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April 7th, 2008, 12:49 pm

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So my patterns got stuck so had to tone naturaly.Sorry 4 slow updates!Busy with mah little HITMAN comic.
I didn't kno u were all such tomato lovers!But dnt worry!No tomatoes were hurt during the last page *W*And polite please.
Oh!And THANK U FOR +200!!I didn't even notice..U r crazy..reading this boring stuff...Go check other beautiful comics!!There r so many of em!
*milk+assassin*, April 7th, 2008, 12:54 pm Reply

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No that car is really beautiful!! I adore you and your comic, it's just too good. And I love the colors and stuff.

Pssh. That car is shiny sex.

So shiny sex I want to drive it.
*joins in cat fight*

That's one seriously awesome car~! ;A;
And congrats on 200+ fans <333

I love this page so much, especially the car and the 8th panel oAo <333

That car is kickass. Whatchu talkin' bout Milk? :O

pfft i want your car in mah pants thats how gewd it is...o__O

congrats on 200+ fans! :D

omfg this page is my favorite. psh, that car is damn sexy. /steals

your car is good! gah... when i draw cars they look like washing machines with wheels.

great car <3

don't worry
my cars are quite atrocious and resemble tables

I have manparts, and trust me, you draw cars better than me. : D

Duuuude, that car is gonna make them late.

OMg, He can talk with a crossaint in his mouth *idolism*

twins? aweh twin cats! i have a twin brother and im 30 seconds older than him :D heheh

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