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September 14th, 2012, 1:42 pm

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The next few pages are very important to me and are basically about my past life u.u
@DontQuestionIt: some dubsteb party music, I guess :D
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Yay, he didn't break it like I expected. I like when my predictions don't come true. Keeps things interesting.

Yay! An update! And it's no surprise that that isn't a place where Sunny would work at. Though I do wonder how he doesn't break any bottles. That is interesting.

I never realized how old and tall sunny was until this page. Before i saw the character pages and stuff about him on formspring, i thought sunny was another one of the younger, cute, smaller ones like soki and jura. When i found out he was the oldest and tallest and has i deep voice, i did a double take...

Now I see what Alex sees in Sunny. I can 2nd what AsianIdiot16 said.

asdfghgfd I have no words for how much I love this comic and always will.

sunny you big ass baka>:C

@fucking.spring: nigga we so kawaii yet again abububububu



Poor Sunny, bar tending sounds awful xD

But you don't only do what you like you big baby
And hard work is rewarding so GET TO IT
Do it for your adorable teacher/colleague whose voice I imagine exactly like Milla's from psychonauts

Well well Sunny looks rather..Chiseled.

Why hasn't he thought of switching with Vanilla if he dislikes it so much? I dunno, just wondering :/. Then again, maybe he knows its unwise.... due to Vanilla's boss XD

lol its really cute how he looks up at the bottle and then looks back and just smiles.

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