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January 16th, 2012, 10:46 am


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I wonder if im overdoing it with these three :B or if anyone remembers where i left off
P.S. FUCK U GAIZ, 40.000 HITS IN ONE DAY?! yeeaahh aww yeaaahh
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We know where you/we left off :) I'm glad to see we're back to "normal" updates (if you can call them normal) and I think we needed the Homestruck break.
Bro, I may sound like all the rest, but I'm gonna comment on here until it kills me! And then I'll still update! Cause then I can get awesome updates and you can know how much all your fans freakin' love you!!

On another note:


You know, I'm kind of digging the last panel....

;A; nuuuu!

I am still confused by the earlier pages xD but seeing as Herz has like, the cosmos in him or something, his reaction is suitable.

D'aaaw! Poor Herz. He needs cuddles big time. Someone get Jura back in here! Or, better yet, Soki. Soki seems more capable of surviving Herz-level injury, what with poor Abloobloo's flailing.

o.o has he gone crazy o.o

I want to snuggle poor Herz forever.

... your art changed.

I wonder if I'm the only one to think so.

SO funny Is it wrong that I started laughing from this page?
^^ good job as always nice to see everything back on track.

I have no idea where we left off, the confusion distracted me D: Oh well, I'll just reread the other "normal" pages...

noooooooooooop i think its the right kind of doing :D

*mutters* i can always pretend that the last panel is some hot Herzy x Hirin action:p

and this is pretty much where ya left off doll.

Stops stalking Herz stop please, I love you and your monster family group.

Though I must ask whats in the bottle??

oh, i remember very well :D
and i really like those spikes on herz´s back

Can I just tell you how much I missed the old version of this comic (by that I mean non-homestuckness) Can't wait till you post more!!! I really missed this crazy amazing story <3

poor Herzchen

The power of Jura's love will save you!

Hiii, I love you, I am so glad I keep checking Boy Lessons every once in a while, because now I got a great surprise! <3<3 That was off the current action's topic.
Now, about current page: Seeing Herz like that is ripping my heart out. Oh gosh, you crazy little boy, everybody loves you, why are you sooo. Ugh.

That homestuck parody was a nice change of pace and pretty hilarious too :,) Now we're back to the story of Herz, the saddest living being in Boy lessons world ;-;

I love Herz's story... Angstyyyy. I like it.

...Pf. I love yaoi/uke boy anatomy.
I don't care if he's just skinny.
That's what I label that body on a guy.

awww ima miss the homestuckgasms. but regular updates are good too . v .

Had to go back to the last non Home --stucked panel.

Ahhnn but the last panel is gorgeous.

It's not a good think the listen to the band "Does it offend you,Yeah?" at the same time as this panel. Makes all the suspense go away.


And I am very happy (like Dancing monkeys happy) that this comic is going to continue

What is going on?

Poor Herz ='[

This page is awesome. I love it when people go crazy~.

WEEEEE :DD i will comment every page you have!! trust me!! you have my word!! XDD
btw,thanks for updated this lovely page!!

Quite interesting. I love how this story has developed. I mean there is alot of comedy but there are times likes this where the seriousness gets through. nwn Love it

Poor herz :( hes ripping off his own skin hes loseing it GIVE HIM THE ANTIDOTE~. Hes one of my favorite charaters XD.

40000 hits!? well, no duh little ms. troll. :T
and naw, considering its herz, i was actually pretty glad when you started focusing this much on him. i mean, how could anyone let such a unique character slide by? (like you're doing with everyone else now but whatevs XD)

Whooo just started reading this comic a few days ago and omg i love it so much XD got up to date just yesterday and i was so worried that you had stopped D: but all is good i see ^^ yaaaay! <3

I knew he was going to try and kill himself. Silly boy. Dont you know your immortal?

This and the sudden surge of deaths was the best thing ever. Welcome back!

WELCOME BACK ! Glad you're back ~ Those fillers were surprisingly believable XD

uhhhhh....where is that tentacle coming from? >/////>

i know where u left off and im glad to see a normal update again!!! <3

i missed ur drawing style!

and congrats on the 40.000! you totally deserve it (:

Omg I lol'd hard with the Homestuck parody. Forever happy, and I am glad that you can finally draw. MAN BEING IN A MEDIC SCHOOL SHOULD BE A BITCH,,,,,

I seriously read all of your comic all the way through yesterday and I'm REALLY happy to see that you're continuing with it. I love these group of misfit boys.


