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March 4th, 2012, 9:24 am


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200th page!!!! If you can remember Jura is the one who was stalking Swen before he got his makeover! It was...about 200 pages ago...

wow guys wow...this must mean nothing to you but it means everything to me, I drew the 200th page of this comic :,I that is quite a lot pages I am overwhelmed with feelings

In other words I've seen a girl a few days ago who had the same hair as Vanillas looked WICKED COOL, everyone forget if I ever told you that that haircut and dye wouldn't look good!!!IT IS GORGEOUS!

Thank you for the help! I will check out the link gabu-chan gave me, since I am using all the psychobob tones already AND IT'S NOT ENOUGH DDDD:
Sviperin: that is so cute ;o; and he would treat him with bear and watch football together
RikakoChan: shush, you don't have to say anything ucu your words are enough for me u-u
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yey!! 200 is a big number >w <
heh, yeah, you weren't a very good stalker if he noticed you Jura :P

Faces are a win. Swen in the last panel looks totally skeptical. Love it.

lol juras face xDDD
oh and he was a pink haired ninja :D cool!

Lol nice poker face ya got there.

Congrats on the 200th page!!!
His face is priceless in the 2nd to last panel! XD "yeah, that kid must be a maniac" yyyeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhh, you should know XP
And all I kept thinking was how cute these two are together and how hot they look (I swear I'm not totally nuts!) <333

Dat face...

200. AMAAA-ZING Congrats on the 200 pages! You've kept with this story so long! By now, I would have just given up. Become bored.

I WANNA SEE SOMEONE WITH VANILLA'S HAIRCUT AND COLOR. I bet that's awesome. I swear to god. I want.

Haha Jura's like, nope. Don't know him. Pink-haired? Must be someone else. He must have been a good stalker, but not good enough if swen noticed him.

;AAAA; Ovaries explode easily when you reach the hundreds<3

Great page and Swajura would be such a cute couple xDDD


Diggin duh face. c;

oh goodness. Do I support Swen/Jura or Herz/Jura? i just don't know...

@ LeahR95 it's simple, no ones allowed to have Herz, he's too adorable for his own good. We must protect him from all the scary people who want to hurt him. Fangirls (and guys) unite >=3

CRUSHED~ Poor Jura! Creepy kid.. ;A;

And congrats on 200!!! I've loved this series since page one, and it is exciting to see how the characters grow! It's gone from random humor to a serious complex story with the Wolfram family, now cutie Jura is mixed in too! Hopefully soon we'll see some more Magen! >:I

Oh yes, don't give up on Swen, Jura! You were meant to be!

In celebration of this achievement, you should consider making Boy Lesson's in to a comic. Seriously, I'd pay to own a copy. D:

Jura: "Yeah. The pink haired kid in your school must be a manic. hehe"
How many kids in their school have pink hair? o.o;;

Also, I just noticed that this must be by far the most popular BL comic on smackjeeves that has gone 200 pages with out a single sex scene. That how amazing the character are. They dont need sex scenes to be loved by mases. -thumbs up-

Isn't that thermometer wrong sided? Oh, Jura...


...lets go for about 2000 more *3*...

Love, love, love this comic.

your stealth lacks even more stealth than I thought, Jura

Yay update! :D
Haha poor Jura :3

=u= haha i stalk someone like a ninja too :D

Congratulations for your 200th page! I'm so proud of you !!!! :'D

200 down, 2 billion to go <3

Jura reminds me of my gay friend SO much it almost bothers me xD!!

All I want to say is: Swen's arms *swoon*.


when is next coming?

Yay and congratz on 200 pages! Its been a helluva roller coaster ride!I hope it continues on for a while more, I loves me some boy lessons whiplash <3


the faces are great lmao

Swen says "creepy pink haired stalker". Jura takes hit. It's totally effective!


*hughug* 200 pages drawn and toned! Gosh I tried toning (on a computer) and its soo tedious! D: and you did 200 pages of it!!! OAO *impressed*

haven't read this page in weeks,
but as soon as i do that face still cracks me up XD
it should be obvious which one i'm talking about can you NOT make the connection? Are there LOTS of pink haired kids in the area???? XDDDD

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