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March 12th, 2008, 1:32 pm

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NO!NO!NO! Thank u so very much for all the coments!!Really appreciated...They keep me going in these hard days...Thank u!!!
*milk+assassin*, March 12th, 2008, 1:36 pm Reply

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Ive only started to read this awsome comic right now, I find it hilarious and good.


Upset a little are we? At least you got a dress. All I get for my good grades is the chance to eat for another couple weeks.

Oopsydaisy: wut?U call tiz shit awsome???Thank u!!!:D
frozen_shamrocks: Pm me please...Tell me about ur life in ur message.

oooh is it a fluffy dress? :D two pages! yay! :D

Check your pm. :3

oooo, girls' class, sounds fun~

And also, Parkouromgyay!

to milk when life gives you lemons you throw them at ppl and hope it hits them in the eyes lol my grandmother told me that once!

Err... "when life gives you lemons, go cuddle your panda plushie and cry" is how I deal with my issues at school... at least you have pages up. :<

lol your comic is as funny as you "I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH I WANT MY ORGANS TO SELF-DESTRUCT." -__-" oh it wasn't humour >_> so i give you 5 mins of my busy life ^0^

Hot (gay) boys is all around x3 I love the pages, they're pretty funny and cool...and I hope your organs are fine...

s LOVE IT~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG~! over 400 students for girl class. WOW

boobs < 3 I luff the boobs < 3

Can't wait for the update :D &#9829;~ it so far nya~

i kissed a girl and i liked it the taste of her cherry chapstick ~~ love that song man i wish mah skool had that teacher ^_~

Love I love his attatide ( spell that wrong sorry)

Girls' class... xD Girls' class... What exactly are they doing in that class? xD

I love this comic! It's so great.
There's only two comics on smackjeeves that I really enjoy reading to a degree where I keep coming back for more :) And this is one of those two :D

And I have read all that is posted in this comic by now. Just re-reading it :)

hahaa omg this comic is love.

Oh.My,God <3
I officially love you so much right now.
Parkour = <3
Your my favorite

I want to go to that school now, a parkour class? Sign me up! :{D

he's always so very stylish!

whats a pakour?

I love your characters.
I read this already, multiple times, but I am now ignoring my knowledge of the future!

@Cross27: Ah, it's like a series of skills to help you move through places faster, like instead of going around a railing, you swing under it. It's really cool. Sorta what is is.

@KrysYuki: I know!

@kolda: Oh lol I know now, I've actually started to try it out :D

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