mind. AS You can see, your just a fat nerdy loner who is obsess in anime and boylove, i bet you cant find any love life or a life. :( I hope you can get someone to help you like a Counselor. Let me help you.
Your drawings are very talented, please erase this disgusting and revolting comic and make your drawing skills to use.

@ Anon: u mad?

Another girl!! I admit I thought it was gonna be a guy in drag at first. But she's super cute. :>

roflcopter you didn't have to call her a fat loner nerd, anon. :1 if you have a point to make, stick to it. don't go making guesses in her personal life that have no evidence to back it up. where do you get the audacity to say that she has no life? you're the one trolling comics, and you do it anonymously on top of it?
you get a life, pussy.

on top of it, your point isn't valid. she can draw what she wants. and if you have enough common sense to go on her freaking userpage, you'd see non-bl comics.

i dunno, i just feel like i had to defend her.

i love how detailed everything is. there's always something to look at, speshully the stuff going on in the bg *c*
OHOHOHO TAN SKINNED CHARACTERS. with pretty hair. <3 i love alexandra's face on panel 4 ;3; i wouldn't find the patience to make your backgrounds.

BEST JOB EVA!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to see how dis turns out XD

sunny...working in a club.. AMAZIN

I love Alex's sister so much. <3

He is so lucky.

Sunny lucked out. Truer words have never been spoken, Milky. Cheers, for girls and turning these and other delicious boys gay on each other! *martini glass clink*

God, Alex just keeps getting better and better. And maaan, his tutor. So cute. D8 <3

And yeah, damn, details! Awesome!

Hey Milky, you are beautiful, Hun. I adore your screentone use and your comic is just guhshlufhnsfhsfh love.

For the anon comment that was left for you, I really just laughed rather than raged. I think you should laugh too because it's like... "lolwhut?"

Keep up the great work on the fags you beautiful beast you <3

XD I think this comic gets better and better <3

anon get a life please c:
Ur Mom: it`s very strange to see you defending her, despite the fact that you were saying something similar about her some time ago, what a coincidence!:o

Maaaaaaaash kak etu dewushku zowut?*3*
I blin skolko ze ti etu stojku risowala??

*puts up a sign that says "DON'T FEED THE TROLL"*

Yay, more lovely womens!
(Especially tan ones. -nom nom-)
Keep up the good work. <3

Neat. Girls ~ :D . Haha .

I love how you can put so many details on one page. It pleases my eyes >w<

Well now, Alright, so Anon, you need to go find your own life. If you don't like BL, then don't read it. . . Seriously. . . But anyways!

@WhitexNoise: I think it's a tiger, but that's just my opinion.

Now! The art. . OMH >w< I envy you so much! You're art is soooo amazing. . . I really love to draw myself, and wish I could make a comic, but I can't draw the same thing twice T^T It's sad. . .but you have SERIOUS talent, plus, you're SUPER creative! WAY TO GO!

@fs: I was wrong, and I take back those things :o plus, i don't like anonymous trolling, and the fact that the stuff this troll said was completely irrelevant doesn't help.


L-O-V-E <3 Your art style and comic. Your comic is the only BL I think is worth reading.But thats just my opinion people so please dont attack me like you did Anon or what ever that fags name is.

sunnys gonna become a naughty ;w;

omg no way. i thought it was rainbow water, shoooooooooo.

Gotta love them trolls, eh?

On to other relevant things, your comic amazes me. The foreshortening, angles--everything. I love the small last panel.

Sunny = cool?

Lol that will be the day *laughs so hard that his sides hurt*

:3 ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

im so awful!!!!!!!!!!!

this was one of the comics that made me make a profile and all, and i haven't commented?!??!?! i suck!!! :(

so now i will comment and hopefully my drawing skills will get as good as ur so i can make my own fanart!!!!!!!! <3 this comic is pure <3

ughhh. .. . .i am freakin angry at a certain comment out there but i dont want to spam ur beautiful comment page so ill keep it pg-13. 8D

shut up and get a life, nerds will eventually get moar money than a fag like u (cuz they r like smart? duh) unless u become a prosti- a person best not named and well. . . .if that is how u make ppl talk to u (by commenting and saying bad stuff about them, like shit that is not real) well, ur not going to help then r u? so keep urself to ur business and get a life, or a better one . . . .


it ruined the comment but well, i wanted to type moar!!!! but imma cuss so ya. . . .

i lubb u soo much!!!!!!! this comic is soo awsum!!! and i would surely +fav. this one thousand times over if i could. . . but i can't cuz it only says: error boy lessons is already in ur +favs.

trust me, ive tried it. .n.

ahhhhh. . . .how many of u love sunny? how bout vanilla? soki? Jura? Herz? i sure love 'em all. . . . <3 ;w;

- 3- alex too. lol, everybody needs sum luv!!!!!!!! *hugs*

well, update soon!!!!

much love and (hopefully) inspiration and uhh. . ..words. . .8D



Nice space filling aka nice detailed backgrounds.;)
Also thanks for stealing my vocab, I'm so flattered. jk

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