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April 28th, 2009, 9:08 am

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*FACEPALM* idea shared with VItamInPIll Ugh...Sunny's a boy, who I can't draw as a boy...And Alex looks like a pedo-mastermind on the 7th panel :/ this is so stupid kill me.
The real Herz IN ALL HIS SEXY GLORY!by Calli
HERZ+SOKI :iconicameplz: I can die happily after this :,D by Kuped

BobMalarky: yes c: 100% twik 99% slutty!Thank for seeing things real!
IMimi: OH!RESPECT THEN!Deutch is awesooome and pretty easy :,D u really deserve sum sex scenes :,C I'm sorry
IndigoButerfly: OH!As net negaliu normaliai MSNe pasidet, kad pacatintis su tavim!Butinai paziuresiu ;D
Kiraranekochan: no no...he's still sadly a boy =_=
thank you for your comments, favs and ratings
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Talking Penis, guides you through all the right *paths* X3
and I never knew Alex had a tail.

hehehehe alex is wagging his cute little tail <3

If i had a penis i would talk to it all the time. True Story

a talking cock. That's new. I've heard about flyin' dicks and butts but this was awesome.
GHEH sum creditz for me i seeeee
<3333333333 mmmmm

I love the little skull when the kiddo passed out! >.< Can't remember ANYONE's name in this. Is the chara-page up yet? *puppy eyes of doomyness* PLEASE, tell me it's up!

otaku_lady: there have always been the character page :D it is called 'Bitches' right there on the navigation bar c:

-chokes on her rice a bit from laughing to hard- Thats so great! XD

I want a talking wee-wee Oh god, you're a genius. *dies*
(Hey, hey, I'm the person that commented your dA to say about how this comic is so totally awesome and rape-tastic)



it also gives you wrinkles!!! worry bout that!

talking one eyed trouser snake

Funniz LOLz> I fell off my chair laughing. I told that to my boyfriend a few months ago and his reactions was kinda like that :p

0: i just wish that they would get together and have SEX ;_;

As much as this made me laugh, I'm a little scared... just a little... D|

That dying chair makes me happy.


hahahahaha that...made my night twice as awesome. And made me forget about what a failure I am XDD (aka I'm NOT ready for free comic day..have to ink and copy and finish shit) lol... <3 lovee

no wonder guys give their dicks a name... cuz they talk! xD and that look on his face when the penis say "yes" xDDD you're a genius! this is pure win! *so proud that you're not too far from me* >w> and.. panel 7 makes my heart melt <333
Ir beje, gal tada naudoji skype ar koky kita mesengeri? xD as taip kartais uzsimanau tau pasakyt labas ir noriu pakalbet apie ta suvaziavima kuris ivyks rugpjuti~ zadu vaziuot ;D

D: I wish my penis spoke!

LMFAO I love that "it weakens your erection...""Weakens my what?Are you okay down there?!"....."Yes." I really love his little grin at that part and his little tail is going.He reminds me of someone I know.

.......gawd that was freaking hilarious.....I love Alexander

lolz i love his little tail wagging! ^_____^


OMG XDDD it speeaakkksss

His penis, it speaks!~

If I had a penis, I would so talk to it. Oh yeah.

You rock so hard it hurts. /wrists

Stop bashin youself. Your a fantastic artist :)
I love the way yuo draw Alex. I juts love his puffy lips and narrow eyes. If you keep tellling youself your not good enough to draw this comic, I will travel from Denmark, over to you and beat you with a pocky pack! \>0</


that...would scare me so much to -see- XD

then id start laughing hitarially until i died...


I think you might be on crack, but that's okay. When I first started reading this comic I didn't really expect to end up favoriting it. It was just going to be a quick glance over something that a friend suggested. Just your ordinary generic boy-love comic that you see on this site daily.

But it's not. Oh god it's not. This shit is hilarious, unique, and actually interesting. So I salute you and join the ranks of your followers with enthusiasm.

XD best page EVER

OMGOMG LOL!!!! I cant help but love this page cuz of that... XD that's a fun fact for ya....XD

hahahahhhahahhahah xD

oh sweet lord jesus!
A talking penis...
now I have seen everything

*have you ever seen a man eat his own head?*


*Then you HAVEN'T seen everything*

I laughed so hard I cried. I'm still laughin' tbh. When it said yes..XD XD too funny. My friend on the phone thinks I've lost what little mind I had. Even his tail perked up.

oh, but he looks so SEXXY in the seventh panel! 8D

This page is awesome! I love that smoking gag! You rule. XD

best part

2nd best page :{D
I love this.

Oh my god. I read this and I couldn't stop laughing!
"Are you ok down there?!"
"Yes" xDDD

LOLZLOLZLOLZ literally doubled over laughing!!!

XDDD! Oh geezz. Im suffocating.

Can't... Breathe... GYAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAHHHHAHAHH...hahahahhh...ahhhhhh.. haaaaaahhhhhh... heh. >w<

LMFAO i can't stop laughing now. XDDDDDDDDDDDD

That made my day just there. "Yes." XDDDDDD

O.o......xOx I just died a little bit inside from laughing so hard. BEST LINE EVER!!

xD omg it spoke, to funny XD

haha I wonder what kind of conversation a person would have with his penis?
him: Sooo hows it going
penis: I am just fucking great if not for the fact that Ive been constantly limp
him: Hey I can't get into a relationship now I need to build up my self asstem
penis: PUSSY!
him: says the penis...

I wish I could like your pages xD

ROFL Yes... XD

LAWLZWUT snizzfagkleshio


his... "ding dong" talks to him and ALEX RAPE SUNNY~~~~

LOL "yes"

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