Did you sleep with Alex?


January 15th, 2012, 4:56 pm

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Hahaha, this is a fantastic parody. Now Sunny can deal with survivor's guilt. :D

wow... I still can't believe all this :(

Make who pay, exactly? It's your time you're wasting. If less comments makes you this self-destructive, being a manga-ka doesn't isn't healthy thing for you. Congrats on killing something, I hope this all worked out for you.

Yay, sunny bby you're alive!

Wait, spoiling the story? That means there will be more, yes? Yes?C: Please say yes, or I will be forced to go back since the beginning comic, and reply to ALLOFTHEM and spam your-.. whatever you get coment notices on, forever!

You guys spam isn't the answer. It just annoys the author and does nothing to help you personally in anyway. Go ahead and waste your time, but ask yourself first. Does this really do anthing for me? The answer is no just so you know.

WHAT IN THE HECK IS HAPPENING? Is this Homestuck nonsense just a joke or is this really happening or have I just been propelled into some parallel universe? I don't even-- *flips table*

This is just a filler, so of course theres more story <3 c:

i have now wondered if this was all a ploy for more comments...if so that's frikin funny cause i fell for it.


*just realized*
ooohh, Sunny has a story?
that's cool enough to be spoiled?
lookin forward to it :3

hey person who linked to 10 hour trololo


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