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April 25th, 2008, 7:52 am

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Who finds one unnecessary object in this page gets a drawing !!! WHAT!SHOWING THE WORLD U HAVE METAL INPLANTS IN UR ARMS AND LEGS ON THE FIRST PANNEL U PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A CAT??!!!Ok..the first pannel is majorly sickness.....OI can't bare to look at it!!!
And I sinned!!It took me 2 days to update *A*
*milk+assassin*, April 25th, 2008, 7:56 am Reply

Advertisement, October 22nd, 2019, 12:51 pm Reply

oh shit...that was too easy!!:D U wiiiiin!!Wut do u want dear?

Oh christ! I'm sooo happy he ain't my teacher

darn if only i was a dude i could get a supah cool makeover from him 8D
haha the kunai could be useful! XD

Yes, the kunai would be useful. And I'm glad I don't have Alex for a teacher.

...I could see how he could use the kunai. :D The last panel is cute though, my favorite<3

Woah Nelly! XDD This is AMAZING! <3

MIA student? Hey I just noticed that in the second pannel there's a student missing. Isn't there suppose to be five not four?

Priceless That first just..priceless. I didn't know whether to twitch or I laughed. 3rd panel..the student..I feel sorry for him. And fourth panel just scares me lol.

The fifth student was the girl that got thrown out.

Awe...I was the one who actually noticed it first...
I thought it was hilarious.
Poor/good for Jura.

lol at the kunai
I want to see his beautiful hair hurry up next page chop chop gosh.

T_T i want a hair cut too! <3 awesome!

...He sure has alot of siccors...ahehe...0x0

I love this...

I love you...

Marry ME!!!! *Glomps and hugs*

That poor kid though, I bet he'll be a hot bishie when Alex is done with him.

is that one vanilla?! idk i took a guess '3'

Bwahahaha, Damn I luv it!!

Hmm? Kunai is unnecessary?

Nonsense. There's always a use. *uses kunai to open paycheck*

It's a kunai!!!!!!

:D I wondered... If there were that huge pile of forms from students for his class... Why did he only pick 5?
My conclusion (sorta):
Unnecessary objects - All the empty desks in the class! Because they aren' filled with cute gay boys xD
And the pipette (if it is a pipette?) between the to pincet thingies :) And is that a needle? (beside the last scissor on the left).

:3 KUNAI! lol this comic is amazingly awesome, if i do say so myself. :3

A KUNAI IS NEVER UNNECESSARY. So I'll have to say... all the clothes. What's with that?
Totally out of context.

OH YEAH! That little nerd needs a hair cut

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