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January 30th, 2012, 10:36 am

Jura you run too much in this comic

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I wonder how many of you actually realized that these few last pages were a FLASHBACK. When the panels outlines are filled with BLACK that means the action is happening in the past u-u The next update will come not too soon.

Ridiculously cool Alex by Emmasephydante <3

@Asylum_Sweetie yeaaahhh he gave him all of those, you got me *crazy eyebrow movement*
@kuroi_hitsuji you give me hope :,3
@Sviperin too little of a payback for broken bones and nerves 3:
@Pip ahh thank you for your kind words! You don't have to comment on every page, please, don't strain yourself

P.S. WTF aren't my reply links working?! I'm putting an "@" in front of usernames why isn't it linking it?!
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You keep that a secret >: Or Lunge will find you. And you don't want that to happen, no sir. I totally didn't realize this was a flashback. I thought it was after the spa and when the three went to the house and the mirror and he almost died in the mirror world and then they had to hospitalize him in secret? ... I'm just even more confused now. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?!

NOOOOO! You are right! I mean this happened before Jura came to the hospital! While they were at spa! They were there without Herz weren't they?
GAWD making comics is not my thing nope

Pfft. I love Jura's secret keeping face. Because no one is going to think you're hiding anything if make this expression: 38< and hike your knees up to your nose.

I have this compulsion to remove the word bubble and plaster HATERS GONNA HATE over the last panel....

Aww I love Jura<3

lol good Jura

i suggest you put a large black border around the entire page. Isn't that what they do in manga's to notify a flash back. surround EVERYTHING IN BLACK!

Loovee the running pose :D

Well now I feel like a dumbass!! Lol

He says before running into someone and word vomiting all over their shoes.

good to know the secret is safe! xD


i cant think of anything to say other than that...

Like a true ninja, you must always hind behind the open door. Don't worry if they see you; the door will protect you.

Poor Herz-chan TT^TT

You best keep it a secret hurhurhur....

You are such a good artist!! I love how faithful Jura is! Though I am sad at how Herz looks T^T

Dear Hirn, please shake. Your scaring me.

Run Jura Run! Best to keep it to yourself Jura. But I has a feeling he'll probably end up blurting it out somehow. Probably to Nilla.

Hope is good. and I really like the last two panels here. XD

Jura... your stealth is lacking stealth

It was quite obviously a flashback, one must be not paying attention to the story to not notice

All I want to do now is hug them all ;3; (But who doesn't want to hug Hirn and Herz to begin with? For two whole unrelated reasons... Or maybe related... Maybe someone wants to hug Lunge, too?)

That's right and the day will come when lunge experiences joy- but loses it when someone says "you can't raise him till he's 18" *COUGH*

Reply links are weird on some pages in other comics I read too -nodnod- But woaaah medical school, tis intense. I do love my's just...straining...-flails- Nice page though.

finally commenting after reading all the pages for this year! Loved the homestuck style killing spree and you did the style so well is was flipping amazing :D and can't wait to see what happens with Herz, and everybody else too :) but I loves Herzy most, poor thing

I just love this.
I've been reading this comic for years and NOW i finally got THE gutts to write you XD
Keep like this, you're like an idol <3

I really love your humor.

I also keep wondering what the fourth brother's name is. My guess would be either 'Leber', 'Niere' or 'Milz'. But who knows. There will be a fourth one, no? *hopeful face* Because I love this family. So it's all right if so much of the story focusses on them.
Apart from the brothers I especially like Vanilla. The name alone makes me crack up often enough. And with his appearance and behaviour...Hhheeee

Poor Herzy! And good job on that epic fail stealthing Jura, haha. Good stuff! I hope Jura's by Herz's side when he wakes up again.


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