And Herz has officially snapped. Poor guy :(

Yay happyness

Don't know if you are overdoing it with them but I love gettin' a overdose of Herz! So~ keep going girl !

I personally like Herz the best :D So an overdose is just fine with me!

Woah for some reason I'm diggin the last panel, yeah? oh and btw just wanted to say those troll pages were AWESOME ^^

YOU GOT ME GOOD but I knew tis a trick! :D i always had faith in you! i had just gotten into Homestuck xD

Oh Hirn D:

Y U SO MEAN?! xD I'm so happy its going to continue! Great way to SCARE THE HELL out of your fans!

And you aren't overdoing it as longs as its Herz :heart:

oh Herz See Herz this is what happens when you wanna prove a point that the door was still there. You could've just listened to your brothers but nooooooo....

Please get better Herzy!

Why do I love this :C

Yey!! Finnaly a new page, and omg this is so intense :/


This page.
Is so sexy.



i comment because i love

ummm... YAY!!! now i can dies happy...(waiting for death)... any minute now...

I totally know where you were coming from with so many people faving your work but only tumble weeds in feedback areas.
I'm glad you've decided to keep going! Remember there's no pressure to churn out pages like a page churning machine though, go at your own pace, you don't want to hurt yourself! Just have fun!
I've been reading for a while but only just made an account :) I love your style!

=¬= I tooooooooooootally shouldn't be this turned on by the last panel XD

I'm going to start commenting every time I remember so that you will continue this comic! I love it, it's a great combination of supernatural, fun, drama, and so on, so keep up the good work!!!

Yeah No more homestead crazyness! I much better prefer your "normal" crazyness.

Back to your regularly scheduled comment...
I wants to give Hertz a hug soooooo much. If i didn't run out of fabric, i would make a Hertz plushie.

I'll comment on every page if it lets you know the love I have for this comic!! >:D

Wow, you did a great job with this page... there's a great use of background and body language. Keep up the good work! Don't give up, there are many of us (Like me) that love this comic and read it obsessively, but don't comment. But I will start if it helps you to keep going, even for a little longer!

luluvz normal update happy...poor Herzy T-T...last panel=RAPE TIME, FINALLY!!! XD

I was reading a poem in German class today, and when I read the word "Herzen" I just burst into tears. :(

Yay update where no one is deadish lol. Poor Herzy

Yay! More Boy Lessons!!!

Poor Herz.

Ps. This page fills me with many confusing emotions...

I can't help but be excited about Herz being in his underwear... But the disturbing nature of the page kind of makes me feel funny about feeling excited...

What ever. I just shut up and be happy about more Boy Lessons...

i don't mind if you keep using them, they are kind of my favorite characters in the comic, sweet babies (vanilla is first for no reason tho)

YAYYYYYY so umm i just read this comic in 4 hours with no breakes and I amm sooo glad your back. this is a great comic cant wait to see more. :P

im glad i didnt delete this comic after you announced you didnt want to update it anymore ^_^

you got me xD i was soo mad when i saw all these random flashes i was like srsly if you end it like this im going to cry and cry and cry. I love this story soo much xD so glade it didnt die

NOO HERZ!!! Noo...Why does my favorite always die or at least want to die? He's so cute and adorable. He's a monster but he's deep down. I think he wants to get better.

By the way this page is wonderful. I love your art. The story is amazing. I agree with so many that if you ended this I would cry and cry and cry. I'm SO happy to see it still going. I will also try to comment more often. I was afraid to because sometimes I feel like I'm a burden and that my message means nothing. Your post about you saying you read every single one, made me feel VERY happy to know that you actually READ them. You and your comic are well loved. <3

Alli The Ladybug Queen

My brain just... melted I'm so confuuuused! D: I check comic updates only everry so often, and stuffs... and ... then last time i checked you were all "Done wit dis yo!" and then homestuck happened and now.... its back? *tilts head*

As hilarious and random as that Homestuck break was, I'm still near peeing my pants happy to see that you've legitimately updated.
I love this comic so much ; A ;
(sorry that I haven't really comment ~ I never really knew that I could since I don't belong heeeerreeee)

Im sry i had to aay this... LOOK AT THAT UKE-ARCH!!!

But aww poor herz... i never thought this comic would ever get serious...

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