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March 21st, 2009, 1:51 pm

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fuck everything.e-v-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.I can't draw.
Thank you for sticking up with this.
*milk+assassin*, March 21st, 2009, 1:52 pm Reply

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*milk+assassin*, March 21st, 2009, 1:57 pm Reply

Poor Herz >:

lololol dorq XD but at least he WAS happy with himself (till everyone left D:) i love Herz

yay new page <33~
I have readed the whole comic like 3 times XD. And I'm not getting bored of it <3 It's simply awesome~ XD

Poor Herz :< *hug*

Honey, ya doing grate job :*

I'm your big fan ;]
Psycho, I love psycho characters ;-)
Please, carry on :D
and when gonna be next update?

too bad... poor herz
i don't know why they're afraid of him :P

Yeah......I'll comment later. Though I do like this page, but I'm just really tired....

-shoots self with a shot gun-

Poor Herz, baby. He is my favourite out of all of them.

I want him in my pants...<3

Love this page! And your taste in music!! XD
Keep it up!

I still love you HERZ!!!
Even though you are a dork and scare away everyone.

All that hearz need is an hug!!!
great page.By the way I love the hole comic, is great!!!!

Oh gawd, u CAN draw. (believe all these ppl who r reading this...)
And why r u so afraid of poor herz? He's cute idiutz >:V come here, boy. Auntie will give ya a hug.

hey, you're drawing skills win at life, so shush.

also, YAY!
I adore this comic, the art is great and the story is hilarious.

<3 dont worry you dont suck. :] Otherwise I wouldn't put up with you! :D And I do agreee. he is a dork. lol

Oh Herz, you are my favorite.

You have to keep updating this.

I'm addicted.

it's okay hertz! i'd stay and cuddle with you!!!

I loooove the last panel xD.....

It's made of win <3

Awwww, poor Herz. :(

Aww, poor Herz... he wants fanboys to crowd him. One day he will get what he wants, but until then that is what class is for. I must jump your bones for not updating lately Milky!

i <3 herz Herz is so awesome. He's my most favorite character. Don't worry, even if everyone's scared of you I'll still be your friend (but i need tentacle action everyday. >///< not meant to be sexual, tentacles are just so cool! although some smexy tentacle action isn't such a bad idea...)

Hmm... In that last panel, Hertz really reminds me of Vash from Trigun.
Maybe I'm going nuts.

; A ; OH NOOO.

Aww,I wanna hug him :(

Sad herz...T~T.Wait why is herz so awesome?._.

Dont worry Hertz
im not afraid of you

I.. LOVE YOU OFMJFGJH I LOVE THIS COMIC!! The only reason i didn't comment before was cause I got so addicted I didn't even have time to stop and comment. I retrained myself now cuz i gotta let you know how awesome you are XD

Awww :c poor herz...Dun worry! we all wuve chuuu! Dx in some way >w>

Awww Its ok hertz I'll hug you *hugggggggggles* <--- to many "G's" anyway I'm loving your story so far :)

Awww! Hi! I just started reading your comic. So funny and cute and everything! The last few comic pages have been SO CUUUUUTTTTEEE~~~~I just had to post acomment!!!

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