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September 21st, 2012, 11:19 am

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Sunny on this page is me 4 years ago :I you suck sunny.
I will try to update on my birthday next time, so that the update would be like a cake I'm sharing with you u.u
@AsianIdiot16:I am saddened by these news :,c I always drew him taller than the rest of the gang in the comic and thought that his status was obvious u.u
*milk+assassin*, September 21st, 2012, 11:24 am Reply

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Sunny! I understand you so well it's scary!
@*milk+assassin*: This is you four years ago? Since I'm like him right now, does that mean I'll grow up to be as cool as you?? :D

I love Jasmine's un/slightly amused face in the last panel
But if that isn't the truth.
A gay guy touches our boob/s randomly and we slightly amused by it, a hetro male touches our boob/s in the same manner and we freak the eff out

Sunny, you're so cute.

Ohh. Im sry for saddening u >_< i didnt mean to offend u in anyway by that comment...sry...... :(

Eww, they're even smoking indoors

whoah fuck you sunny fuuuck you and not in a good way
and fuck you for saying that Jasmine sucks >8I she`s the best

BOOBS? yes.

The girl on the 3rd panel, isn't it you? <:3

Oh no, I just noticed that you stopped giving your witty titles to the pages! oAo Those hidden comments of yours, they used to make my day as well as the new pages themselves!
Ok, this is more a compliment than a complaint ;)

Man I act pretty much like Sunny now. :l I don't think imma change anytime soon. Sunny so cute! <3

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