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October 12th, 2012, 1:01 pm

bioshockers will understand

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This is probably the last page until Christmas if not a last page at all. I do have one more page drawn perhaps I should make myself finish it the next few weeks.
Thank you for being with me all this time and waiting for the rare updates and for the kind, warming comments!

P.S. omg no, it's obligatory to post one more page, the last panel's sentence is not finished 8I

Candy man Jura by jinxcrimson302 <3 g-to-candy

RikakoChan@: nope, I googled a picture for the background
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I'm so sad that you lost interest in the comic. : ( But it's your decision.

@BananaMuffinPop: it's not that I lost interest :( I lost motivation and I just don't have much spare time for this anymore u-u

Would it be adoptable?

waaaaaaaaaah. *cries*

But there's so many unanswered questions! *sniff sniff* I do hope that you find your motivation again. This is an amazing comic. And if it does come to an end, that won't stop me from re-reading it over and over... unless you ended up taking it off SJ. Oh please don't remove it! I love it so much!

Hun, life is full of new things and unplanned events. Being busy and having no time doesn't mean you have to stop writing it. But, I can understand the lack of motivation. If it means anything, I'm sure I speak for everyone when I said that I would be happy with an up-date ever six month or even a year. Then not have the comic continue at all. The truth is that you have a truly addicting and unique story here. It would be a shame for it to end before the best part even started. There still so much to learn about the characters. But this is your baby. And no one will be mad if you stop. We'll just happy to settle for sketched on your tumblr.

ALSO, I have a theory! Herz is actually a key to come kind of end of the world. And Magen was going to use him to unlock something. But then Lundge and Hirin didn't want that. They wanted to be human and took him away? Maybe. Hmmmm...

"Big Daddy" oh my god that shirt <3

Anyway, thanks for all the fun :) I'll save my goodbyes for the final page, but reading your comic all this time has been a blast. I'm just sorry it's turned out this way for you. Being chained down by something you started for fun is never a good feeling.

Oh god Herz hair down. He looks so adorable and normal :o

which would be cool if he didn't look so badass adorable with his spiked up hair and bandages <3

He's perf any way you draw him srs

TT-TT I'm sooo sad, I love this comic so much. The art is so great and the story is the bomb!

I can understand the lack of motivation, but as a fan I can say I am a bit disappointed that so many painful questions will go answered. Pissed, is more like it. But that's just me. I will always adore you, your art, and this comic. Times have changed and you have grown, and I have had the liberty to watch. I will miss this comic, but in the end it is just a comic and I will find others to hang on and obsess over, but I will miss these characters so much. Hopefully you will continue to update your Tumblr and DA.
Why the fuck did I just go so deep? Lol what is wrong me? Sorry .-.

D: ending...what D':

UUUHG Why must life ruin everything I looooooove?!?!?!

Awww ur gonna stop?? Thats so sad..... so many questions unanswered...... this was one of my favorite comics too.... thogh maybe u should take a break? Until u have free time? And then come back later? I wish u did that instead of quitting completely....

It's okay, I guess. Just casually crying over here.
Good work, anyhow! I enjoyed it very much, and I'm very excited for the next page.

I will cry if you stop...
It's ok if you only upload once in a while... even if it's just one or two pages a year, we'd be ok with it.

Ohh :3
I totally get that because one day I'm like I'M GONNA BE A BUSINESSMAN.
But then the next day I wanna be a teacher. And then I wanna be an animal rescuer. But right now I wanna be a grocery store manager. :| Don't feel bad <3

aw :(
but whether or not you decide to continue this comic, let me say that this is my favorite by far
even more than the ones that regularly update :P
i hope you have fun with the rest of your life :)

No way, why :C? I was really getting into this story, and I am already a fucking addict. Your characters, the humor, the kind-of storyline (kind-of because it swaps a lot, if you know what I mean. Normally I would hate that, but I don't mind a bit with your story) it's all fucking awesome! :D
So, it was just a bit of a heartbreak when i read that you might not even continue this story. I mean, it's your decision and all that, and I can respect that (believe me, I know all about suddenly not having motivation for continueing something, or jsut simply losing interest - or just being too lazy xD-- The term for it was ehh.. Lackadisical or something, right?) -- but it jsut sucks. A lot.
And you were also just really getting into their seperate problems, I mean, common, with an earlier page, when that human/bear thing showed up behind him, my mind exploded with theories. And now with Herz and all that, I really want to see that end well (Also weird. I normally prefer bad ending because they entertain me..) OH YES, about Herz, his full name is Herzchen, right? But... wasn't 'Chen' an indicator for somthing being female in german? I don't really know how to explain it correctly, or if I even remember correctly. (My 4 years of forced german studies are failing me from time to time) That's why I really freaked out at page 133.. or was it 113.. I was somewhere in the 100, with a 3 in it. When they suddenly had boobs, I was like: OHMYGOD, boobs? Chen? It makes so much sense! Please don't make sense Q.Q
Oh well c:
I'll check up on this story when christmas arrives,a dn after that probably a few other times too xD Thank you for making this so far c:
I really enjoy it~~
-Holy shit this comment is long-

I don't want to pry and I don't know your reasons, so I won't say anything
Just be sure that if your motivation rises again, we'll be here and happy to welcome you back

Noo~ D'X Awwwww DX I really wish you could continue this. Its one of my favs. I Hope you can find motivation later on and continue this... if you do stop ( DONT >D lol) theres sooo much im wondering about. like whats going to happen next like their jobs and that person in the mirror and herz (dont die DX). But i do understand so THANKS A TON for the great comic its been fun XD. . . (DONT STOP >D)lmao

Hiya, I've been around since the beginning of this comic. I hope you find time for this later on :c I've really enjoyed it these last couple years. Even one page a month, 2 months, half a year would create much joy c: G'luck to whatever it is you've got to do. See you around on tumblr? c:


@A v e r y: I don't know if I've ever made contact with you.. but your icon mesmerizes me... O - O

Even if you don't have time for it as much write down ideas you get every day. and try to work on a page little by little even though you won't be updating as often you still will be updating and you won't forget about it. I really like this and I know a lot of other people do too. So take a notebook and a pencil or pen around with you every where and you will find a motivation. Also sometimes people being in nature more or trying to pick up a new hobby find motivation for their story. I would really hate to see this end and never get updated anymore. SO have fun and hopefully get your motivation back :D I know there is a lot of people behind you. Good luck :D

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