January 15th, 2012, 5:26 pm

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sad face =(

This is totally random!!! I don't know how to react to all of this!!!

:I Poor carrot top baby lol

Oh wheres Lunge and Alexandra ? xD

HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA that's nice. :3

...... What?

Why cant i stop laughing?!? Hahahaha, oh geez. You madam have won my heart for enterniy. But dont drop it!!!

NOOOO!! why?? why>> *cry

I don't know whether to encourage this highly entertaining homestuck insanity or fear that you'll make it cannon...

o0o that's a really nifty way to die...

... You broke his face.


This made me laugh too hard. xD

xP Nice Homestuck reference there :)

Oh god I think I love you.

it'd be funny if you were killing everyone off, so you could reset it all -w-

wat ... LOL, WHAT JUST HAPPENED (except the fact that I died)?



Oh,bbyno. </3

You got me questioning, where is the love, the love the love the love. *Holds up lighter and swoons*

anddddddddddddd sunny got reaped by cosmic penis that kinda looked lk hirin and died.


I still feel confused...

the reason why i rarely comment is because a. you update so sporadically and b. there's not really much to comment on. i adore your art and your ideas are always funny as hell but personally, i think it's a bit selfish for you to update so infrequently (and i know we all have lives and i'm not expecting anymore) and then pout that no one's commenting anymore.

dude you have one of the most popular webcomics on this site. this was the first one i ever read here and i loved it. but if you want in depth input on more than just the art and hilarity of the characters then choose a plot, or a character to focus on. like herz. you seem to have a lot of back story for him.

and don't bother flaming me. i still love this comic despite the fact that i've forgotten what it's even about, i love the bright uses of color and the character designs, and the author herself. i just wanted to give some input. maybe i'm the only once who feels like this.

:( is it really the end? :( please tell me it was all a joke...your comic it's so fcking awsome!! may be you didn't get that much feedback but im pretty sure that all the ppl who faved this read it till the end (:
i hope you'll get motivated again ^^ love ur drawings and the plot awsome aswell i wanted you to know that

ps. sorry, my english sucks.xd

lol. Poor Sunny.
His death was the most surprising. XD
I don't know if your trolling or not.
So I will stick around until the very end!
And after it is all over, I'll troll your DA for more fantastic art.

nooooooo D,X again!

YAY! their all dead! YAY!

i love you lmfao! you, ma'am, are a true homestuck. what a way to end a comic. but omfg, im still gonna go crazy about that whole cosmic energy thing, and the fact that that looks like Hirn just killed Sunny with the cosmic energy Herz had? jaoihjfiwnegivuenk

will you marry me?


Awkward Comment is Awkward Part 2 I'm so confused... whatshappening? T-T *goes back to hiding in the shadows*

I am crying ironically right now.

I praise thee with tears for a wonderful Huss preformance but I weep for the dissapearance of everyone I love T^T
even the cat boy...

I still have no idea whether I'm being trolled or not. Either way:
I APPLAUD YOU... I think...


I remember when I first came to Smack Jeeves 3-4 years ago this was here for me to read and absolutely love.
Though I read of recent of posts that this comic was going to end. Though I'm astonished that this comic lasted so long! Which is an absurdly amazing, if this is truly the end of this Comic. Then I say you did wonderfully entertaining me for a long time.
I thank you and hope to see more art on your DA then. ;)

Eh... I can't tell if troll or not. So I stay.


I feel the same way.

I am totally okay if that's how it ends! That was hilarious. If it has to end early, that's a fine way to go out! I love Homestuck and that was a fantastic parody/homage/whatever you want to call it. I'm still laughing!

