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January 23rd, 2012, 11:32 am

pussy cats meow

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this is not a rape scene if you are a new reader :B No! This comic is accidentally getting too sexually intense! I'm not thinking of the children at all...

The cutest soki having a friendly moment with gloomy by ringorina <3 9

@RainbowRandomness @ujupingjete @ Awesome guy @AwkwardButler no bros, you totally don't have to comment all the time, I'm serious, I mean it.
@kuroi_hitsuji I hope it changed in a good way? ;o;
@This.Is.Evol I pretended it was HirnXHerz too when I was drawing it =u=
@SpiffyBanana that tentacle is lunge's tail :3
@Sviperin because you're a bad person just like me and cuz there's lunge thee :Y
@ChocoboPancake ahh! thank you :,33
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I love the way you can't have him lye properly because of his spines, I was honestly expecting them to tear the mattress, but this gives him more dramatic poses.

And good god those boys' genetics are screwed.

It's okay? I mean your proportion is less all over the place, your lines aren't as sketchy, but they're thinner...your tones and everything else are the same though.

Idk. :0

You decide if you like that more. XD Some artists like their art sketchy and thick lined.

....Herzy's soo small yet he needs a horse's dose xD

zomgzomgzomg *points* i got a reply!

trololol this can so be the beginning of some uhum..."brtoherly love";D

only a horse dose?

Poor depressed Herz. :( You make me so sad, Herz! What happened to all that energetic happiness and will to live? T_T

Herz Geesh...I think this the most I have ever posted..ever...on ANY comic. I love the panel where he is being given the shot. It's beautiful. I want to frame it and hang it on my wall!! And by the way I been meaning to ask but it's okay if you don't want to tell. How did you get the idea for this comic? Because it's amazing and I'm just a curious little ladybug.

Alli The Ladybug Queen

DAT BACK ARCH. unfunf. ;D

but srsly, poor Herz.. can i just cuddle all the pain awaaaay? ; A ; alfkhsdg

Poor Herz ='[

Yay! Update<3

May I just say Herz arches like a PRO! Or rather you draw backs in a sexy way.

:D Update.

I'm still not sure what's going on, I'm still confused by those updates you made...

Anyway... I forgot what I was going to write here XD

the word narcotics makes me instantly think of like crack and meth
and like the idea of hirn pumping herz fulla meth is like really funny for some reason

owww hard D: taht looks a little... painfull :I
I like it ;D
jjejeje yeah, like shit!! XD and that tentacle is from... who?

can't wait for the next page!! >w<

Okay. So the comic is NOT dead then? So confused.

Ummm... I totally thought the tentacle was coming out of Lunges side or like.... somewhere dirty... (with the rape pic thar...)

You know I was so scared when you were thinking about ending this!!! Thank you for keeping it going and poor little Herz! :(

what is going on!? D8

That completely makes sense~ Ill have to draw lungie soon

For some reason that turned me on.

Those awkward moments, when your younger brother tries to kill himself and you have to shoot up with enough narcotics to put down a horse.

Ever have one of those moments? The Wolfram brother's have.

HIS PUPILS. Oh gawd, I will never get over this. I want them.

*ignoring dramatic moment*
you know, i remember this one page where Vanilla met up with his buddies, and they were all "faaaaag" and then they went all
"haha lol jk jk man is all cool is all cool brah."
(its irritating me. :T)

My poor Herzchan! He's so cute even in this situation D':! Hope his bro can fix him~</3!

It seems more like an Exorcism then a rape scene xD

I hope I gave everyone nightmares from that comment xD

Lunge is so fucking hot. Love your comic. Happy you're continuing with it.

WAAAAAW :D yeah,i know! XD but i really love this comic so much!! keep it up! <3 <3 <3

A mysterious tentacle on the leg? o.O How curious. lol

Followed this for a long time and then took a break because of college, come back to re-read this in one night instead of doing my homework but it was worth it. I loved seeing the progression of the artwork and when I first read this I was a high school student who was shy as hell. I loved the progression of this comic and the parodies. I never had the guts or opportunity until now to say so. Thank god for my brain wanting to retain its memorable sanity of great work that got me through the years I read it most and now that I remember, this one of the comics I actually kept hanging on my wall the characters' pictures to remind myself that I wanted to be an artist during my college days. AND LOOKEE HERE...I am...while majoring in graphic design and feeling so behind, haha. Keep it going~~


D: Poor Herzi....

Technically the comic isn't too sexually intense, it's just that the observer's mind makes everything into innuendo... ;)

And I am really glad you are continuing. Started reading today only, too. But I am warnig you, I am a bulk reader. So you might not see me here very often.

However, I wanted to let you know I enjoy the comic: I like the mix of silliness and seriousness, and despite ocasional slip ups with your drawing of the hands I like how you draw perspective. You also don't slip with the characters' body sizes during their interaction with each other - which is great, since this is a pet hate of mine that can be found even in profesionally produced media far too often!

Yeah that usually calms me down when I'm having a fit too XDD

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