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October 9th, 2008, 2:21 pm

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THank you for all the favs and comments!!<3 Sometimes...When I hate a page very much,I don't post it for as long as I can :C Maybe you guys want porn to be sooner?Cause I sure so :3
GIFTART!!!(which you can also find in giftart section)
AnimeFaerieDrawer whut is ur SJ name?!Cause you make awesome stuff for me!:
And from my own personal slave:
and OH LOL
*milk+assassin*, October 9th, 2008, 2:27 pm Reply

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Lmao bringing bitches home. xD;

I wonder what he'll do to him. o3o

New page!
Thanks so much!
I love it. Even if you don't like it.
Porn be good btw.

Alex's face! His beautiful face! XD

Ah, true to their style no matter how many cars they have, they'll only be seen in the most new and the best.

hellz yes porn man poen>:(

X3 sunny looks so cute~

haha love the facial expressions on this page so much!!!

and you shouldn't hate your art, its very good.

bwahaha love the second panel, he's like pwned and indignant and adorable with his shock.... i want tht teacher so bad!!! all my teachers r old men :'(
oh, and i must say, i LOVE ur choice of music; tis awesomeness!!

ahaha for some reason i love this page XD
in the last panel his sister's lips look AMAZING
i love them XD

She looks so sexy in the last panel.
But I see everyone is saying that.

haha bringing bitches home

Bring'in home dah bithces!

Haha, Keep up the good work!

Ohmygawd. I love yew~! *worships*

Seriously. This comic is definitely gonna be fav'd. <3

Update nao please? ;3;

"because that one is new!"
...."good point."

Gawd, I love how you draw lips. I keep wanting to kiss your characters, but Alex is gay, and his sister is probably straight... and I'd get a dirty look for sharing oxygen with either of them. *hides face*

bringin home bitches again..
sexy words :B

do i sense irony? or is it just me? (if you get it then yay!)

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