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December 21st, 2008, 11:24 am

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EYE STAB OF THE OBVIOUSNESS!!!! This could be cool IF IT WASN'T FUCKING OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunny's dress designed by A-chan...where ever she may be
I was at a fun carnival,made a terrible hairdo bla bla bla

Guest1:f course Alex only LOOKS clean.Stop spoiling the story.

Guest2: Yes she is.Cause she had to wash herself c:
zerozero: Silent Hill:Origins(zero part) a videogame.An awesomely cool one too!
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sunny He's adorable!!!!

ohhh.. Ohhhh...poor Sunny XD

cheer up sunny, everything will be ok.



Lucky Sunny - he got to wear the cool clothes xD .

hahahah I love this page gotta be my favotie one xDD.... <3

=w= Crossdressing pretty boyz, ftw

sunny's so cute! hahaha

Awww! Poooor Sunny! Poor cute adorible Sunny!!!~ I LOVE SUNNY, HE'S SOOO CUUUUUTE!!! XD

hahahahaha he looks like a guuuuuurl

Lul Funny thing is, I think Herz is the hottest here.

ha poor sunny

You'll thank him later <3

Can I rape Herz?

@Crazydreams: yes,please.

wow. Omg. Synnu looks so cute in that outfit :D
You just wonna hug and squeese him X3

Aww...poor, poor boy... X33

awwe poor sunny ;__; xDD he's still cute.

I LOVE the first panel. badass <33


Omg their faces in panel one......SEX.

I love how Herz's face gathers band-aids. :3
It's sexy.


lol he has even more band-aids now XD

Hahaha, poor Sunny. XD

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