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November 22nd, 2008, 2:36 pm

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Go check the shiny new -bitches- section!And yes,Hirn Lunge and Herz are pokemons So the whole thing came to this.There is only one panel here.One lousy panel.
Thank you for your wonderful comments!I don't know what I would do without them.

KitsuneXKyuubi: umm..umm..Riku could beee...mmm...No one seems to look like Riku here :C no Sora too.One lame KH parody this is >:C the song is "All day long I dream about sex".I already mentioned that.
Giftart from droogy!Now that's one hot giftart(will reply to u when I'll have time)
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my first comment...ever LOL (lame) Sunnnnnny *happy sighs*

And wicked pool! o_0

Ah, Sunny "Let" you stay there? Nope. 'Make" you stay there is more like it... Ohohohohoh. He's so cute.

this page looks really cool *3* I dunno why, but its just soo awesome<3

JEALOUS WTF i want to live there

Woah 0_o;

are you really going to let me live here? 8D holy crap, sunny is so sweet! {D
shit, that is so sick!!! i wannna live in a gigao mansion like that!!!!!

xD I am amazed Sunny isn't more worried about his parents

But then again he is with Alex and if I were Sunny I probably wouldn't be thinking about them anymore either

Lol I scrolled to the bottom of the page and...

The bear dancing its cute little head to this ridiculously horny song made me laugh myself off the couch. xD

through all of this I'm still thinking:
Why is Alex pretty much kidnapping this kid... although, I'm not saying I would mind. heck, I'd love to be kidnapped by alex.. but there must be some sort of purpose..

This is a bit late, but I love their house.
Also, I think Sunny is officially Alexander's favorite

YES HE IS GOING TO LET YOU LIVE THERE... so he can sneek into his bed at night >:3

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