Happy Holidayz!


December 24th, 2008, 1:56 pm

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Merry Christmas everyone!And a happy New Year :D :D
So how r u celebrating?:> :> :>
Dnt miss a page before this if you still hvnt checked it out!
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Merry christmas to you too ^_^ I love this picture so much XD

You win fifty Taco Bales


THIS IS SO ADORABLE i CAN'T STOP SMILING AND GRINNING! <3 I love boy lessons so muuch <3 wonderful wonderful manga~

and... I know that SchG prolly will never see this, but I just wanted to let her know that her display picture is awesome xD

Could I unwrap ...what's his name xDD I'm very bad at names.....

The cute fellow with the BIIG EYES!!!



It would be extremely enjoyable to unwrap them>3

sexiness 8D
I want one (or all? XD ) of them under MY christmas tree *u* fufufu~

Happy Holidays to you too! <3

lol why does sunny look like a lost puppy ^____^

*drools* Dat's faking sexy. :D~~~~ God, tu tikrai zinai ko zmogai nori Kaledoms. Su Sventem!

hahaha. thie picture is so cute :D
And Herz looks so cool XD.
Looks like Soki is sneaking away from the crime scene.

Merry Christmas!! Awwww presents =3 I luv presents!
x3 It's so cute :D
Merry christmas to you to ^^ I hope you have a wonderfull time :D

I don't know who I love more-puppy-eyes Sunny, Candy cane Jura, or sleepy Vanilla~! But Vanilla is never that innocent...it's a trap! O.O

*shoots hand into the air* Oh oh! I'm unwrapping Soki!

Herz must have . . . a very tiny peniz X3 LOLZ no i kid . . . .

Awesome presents... but happy holidays to you as well. My birthday is on New Year's Eve and I'm gonna be old! (18, betches XP)

Celebrate the holidays with chocolate and yaoi ^^

YAY!!! I loooove the holidays! :D

OMG Your comic Is f----- AWESOME, It makes me laugh a lot! A really good job :D

i'm gonna unwrap vanilla no matter what anyone says

:3 i'd unwrap dem all yo ;D

sunny looks like roxas here. kinda. HE'S SO PRETTY ASLDKFAJLSDKF

hmm.wont they get cold?remindes me of the time my brother ran out side in the snow in his undies...so his other parents locked him out.he finnaly came over to our houseand said he was cold.

Those go under my tree. No wrapping included.

What a naughty page lol.

B-B-B-BANDWITH EXEDED!? ;.; B-b-but.... This can't be! IT SIMPLY CANT BEEEEEEEEE!!!!

CHIBIHHH >w< This PIcture is soo Cute! Good job :)

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