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February 9th, 2008, 2:03 pm

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Firstly thank u so very much for all the nice comments!They mean a lot to me...I may even not die because of them.
See Alex's greatest plans of all!!!
There is a characters section now...It is nor full..but whatever...dnt go there if u dnt want to..
*milk+assassin*, February 9th, 2008, 2:06 pm Reply

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Sir is a pervert, ne~

Great perspective as usual. :3

Alex, you scoundrel! lol. He's awesome!

*GRAB* the last panel = lulz
This comic makes me happy because A) it's funny and B) it's well drawn. so much potential! keep up the good work! :U ♥

I wish I could draw like you. jAj

The main character is really cute and I like the nifty sunglasses he has on his head... Aw, isn't blackmail sweet?


ahh GOD!This is not funny!!!:< this is the cruel life!!!
And Mr.Jones Soda...First I thougth it was kind of weird why do u think that u draw not good enough...Now it's making me mad..

His face in the very last panel... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!
I love this comic :'DD

Hahaha @ Last panel. That's a remarkable face. <3

what a clever Idea!

OAO sweet =w= but the wrong person !

lol. great plan there. luv the old guys face in that last panel. u know he wants iiiiit.

ohmigawd lol

;) He so direct ** is swoon.. and so should the old man :I**

<3 your story so far ^^

Alex you sly bastard :3 If I was a man, I would make him marry me.

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