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November 14th, 2008, 1:45 pm

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PLAY SILENT HILL 4 NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW!NOW! THIS IS SHIT.Because it has 2 panels and 1 of them is so lazy made especially the stairs >:/ that means the half of the page is ruined.Srsly,I can't draw houses.Anywayz,thank u for the comments and sticking up with this badly draw,poorly dialogued,meaningless comic.

KitsuneXKyuubi: Yes.And that gloomy bear boy is really Kairi in disguise.
*milk+assassin*, November 14th, 2008, 1:53 pm Reply

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CEILING DUDE LOOKS LIKE 47!!MAI GOD! Ok.Separate comment for GIFTART,cause there is one dubeenah,who keeps sinking me in fanarts >:/
Srsly,bother her here:
diz one is teh best!Family mornings
Happy class?
and things(her charas+mine)
And I caught Waychou's kiriban:
*milk+assassin*, November 14th, 2008, 2:02 pm Reply

Tipo F.E.A.R???Tipo tam,gde dewka kak Samara?

srsly, alex semes to get more manly every page! <3

haha, i made a pun w/ my bad spelling<<<<3333333

Sunny is so gonna get his ass raped.
and if he isn't...
Alex can get his ass raped! <3

You're good at perspective and all that good shit, you whore >A< Whatever lol as long as you keep updating 'cuz you know we loooove youuuu.

fgirlmaggie: oh man.You admitted it!I'm worse than I thought.

O.O omg! There's music!

*didn't notice it before*

play SH4?
but but but D:
the room is scary~
and I have no money to buy it >.>
I think my compy isn't good enough to play it either
and as handsome as Walter is~
I'm gonna have to pass for now
nice page though

X3 cute~ I get heart happy at each and every update~

its cute the way alex is carrying sunny

all your pages are always so amazing weep weep
and those stairs look amazing are you kidding me

SchG's icon is singing along to the song.. lol

Ahem. Student/teacher secks now plz.

This comic is s00 smexy 030

hahaha a MOVIE theater. I love this. <3

...I think I want that house XD

lol, did you use the double perspective point thingy?

DarkByakko: no.I used something far much more complicated,a ruler and a pen u_u

Umm.. juging Alex's... Sparkling personality he has been raped. @Fukairi:
Alex already has had his ass raped multiple times ... DUH

@GrimReapersRain: what is wrong with you?

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