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June 7th, 2009, 11:07 am

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umm Exams are not over yet, but yeah...Umm...Actually this page was done weeks ago, but it was so ugly I didn't want to post it >_> WHY DOES SOKI HAS DIFFERENT EYES ALL THE TIME?!OH WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAI?!?!?!?!?
CLICK ON "First comic" AND SEE NEW TRANSPARENT COVER!YAAAAY! cuz seriously, the old one was so ugly.
Kurayami:uh ;_; i haven't read it, but I did some research and holy fuck!What does it have to do with MCR?
ImaginaryPerson:fcourse I kno :,D I meant that not all schools have to be all bright and shiny :D!NO WINDOWS?!WHAT?!I hope you mean no Windows XP?;;;O;;;
GoldenGossamer:aha!Imagine that!They even have deviantart in Russia :,,,D Oh how strange!:,,,D but nah, I'm Russian from Lithuania :3 OOOH!YES YES YES!AND WRITE SMTHING IN RUSSIAN THERE TOO >w< tank you!
Ray/Pico: I'm not..i'm not crazy ;;;_;;; thank you!aaah...i'm sick of poke rface already >_>
Thank you for so many comments!And good wishes!ILU!
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I have this real problem,guys!I don't know if I should write your dA or SJ names :/

ADORABLE Vanilla being all 'Grrr l3' by Berry-Kawaii:
First Lunge fanaaarrrt and very angry rock-n-roll Vanilla by pandademonrawr:
And some HOT JURAxVANILLA ACTION by Flamboyant-fathom, who should get more recognition :/ :
*milk+assassin*, June 7th, 2009, 11:30 am Reply

It's not ugly xD and the new cover looks AWESOME!!

Good luck w/ your exams ;*

Poor Herz... He'd just got that eye back.

Fff, google. Hur, hur.
The lead singer to MCR wrote it O-o? Weird, I know, I'm not a MCR fan, but the art and the story are amazing.

Umbrella Academy is about a family of... more or less super heroes. And it starts off with their adopted father dying more or less. The world starts to end, number 05 comes back from the future, and then one of their sisters starts to kill and destroy everyone with music.
Ben is the tentacle dude! xD And he= loves, even though he dies >A<
That's them as kids, I can't find a picture of Ben, he isn't a very popular guy. His hero name is 'The Horror' xD


FFFFFFfffff Herz, I love you so much! Poor thing, always getting trampled/ beaten up. =[ ;3; this is a little better, but I can only find ones of him as a kid...

you're back <3 aww Herz >: why is he always getting hurt? >: *huggles* so he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that's no reason to walk all over him... literally xD

and 5th panel: he seems a little TOO happy owo;

Well, that looked painful.
I think the butterfly died as well.
Poor butterfly, oh, and Herz.

Ooo, baby.
I love the new cover.
And now I shall draw delicious things involving your characters.

Uwhaa~ Your cover looks gorgeous! XD

he's adorable ;;

yay u updatedddd /cry

Is this Lunge??
I totally thought he was the grumpy kind of guy. WHY HE IS SMILING? DDDD:

Anyway, the new cover is looking awesome

O-oh shit

LOL poor guy XDDD


That new cover is awesome!
And poor Hertz.

Aww, you can just feel the brotherly love radiating! :] Herz's expression is absolutely priceless. Oh, as you probably noticed, I LIVE. Yeah, sickness, finals, essays, projects, and panic galore! Buuuuuuuuut, it's all over and I'm free! :DDDD
Yeah, kinda mixed feelings about this page. Soki's eyes, Jura and Sunny's expressions and all kinda off. Jura/Sunny aren't really that detailed and Soki's eyes in the third panel are too big for a normal expression. Though Herzy and Lunge are WONDERFUL. I love their expressions, the body language and anatomy is wonderful (only minor thing off is you land on the balls of your feet, not flat or heel), and great overall feeling of brothers who know each other well. You're getting really good at using tones, but maybe apply some shadows on their clothing and faces more? (Trinity Blood is an excellent reference source for all shading and other ungodly-skills - sorry, my buddy just introduced me to this and I'm hooked! ) Also, the bottom left corner is a little busy and confusing, though the varying tones did help. Thanks again for the beautiful update and I hope you enjoy the summer! :D

WHY'S EVERYBODY TEASING HIM? you're being mean to Herzy again ò__ó I wanna see the new cover! But guess what this damn computer has a parental lock system or what ever and it won't let me seeeeeeeee it!!! ;____; (luckily i have an almost-own laptop in my room and i can go and check it there. But uh it's so slow! .___.)

ILU LUNGE ;__; and soki is so cute. this page gives me the happies.

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