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January 26th, 2012, 5:14 pm

no seriously this is enough of sexual scenes for this comic!

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the page of OOC In this page everyone was OOC i wanted to redraw it but, of course, i was too lazy. This is a bad page, read it and then forget it.

A gorgeous Burlesque Alexandra by Pester031 <3

@littletrinks but he did make a few holes in his matress cuz of the spikes :OO
@ kuroi_hitsuji really??? Everything looks same to me though im still using the same pen :(
@Merrsharr no a WHOLE horses dose 8O
@LadybugQueen5 oh thank you!!! The idea for this comic? It's hard to tell, I was very young! It really didn't have an idea, I just wanted to draw stuff I like that's why there are so many different characters with different interests who have come together
@Itoshii but you were right 8O he's pumping him with drugs! And it seemed funny to you?! Hirn will come to your house tonight
@Marion-999 tentacle is from Lunges back!
@FlyingPencil nope, the comic is very much alive!
@StrangeShank 888OOO
@Sviperin 888OOO U draw him too much!!!!
@janylin here you go :3
in the archive you can see tiny previews of all the pages when u put cursor over them!
@Up_Yours that interpretation made me sweaty @///@ COOL IDEA
@MemaNen012 wow! nobody ever told me anything like that ;-; thank you for telling me that!!! I feel so special! I'm glad I could encourage you at least a tiny bit to go into arts, i hope ur happy studying! While I myself ironically study medicine ;,D
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Aww, herzy:(

Oh Hirny. You're a good brother. -patpat-
//keen anticipation.

Lol, his flush from the drugs is cute and disturbing.

My gosh Lunge, just say you love your brother already. GOSH. D;
Herz </3 Get better!! ;A;

As terrible as it would be, I would probably laugh a little if Herz exploded...

I laughed at Lunge's comment :$ he kinda provided a distraction from that stressful situation. I like Lunge. And Herz. And Hirn lol Keep up the awsome work!:D Love your comic! <3

His brother is an asshole!! Dude! Duhfuck?!

Did he give him a tranquilizer or an aphrodisiac? Was it rohypnol? It was rohypnol, wasn't it Hirn?! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE UP TO.

Lunge seems like the kind of guy who laughs when he's actually worried. Hirn is pretty scary in this page. He's like a angry father or something! And poor Herz. My sweet suicidal baby~ D:

oh Lunge You can be such a douche. But we all still love you. Now help Hirn you dick. lol


On another note: Poor poor Herz. *wants to huggle*

inadvertent change can be good. I would mean improvement. :P

poor Lunge
his brother doesn't understand that this is his way to deal with the stress.

Bloodletting! :)

Kick ass!! :D
I hope he doesn't pop though O.O that'd be akward

I'll save you!! Herz-chan! I've been told my hugs cure everything! HUG ME, QUICK! ITS THE ONLY WAY!!

I was wondering when lunge would get payback for throwing my poor herz around ; C ; !!

ghh so much heartache on this page

I love Hirn and Lunge's expressions. The anger and the shock are well drawn haha

I'm so glad you've decided to continue this! I almost cried when I heard you were gonna end it, and honestly you scared the crap outta me with those kill your character pages! I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, great job! haha. Gonna try and comment on every new page you produce cause you deserve the feedback and praise for this awesome sauce. Hehe.


Kay so... My friend totally pointed out his face and I was all like no way and she was all like he totally looks *** ****** ** and I was like dude you cant say that on tinychat! xD

EDIT: totes agrees with Asylum_Sweetie

D: Poor poor baby :'(

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