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March 28th, 2009, 2:14 pm

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Ok!babbbeeeh,did you forget to take your meeeds? OKHEY!I'm not going anywhere with this so I'm continuing to flam myself.I have exams soon,if I get 8/10 from any lesson I will be buried alive.So if this comic won't update,you'll know why.
BTW!The new song here: "Methods of Mayhem - Get naked"
Yea,n Herz is short stuff.Rly.

fuck.forgot Vanilla's tie =_=
*milk+assassin*, March 28th, 2009, 2:20 pm Reply

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Everything else Once again amazing fanart from imimi!Man,that girl just dnt kno when to stop!
.apples.: bb!You don't have to comment when you don't want to!:> dnt worry!
*milk+assassin*, March 28th, 2009, 2:23 pm Reply

huh iz herz that short D: bwha. And nuu. Not horrible at all ;-;

btw cool avatar 8DDDDD
And whut, first comment wtf

Thank you Vitamin!<3 i rly want to thank u,cuz u mean so much to me ;;_;;

oh i love the reference to placebo there i love that song and the video

:D his sad face was just too adorable xD i love the foot to face moment. vanillaxherz?

poor little Herz. This is one of the days where i just wonna hug Herz, gawd i feel sorry for the poor lad.
BTW, fantastic comic :)

Oh~~ Girl, ya're drawing machine ;)

Ya style is just adorable :)

Herz really need to get some XD That would keep him calm ;)

vanilla and herz make such a cute couple! i hope they get together soon!!!

"How did you know I take meds?"

Poor Herz. :< I love Vanilla. :P

VanillaxHerz, I agreeee. :DDD

well well, m'dearr. I'll have to do some fanart soon ;D

Herz is, like, really really short or Vanila is really really tall? D:

I think just having sex will only make it more complicated....Herz needs to fall in love. And as for Herz x Vanilla, being unspoken friends should be thier limit. they seem more neutral on the sex meter. If they try it will be too for how their relationship seems to be building. But HerzxVanilla would be ukexseme, where as HerzxSoki would be semexuke. Either way I love Herz!!!

"You don't despise me!"
"I despise everything!"

Lolz. I love your comic.

Fuckin agh! Sometimes I hate reading your comic.
It's cuz the text is all over the place but the art clicks so well in my brain I know which way to look. So yea....LOVE YA!

Schg: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew D,: that's harsh,girlfriend!
Ja nzn :C sshhh!nadejus nikto ne zametit X3



yay for vanilla/herz &#9829;

...and sex, and drugs, and complications? <3

*wants to hug herz* ;-;...WAIT! what if there was plushie for all the characters? that would be epic.

Vanilla/Herz yesssss So much <3

>w< Don't worry Herz I think your awesome! <3

I love Herz. :'3 He's so adorable. <333

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