January 16th, 2012, 9:57 am

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doctors have no hearts and i drew my hand in wrong direction Oy, I was supposed to post this page yesterday but the internet got cut off :C So I will post the next page right now!
Ok a few things to say:
1. That style I've drawn latest pages in is Homestuck style( i actually wanted to do it as a Xmas present), which belongs to Andrew Hussie. I parodied his obsession with killing his characters, you can become familiar with it here: http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=006189
2. I am very very VERY grateful for all of your nice comments, I read every single of them, it was INCREDIBLY refreshing, I really needed this, yet again, as selfish as it may sound.
3. Please don't bother to comment on every page now if you were going to do that, you sweet ladies. We're all cool here.
4. Let's just leave everything like it was before? We're cool, right? Well it will be a bit different, the site will renovate and I'll TRY to draw BETTER and FASTER( or maybe I won't) and I will get everything I need, yes( or maybe no).
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Umm. Nervous breakdown anyone?

I have to say that I found this whole homestuck-style mini-series very fun to read, and a nice break for all of us. I'm really glad that you're continuing, though. Medical school is hard to say the least, so I know I won't blame you if you're slow, and neither will others. Hope to see you soon :)

hooray! \(*0*)/

This Homestuck killing spree was quite refreshing and very much a good tension breaker from all the drama going on at the moment. Very hilarious indeed ^^

*breaks into tears* thank gog

*sits* ... *guilt*
I-I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being a bitch. I'm.. Just going to go hate myself in that corner over there, 'kay? Yeah... *cries*

Congrats, dear! Best "scaring your readers" ever! :DDDD

Somehow I´m a bit sad it´s over :D

*kinda sad it's over* those were super blown up and weird that I had to comment.

Anyway I shall be lurking. I rarely comment here but only cuz the story tends to flow one ways to next pretty natural like... I tend to bulk read this lurlz. XD

But I shall lurk.


yehh I loveyou.

ha, i knew it ^^
so, yeah, i will also try to comment more
it´s just that i´m so lazy, haha
but i will try my best


I love you.

Was number three directed to me? *sniff* I'm honored. *crumples up paper of preplaned posts*

... Okay, I'll admit to a nervous breakdown here. >//> My bad.

But it was just a prank of sorts?

Dude, I ain't even mad.



-Sits in corner and rocks back and forth- Where is my mind...

Way out in the water
See it swimmin' ?

No? No? Nobody knows the song by the Pixies? K. Bye. I hate you all. But I love you assassin.

Yay Im glad you didnt kill the comic but not gonna lie I really did enjoy you pulling a Hussie and randomly killing everyone hahaha. <3 <3 <3

it was pretty funny to watch everyone freak out. My friends love homestuck. I haven't even looked at it yet, but it was pretty funny what you did with it. Glad you are continuing your comic.

JOY I am sooo happy you are going to continue ^^ Though I think you killed my brain when I was trying to understand what was going on in the other chapters lol XD

Glad your continuing ^^ Those homestuck's where pretty funny, I was soo confused at first though lol. Glade you decided to continue XDD

i would like to have your babies

homestuck fan

For someone who had just started reading your comic, I'm happy that I never doubted you. Thank you for continuing your comic. It is truly amazing <3

Thank you! Thank you Jesus, God, Zeus, Oden and who ever it is that the hinbu's believe in!! XDDD

lol. It was actually pretty funny.
And your animations was flawless. :'3
I also never doubted you.
I'm just happy that your continuing.


Haha I was crying throughout the entire thing. For those who don't read Homestuck, it must have been pretty terrifying!
But I'm ok now, and will continue reading like the dedicated reader I am!





and i love you. c:

you sure trolled all your fans it was worth all the defavs :'D srsly

now this is exactly what I meant by envying your sense of humor
I could never do this
pure genius.
I'm glad you're willing to forgive our lack of activeness in expressing our undying love ahahahhh OTL

DUDE YOU'RE JUST AS COOL AS DIRK STRIDER Greatest troll ever man, this was Jegus <3

Even KK applauds.That's how cool it is.

I'm glad to see the normal pages will be back on track, but hell, if you ever made a Homestuck comic just like the last couple pages, I would so read it. You got the style down pat, and you're hilarious <3


I'm sitting here loling at all the people who got mad at you over the past few days. I bet they feel like complete shithead now bahahaha.

And I'm just here being like yo I ain't even mad.
Yay for more updates <3

my god. you are too funny.

OH DEAR GOD YES!! So I /was/ being trolled. XD That's a relief!
And the Homestuck style was actually really awesome to read! Can't wait for normal pages again though, LOL.
THANK YOU TONS for not giving up on this comic. <3

!!!!!!! S-so
you won't stop the comic D: :D D: :D


This was hilarious. I don't care what anyone says, it was amazing. If you weren't just trolling and you legitimately did all this just to deleted the comic as soon as you were done, I don't think I could even find it in my heart to be mad, because it was just that god damn hilarious.


And I'll comment more often vwv Just because you're really fucking funny, and you deserve to be reminded of that once in a while.

YAY!! We were heard after all!! XD I'm so happy about this, even though I was really sad about the following pages T^T

For the people who flamed because of this Homestyle "interruption of your normal Boy Lesson program"...

Lay off.
Or don't bother.

For the artist, I love you.
That was an amazing set of deaths. <3

You assume we are all ladies? Ahahaha... oh wait.

lolololololzzz... only one shall provail... (i think thts how uspell tht)

inhale and long realived sigh hmmhaaaaaaa ahaha! yu got us...but we still luv yu /\_/\ we need to do a tribute drawing for yur little Homestuck joke, if we do we'll post it on tumbler...& please don't scare us like that again we were about ready to spend the rest of our lives in the~corner of depression~ TMT

. . . . . YOU . . .
lol best homestuck scenes ever though xD i loved it while it lasted <3

phew! I thought that was the end! I wuv this comic! <3

it was fun going through it all <3

aw sorry for not checking sj in such a long time. this was quite great.

I liked it more than homestuck hmm everything didn't take 3627919 pages(? what are those moving images anyway) huhuhu

What the hey? I thought you updated some after this :c

that... was... hilarious...

I was very happy to see this in a Homestuck style. I don't know why, but I enjoyed it immensely. <3

I'll be waiting for all of the comic updates! ALLL OF THEEEM.

Hehe you pulled a hussie. Nice

Hehehe, Homestuck and Milk Assassin~ <3

i forgot to say this like 3 months ago i hope everyone who commented like a douchey tool feels like the douchey tool they exist to douching be.

;-;. I thought that was all real, like not a filler. So I was like spazzing, about to rape someone.

Scottiebane Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED your Homestuck-style updates! Keep up the wonderful work!

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