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August 27th, 2012, 8:20 am

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Next update in 2 days! Dunn duunnnn
Btw, Boy Lessons art got a Daily Deviation on deviantart ;) how cool is that??? ( )

@Kyoru_chan: must be the gifs that didn't show :T
@wannabe-niedlich: i'm so glad you liked the eyes! yes, omg, herz is my fav so I draw him the most :c
@sky: nooo! please, I always ENCOURAGE readers to point out any grammatical or lexical mistakes I make! Thank you, I fixed it now :3
@AlternateName: Not anymore! I'm keeping the rest of them to myself. Nobody got interesting in me having stickers or in me updating, so I acted like a bitch again and gave them away to the first person, who asked for them instead of making a quizz or something exciting u-u
@Samesan: thank you ;;-;; you are always being so thoughtful with your comments ;c;
@Merrsharr: nooo stop insulting me ;;;-;;; I know I didn't think this through for Soki, I knooow
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Bad image source, Bro. And dang... no stickers.

;A; Oh no! Not Soki's socializing partner! He'd finally opened up! Ungh..poor baby.

wow im so happy i had a sudden powerful early painful craving for this comic and then i find out that it updated?? omg >u<

I'm insulting him, not you. You can easily lampshade it by having his boss blame him later.

Now let's all have a guess who just got run over and died/is badly wounded and about to be hospitalized...

dont tell me the old man just got hit D:

the siren sound made lol
wee woo wee woo <3

love that you are updating more often!
your comic is awsome!

Oh noes D: His new friend!

oh no


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