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April 18th, 2009, 6:56 am

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I got flue <8c and the stupidest sound efect eevvrrr! Tomorrow is Easter.
Notice,Sunny's expression during the whole comic is <8c <8c <8c <8c <8c

Schg:no no no!Herz oooooooochen tupoj ;_;
PomeiLione:it's probably not your fault, cuz I noticed, that ppl dnt understand a lot of things here. I just can't put everything up straight!So just ask me,bb
GothicIri-chan:but i wrote it in russian on purpose >8C so that nobody could read this!ARGH!
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First Comment Oh, Sunny's so cute XD He's bright as day really, he's a sexy geek XD

Oh, poor poor Sunny.
You're gonna get it up the ass, you naughty boy.


I love you! Awesome page, but it only makes me thirsty for more D:


were gonna be lj buddies now xDD


Its a moments like this that Alex seems to putt off the biggest Invader Zim vibes for me. He's just a taller, sexier, less green invader from space. Emphasis on the 'invader' bit. >w>

"a very bad boy~"
*crosses fingers and prays for a whip* Very naughty.
Brilliant comic, by the way, just had to say. ^-^ selfish Oo
there aren't just you Russian who can speak Russian ^^v
ok...I'll just read it and I'll never tell a word about it...I swear! sooo...can I read it again next time? ^^

Where is his dress?
When the hell did he change into a goddamn uniform!?

Nooo. xD I'm out of pages to read.

The first and last panels on this page are my faves. xD Great expressions.

Oh, this comic is fabulous. Can't wait to see more! ^^

cuuute >w<

Happy Easter, Milky!
Alex in the last panel = me laughing so hard I choke on air.
That Alex is so funny.

You're just getting better and better at drawing x3

And sunny doesn't have a "sunny" personality >w> oh that poor guy.. >: *hugs him tight*

and in the first panel, the girl to the far right has a *naughty thought* smile... she's a yaoi fan or something? xD

lololol f'kin. Panel 3. Sunny. lol LOVE. <3

Aw snap he's no wearing dress >:3

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