No matter how many people whine and complain, if you don't want to do this comic anymore, you don't want to. No big deal.

suddenly the lack of updates make sense, you got into homestuck lol <3

Sad to see them all die, but funny to have you do it this way. Hell you killed all your characters faster than Hussie

You're so mean >{

Homestuck is the best haha way to go
but noo your just like hussie killin' all your characters at the good parts XD
lol good job haha mission accomplished

Okay, seriously. "Fans and Readers," shut the fuck up with your whiny little bitch ass comments. The fucking universe does not revolve around making you happy. To be honest, those who actually put time and effort into their own webcomics don't do it to appease YOU, but do it to entertain themselves. The comments and love are just an added bonus! It is unnecessarily rude of you to curse this girl out, call her any sort of hateful words, or think you know what shes thinking when it is obvious we don't. This, though there is an off chance I am wrong, is probably just her way to gauge her readers reactions and take a break from the usual comic pages. Most of you have proven one thing, that you are not fans at all, just whiny little bitches who feel entitled. Get over it. This is HER webcomic, not yours, and she has every right to make a little parody and then vanish if she so chooses. I honestly, wouldn't even want to continue if I realized how many whiny babies read my work. I would feel insulted. Get over yourselves and enjoy this little HS parody. I'm almost certain she wouldn't put THIS much effort into ending something she had stated originally she was just going to drop. Hello, people, use those wonderful little brains of yours.

As for you Milky, you are simply fantastic. I loved you when I first started reading three-odd years ago, and I love you now. I am enjoying/enjoyed this little Homestuck-styled ending, and as I have stated in previous comments will continue to love this whether or not this is the actual "ending" or just a little filler. You've made my life complete. Lots of love girl. I'll be continuing my stalking of your DA account for time to come! <3

... Nope, still don't get it :(


I...what? When did this turn into Homestuck? This is great though. I'm DYING over here.

wy mus i crai This was so sad.. In some kind of way.. LIKE A GOOD WAY!
You are a fantastic artist.. Really..
And im so glad you did the ending in homestuck style..
B-because.. Its like, the REAL story didnt really end like that.. The comic.
I KNOW, maby it did, but maby it didnt.. And eventhough you probably wont ever continue this, it just makes me glad to know that.. SOMEWHERE.. OUT THERE.. IN THE WEBCOMIC UNIVERSE.
*play dramatic music now*


@Magical.Android.Aria Someone needs to get off their soap box. People are going to bitch, people are going to whine, people are going to be "OMFG THIS IS THE BEST FUCKING REF TO HOMOSTUCK EVURRR." So really, stop bitching because everyone else's comments are "oh-so-hurtful to ~le arteest" because I am pretty sure she can hold her own and if they really bothered her she would have came in here guns flying.

... I am dissappoint. :C I miss Herz. He was my favorite character in this webcomic and I had enjoyed this webcomic a great deal. But why do you have to go and ruin it for everyone by killing the characters? I am so very sad now. :C

All we can do.... I think that for the most part, we shouldn't be argue over this subject. Everyone is entitled to their own individual options. Either you like or hate what happening is your choice. And we shouldn't be fighting about who's right or wrong.

The artist will do what she does. Nothing we can do about it. Might as well just go with it.

After all, We're all here because we enjoyed this comic at one point or another. Let's just support the artist in her decision. No matter what that might be. :'3

Welp At least this comic's end has a reference to wats taking over my life atm. Really going to miss it, though ;__;

Guys it's just a sidestory xD!!! I think it's funny

Or you just got bored :D

(It's really entertaining, I love it and they're so cute in Homestuck-style...BUT!)
Don't go killing your characters like that! I'm sure most of us does our best to comment often and stuff, I kind of know how you feel so I don't want to treat you the same way I've been treaten. It's really hard, I know. But if you really love your characters(I love them to death, there's no guys more entertaining than these. I just wanna take them home, ok?) you shouldn't kill your characters just like this. A true comic artist shouldn't do that! All her characters are her babies, her children, her offspring! Don't kill them, please! You decide if you don't want to continue the comic, but just don't kill your characters...


aww and here I was hoping that sunny would have been the true evil master behind all of their deaths

I love this comic, side stories, joke pages, love it no matter what it turns into or what it does when we aren't looking fast enough. I await more with all the excitement~

You nearly gave me a heart - attack from all the laughing! :D

this should awaken his dream self with god tiers...

my second babehz! ; o;

will they got tiger now?

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