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November 13th, 2012, 7:44 am


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Thank you for all the kind words everyone!

Katze-Love:I never knew you could adopt a comic 8I Well if anyone would want then I might consider it.
AyaMe-SaN: I will not remove the comic from smackjeeves. Thank you :)
Kai: thank you so much for your kind words! Now, regarding that "chen" part. "Chen" in German is a suffix that indicates that something is SMALL. It is also used, when you want something to sound CUTE (because small things are cute lol) like a spoon is a Löffel and you can name a little spoon a Löffelchen.
And, since Hirn loves Herz so much and he is his little baby heart he names him Herzchen :) It is not his full name!
Kikaharu: thank you! Omg i always carry a drawing pad with me in hope of finding a few free minutes to scetch XD
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Awwww herz is all sickly and sad!! Poor him!!

Pfffft!!!! Hirn's shirt says big daddy!

Yay ur back!!!! And its before christmas!!! U have no idea how many backflips i did!! (*hint* none. Idk how to do a backflip. But i was extremely hype!) ^_^

This page needs a comment too. Cuz I comment on EVERY page

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