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February 18th, 2012, 2:39 pm

just one more page until 200!

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Help please! Hey guys! Need some friendly suggestions! Does anyone knows any good sites with photoshop tones and patterns? I find myself very limited with the set I have and so far I couldn't find any decent ones :(

Small sweet Soki by catsandcuddles <3 is-a-comic

NOOOOO! You are right! I mean this happened before Jura came to the hospital! While they were at spa! They were there without Herz weren't they?
GAWD making comics is not my thing nope
Asylum_Sweetie Juras face is too serious for "haters gonna hate" :D
:3 yes..yes I should indeed do that! I did paint the outer panel space in black but it was too small to notice ;-;
RikakoChan Hirn will shake his goodies for you any time ;)
Sviperin are you judging me? 8OOOO judje Girl! I did nuthin!!
kainus oh thank you ;;u;;
Zentrifugalkraft thank you uwu and his name isn't really a secret, i draw him often on my blog! He will be named Magen! And OH MY LORD! You can't imagine how nice it feels that someone commented on the way I draw hands and character sizes! Since I know i have this problem and you actually motivate me to do something about it! Oh man, this may sound strange but I am very grateful for it ;3;
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First comment? YUSH!

Anyways. Sorry, I don't know any good sites for patterns and tones. D;

I'm so happy you up-dated that I'm kind of at a lose of words. o.o;; Which is new for me. So, I guess..Thank you for making my morning!

now, that was an awesome excuse! :O...a cactus huh? xD

sorry I don't know any site :S

best excuse ever xD
well.... i see some in deviantart, but i don't really remember the aconout i saw them, but if you serch a little in there, you'll find some good ones :D

Yay New Page! How awkward. Poor Jura. "I fell into a cactus..."

Jura's expression, he's like "...FML" xD

Yes, Yes I did.

Jura's just too cute. xD

lol XD

oh, Jura, you~

I have used a program called Gimp. It is free. It has been a long time since I have used Gimp or Photoshop however so I don't remember how different they are. I started using Gimp when I changed computers and no longer had Photoshop. I thought Gimp worked well. You can try it out and see for yourself. :)
For Windows:
For Mac:

I hope this helps!

I do that has them ALLLL! =)

I use GIMP and I always find my stuff on Deviantart. :)

Lol, oh Jura. I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about your pimples at all, you poor little thing. You were just looking all sad abububu

Hahaha oh Jura you silly cutie pie...

And about the tones, I have these:
aaanddd here

Hope it helped! :-DD

oh jura xD
i think he wasnt talking about your pimples but oh well *laughs* what an intresting answer you gave xDDD

very limited = dots, DOTS EVERYWHERE!
well, i'd say... google it!

Awwwwwe. Lol he doesn't even look that bad! XD

Lol Nice save Jura he'll never suspect a thing XD

"No I mean your expression, you looked troubled."

I wish that if I forgot about them it would just look like I didn't have them :D

I fell into cactus XD
...what kind of excuse is that?

lol the dimples <3
sorry the only place i know is
and they gave you the link already xD
good luck finding more!

Silly pinky hair! Fell into a cactus? He was talking about your expression Jura! haha.

I don't know what it is, but I really don't like Swen. Everytime I see him I get the urge to punch him in the eyes.

Is that terrible? Probably, haha. Thanks for the page! : )


magic pimplewounds disappear until Jura thinks about them.

Heey don't sweat it. >: I love your comics ^^ You're amazing~

Finally! Someone is bringing attention to the importance of cactus-face prevention.

*Falls onto cactus*


I would have said an allergic reaction >3>

Lol I don't think he meant it that was but whoo too funny xD

Jura, I can't even...
Swen's expression in the last panel is priceless (I forgot he was this hot tho.)

Pant Tool Sai Wow! And Swen lives~ I forgot about the guy xD

What about Paint Tool Sai? Apparently that's pretty good :)


Stress produces instantaneous pimples. OH GOD. ESPECIALLY IN FRONT OF ENORMOUSLY SEXY SWEN MEN...

...that did not just rhyme itself. ><

LOL <3

I would never judge you sweet thing!!
I can honestly see Lunge BEGGING to take their lil grub baby on par-core runs LOL

Y-yeah and then afterwards I got a bunch of mosquito bites... o-on my cactus injuries...

OMFG!!! SWEN!!! I MISSED HIM SO MUCH! I FRICKEN LOVE HIM AND JURA!!! SWEN! SWEN! SWEN! SWEN! He's more manly than I remembered, but then again, he was unconscious...

Photoshop Psychobobs screentones are amazing. They vary a lot. You can find him on deviantart under the username screentones and he also has a website. Google Screentones and you'll find it.

love and I love all of this.

*RAGE FLIP* *looks in the mirror*
I ran into one of those damn cactuses recently... fucking acne (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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