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June 22nd, 2012, 3:33 pm

I don't even want to comment on all the things that you find in a gas station I drew wrong  83

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I'm doing commissions right now despite my art being terrible, maybe you're interested? :3 Then go here:

@A v e r y: bills? <:3c
@B-Rated: I somehow took this insult as if it was directed to me D8 what is happening to me.
@Kyoru_chan: I miss Herz-chan too! I wish all of the pages could be about him ;-;
*milk+assassin*, June 22nd, 2012, 3:37 pm Reply

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"What are you doin' here then hobo?" I love that line and have no idea why, just funny XD
Love the page! <3

i knew something was up just because you never see an actual attendant who pumps the gas.

Yay!! Another Vanilla page update!!! I hope he doesn't end up getting in trouble. D:

it's really fun to see more of vanilla's mundane life, ever since the bittersweet glimpse of it when we saw him go into that bar? (sorry if that's wrong, it's been awhile, but it was back when all the guys went home, I think)

and even if it's not going to continue on into a much longer segment, it's nice to see that little bit more

and your art has really gotten smooth <3

I said it's a MANLY job... your "friends" agree.

prestigious gas station. XDD

No Hobos Allowed At Gas Stations! What makes a gas station so amazing that friends can be jealous?? xD!!
@*milk+assassin* It breaks my heart that he's all injured and stuff </3

I love this comic!! Hi! I know I haven't posted comments before.. But that was because I couldn't stop reading! I just HAD to know what happened next! (I made an account to tell you this xD)
I really love your style and the story. It's an huge inspiration for me.. I hope you will post more pages soon, because I am totally addicted to this amazing comic!
I love those pages with Herz~ I hope he will get better.. :) but I also love Vanilla very much (he looks so sexy xD) and Alex :D (and that scaaaaaary bear-thing).
Okay! Thank you for uploading this! It is really good! <3

I sooo want Nilla's hair. Its so WIN.

Vanilla i told u so, foo'!!! even ur friend's friend is going gaga over u!! Speaking of her, her head looks a bit unconfortable in the 4th panel.. she should get that checked out... i think its stuck...

Yaaaay Vanilla update <3 So sexxxxy in that uniform :D Someone already said but yeah I feel like your art is improving. Soeet.

ok, I think I really like this comic! I thought it was just nutty but this is far beyond just some random shit put together xD I'm a fan haha!

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