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February 15th, 2008, 2:48 pm

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Dear readers...Ur comments made me search through the very dephts of my vocabulary...Mut seriuosly...thx for commenting!!Except u Mr.JonesSoda!!!D:< I'm angry at you!!!Arararararar!!Hope u got the meaning of those two small pannels of the classroom.
*milk+assassin*, February 15th, 2008, 2:53 pm Reply

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You my dear, are a crazy child.
Be proud!

Thank you kind Sir!And Sir,change your status 'busy' may I ask!I am afraid to disturb you!

*stare* :3

OH My gosh! XDDD
WOOT!You are too brilliant! > w <!

Hey! I didn't mean to make you mad. xDD I just think your art is amazing and I wish I was as good as you for drawing poses and perspective! All mine suck. jAj


I didn't actually get the two random classroom panels. :P

Also, you should probably get a beta (proof reader) who speaks fluent English to check your pages. Cause, no offense, the dialogue is a little hard to understand.

But either way, XDDD!

All ppl before MrJonesSoda:thank U!!!
MrJonesSoda:U know u can!!Have u even tried drawing in perspective???
Lykii:Mah!!U're right!!I should make an announcment!!*A*
And 2 pannels mean *stand up* it now?>w<

Err... *cracking up* Uh, yeah. That is something else. haha... good work. I can't wait to see how that works out.

Panel *counts* ..6? IS AMAZING.

xDD ah! I love thisss <3333

ah. Every page makes me happy. The classroom...brilliant....

I understood the two panels before I read the comments. I laughed really hard. Good work.

lolol. This is the best. :'D

I love the fact that he's wearing sandals xD

lol XD luv it

>3 That dude is a perv... he's such a sexy hot bean.
~The old guy.

So... So your main character is a dude who never grew out of being a slutty twink?

@Bob Pretty much. . . Not that I'm complaining.

XD I wanna squeeze his ass, too.

oh! that took me a while to get =]

Panels I-I don't get the two panels in the classroom

D :

*grabby hands*

The two panels Could they in fact represent a...... Boooooonerrr


silencewall typo alert. last panel it should be exCited i think :)

lmao. i get the classroom panels XDDDD
so clever of you C:


>//////< ** the cat man is now my favorite character ;)

Alex...your ass is mine tonight.
Just sayin.

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