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August 31st, 2009, 5:18 am


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OH HEY I UPDATED So I got back to Lithuania 2 days ago and have srs depression, because it sucks here so much comparing to Germany.
Update. Gonna update much, since I have a lot of pages done.

Two Alexandras by crazy iMimi:
Aaaaaaand kinky Jura and Alex by artemisrox:
thank you!
*milk+assassin*, August 31st, 2009, 5:40 am Reply

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iMimi: gosh, ur eyes must have burned out when u saw my old pages p_p
Jumon:thank you >3> ur the best!oh lol, ill get the whore section back and ull find out!
thank you for reading, commenting, faving <3
*milk+assassin*, August 31st, 2009, 5:46 am Reply

OH NOES! D: xDD That last panel, so looks like he's gonna rape him. XD

everyone's getting somewhere but i'm stuck here :((8

ömfg sexay toothbrushingscene 8) MMMMM

O___O Alright, I'm hooked! i just read all the pages you have posted in a matter of fifteen minutes.... and that was pausing to look at the artwork....

mmm sunny boobies :D <3<3<3

Is what I would say if I were a noob. But I am Not. So I say

pooor Sunny XDDD

Raep Tiem is nao, yes? Plz say yes. D:

I'm loving the comic. x3 Especially the rapeface that's going on.

He's gut no boobs D:

Lol. He doesn't notice the *CREEEAAK* sound? Way to go XD
I like how the tooth brush loops out of his mouth, followed by .. you know, toothpaste and stuff XD
Nice bathroom :D

awesome page as always x'D

war es wirklich so schön in deutschland?^^

Silly Sunny, you're supposed to brush your teeth AFTER 8D

Oh, I sure hope he is! 8D

if i where Sunny, i would say yes and then take it like a man ^-^

(man i am perverted)


>:O Damn Uke should just take it

Oooo~ooh Baby. Giggity Giggity Goo.
Yeesss Can't wait for the many pages of updatedness.

Gawd I luffluffluff You. But not in that sexual way. In that way of "ohmyfawkinggawdyouramazingwut?" roflol =D



AGKDHSJLSFD, I SEE. In reply to your reply to mine:OH DAMN. I see now, I am so slow XD
Relatives. >_>
Sorry, sorry. *crawls back into cave*

Welcome home ^^


Raep Timez Nao? Plz? Pretty Please with a cherry on the top? :3 nufufufufu sunny my dear you must say yosh!

Nipple PEENCH!

oh noes! watch out, sunny! D: XDDD I missed your updates. T-T And the photobucket thing was sad though I did get to see the pages.

This comic is sooo amazingly awesome. <:3 Sunny's my fav since I can relate to his nerdness. XD Great characters! This is IsrafelTheTemptress from deviantart btw. <3

No one's pressurin u sunny except alex and all da fans..... LOL Hmmm I in the da mood to watch *gets a chair* hehhehe

I LIVE! Kind of. xD School has started up and I'm still fanatically busy, but it's much more fun than last year. This means that I can happily procrastinate my less entertaining projects and do something much more fun - comment on Boy Lessons!

Hokay, the one thing that stands out most to me is that your background's shading. The trashcan has very nice highlights and a touch of darkness giving it a nice 3D effect, but nothing else does. It may help to just tone the dark side of all the objects a shade darker to help imply light. Just now where your light source is coming from and shade accordingly and you should be set. On that note, Sunny brushing his teeth has wonderful shading. The highlights and shadows are in just the right places and remind me of standing in front of a brightly lit mirror. And his pose gives off a very dorky-but-cute-and-clean feeling. The background adds to the feeling - it's very appropriate. The only thing I can suggest is to shade the toothpaste foam and toothbrush to add more contrast. Other than that, brilliant panel - it made me smile. :]
For the next panel, I love the way you drew the room. The slight curve draws your eye to the back door subtly and the sound effect just nails it in. Sunny, of course, is oblivious. The only thing I would have liked added to him would be a little shading on the hair and face. Towels could also be darker to set them apart from the wall, but I liked it a lot!
And last but certainly not least, the Alex and Sunny panel! I love Alex's buff-ness and how he has subtle muscles. It's very appropriate for his character. The black shirt adds wonderful contrast making the lighter details really stand out, especially on his neck and arms. Sunny's position is so cute. It really adds to his feeling and has clear yet cute body language. I love his facial expression too! The toothbrush and toothpaste were also really nice details. For the shirt, I don't think you really needed t add so many black shading lines, but that's more my preference and isn't a big deal. The only other thing is that the hands on the right side look a little off. They're not quite the right proportion and don't have any knuckles. Maybe add shading to imply bumps and knuckles? Anyway, it's very cute. Thank you for the wonderful update!



Sunny: *gulps down mouthful of toothpaste...* Gee, thanks Alex, now I have fluride poisoning!!

Alex: Poison victems are sexy!! >[]< *molests*

If you hate it so much in Lithuania move in with me :D
I live in the most beautyful town in germany~ you won´t regret it >3~

By the way~ epic page xD nippleeeees~


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