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@_@ What??

C'mon pleeeeease. :(

This is just mean.

Congratulations. I hate you.


aww that is kinda romantic~ XD KEEP ON TROLLIN! DON'T LET ANDREW DOWN!

HOMESTUCK STYLE! I actually only started reading it like a week and half ago and now it's poping up everywhere. AWESOME SAUCE!

Poor bbys.

When Jura get's killed shit get's real >:I

I don't know whether to laugh and enjoy this "filler" or cry at this "ending"

And now Soki is probably gonna be torn apart by Mr Gloomy bear and then Alex rapes sunny to death.

That's all I can estimate by reading, lol.

Alright, now let's get back to the pages we all love and comment about because we are in absolute wonder :D

Aw they died next to eachother. :D

I guess I am a lunatic because I kinda do think it's romantic.
Still confused as fuck but I'm getting a good laugh at this.
I think the most annoying thing right now is seeing how the majority is throwing a hissy fit.
If you don't like this, no one is forcing you to stay, so either GTFO or STFU.

somehow I read that as "DERP"

Why are you trolling us so much? Stop read homestuck and . . . . *deeeep breath*

GET BACK TO THE STORY DAMN YOU!!!! *death glare*

xDDD i am really enjoying this, aw man but the next guys my favorite ; ~ ; ah, well even if he dies I'll still adore him = v = //andmakefanartnshiz


lol i kinda find this funny. But if this really is the way everything ends then missy you're gonna have to do some seriouss explaing :I

I mean I really did love this comic. It was cute and funny.


I don't know which is worse, the fact that this is a cry for attention. (OMG THE FANS THEY DON'T KISS MY ASS ENOUGH TO MAKE ME STAY BAW BAW BAW.) or the fact you are making a tacky ending based on MSPA.

Well, fuck.

Now I'm sad.
Now I'm really sad.
First Herz, then Vanilla, then Jura?
Oh, and then Vanilla is confirmed to be dead.

Oh, god. They're just kids!

Y'know. The author is just derping with us to make us stop reading.

I... I can't tell if these are guest comiced jokes or... or if this is real and I should just throw my heart away in the trash right now.

I'm scared, ma. I'm scared.


Commenting time for all these previous HS-styled pages: This is just fabulous! Seriously! CakeLoving_Bunnygirl, has it right! Don't let Hussie down!! Keep trolling! Kill them all! (I love them all to bits and pieces but this is simply to amazing to dislike!!!) Even if this is the ending (revenge to us readers), I can't even call it revenge cause this is just plain epic! If it's just a filler, I'll still be here commenting and loving every second of these characters and story with each new update! If not, hey, you totally made my life infinitely better with this!

Here's another question. Why do you hate your fans? Because we don't kiss your ass enough? And when we do, it's not to your liking? You are no artist. You're just an attention whore. The comic stops for me back when Jura found Herz in the hospital.

Thanks for nothing but bitch-slapping me in the face and throwing my heart in the dumpster. Hope your proud of yourself.

-Tsukimoto Myobi

this is epic <3

but srsly. Revenge for what? being just a typical reader? Life is harsh and you don't always get as much feedback as you'd like. You're not always noticed all the time. keep that in mind and keep going :D

This is just sad, you had a great story going on. You shouldn't kill it just cus your tired of it. Just put it aside for a little. I understand it's your work and you can do what ever you want with it, however you're disappointing a lot of people.

YOU TROLLIN' I feel like this is your pay back for us no commenting. WHY YOU KILLING EVERYBODY. -sobs- I love you man. You hurting us, I can't even. Das okay, I still love you. Even though your doing a revenge thing here. Or maybe your just the best troll in the world. If so, I need to let you know that I am attached to you like glue. DON'T EVEN TRY MAN.

I'm sorry everyone is treating you like shit. It's your comic and you have a right to to whatever you want, be that ending it or fuck-stucking it (idr homestuck).
If it's a joke then you got everyone pretty good, but I don't see why everyone feels the need to say "omg why are you trolling us" like they all know it's a joke. For all we know this is a compilation of doodles you had and this really is how you're going to end it.

We, as fans, have no right to tell you to keep going or to stop doing something in your story.

And people calling this a cry for attention is just bullshit.

I still love you. xD


I call that the bear is going to kill em!

@Up_Yours :I called it

"And now Soki is probably gonna be torn apart by Mr Gloomy bear and then Alex rapes sunny to death." xD

i think some people should just shut up and wait how this turns out
maybe those are just some "funny homestuk intermission" pages to shock us/make us laugh or whatever
and even if she is serious about ending it like this, i think its her right to do so, because its her comic and she can do whatever she wants with it
to be honest i would feel weird about that too but again its her comic and i would not feel any less weird about an ending like this by telling her she is a attention whore or a troll or whatever

XD XD im laughing sooo much at how many people are getting upset XD
this is just too funny

I'm not going to jump to conclusions, until the never end. I wanted to see what happens.

Good or Bad. I do enjoy this comic.
And I wouldn't be much of a fan if I lost faith in you now! >:3

to people who are completely confused: go find out what homestuck is.

this is disappointing. this is your comic and whatever, but still so very disappointing.

Everyone needs to relax. You shouldn't decide to judge her before she's even done. To be honest, this could all be just a joke. And if it's not, we have some good times with all of her characters. And no matter what, I'll still enjoy them.

To Milk+Assassin;
I enjoy your work. And no matter if this is the end of boy lessons or the whatever, I will still continue to watch your work. It amazing and encouraging. I hope that you don't let some of there comments both you. Most of them are just hurt and really do want this comic to continue. I hope that it wont discourage you from continuing this comic and/or making other comics in the future. :'3

Btw, i have never watch or read Homestuck. But now, I think I might.You should also think of selling Boy Lesson's as a comic. The part you do have, i would like to own. >:3

LMFAO milk i'm dying over here this is hilarious i can't breathe???????


I am respecting your decision of ending this comic and moving on :|
*pap* you don't need to kill 'em all to relieve tension

i'm crazy... 'coz thts xactly wut i thought!!!



This is so holy crap funny somehow XD

it does in fact look a bit romantic


guest '4444', guest '...' the people taking this so seriously really need to get a life tho lmfao

Someone plays hussie and kills every one!
NO that is evil xD

god I love you <3 So I'm late to the party but really, I adore homestuck (3 years now...) and have watched BL from the start, so this panel made me lose my shit lol

I've been that lame fan that sobbed at terezi and karkat being "killed together" AND I was a total jura/vanilla supporter ^^;
cutye take on the homestuck style. Maybe I'm just too used to pages being covered with DEAD.

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