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January 15th, 2012, 5:56 am

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(hope this wont be a total Homestuck rip-off)

Ripping off Homestuck isn't going to make you popular, just merely cause great degrees of annoyance.

i'm sorry, i have no words. here are your comments, i suppose.

Would've been fun to see something aside from a complete homestuck rip off. Feel better?

You haven't acheived anything, but it's always good to know you do.

o-o If this is the end of the comic a lot of people will riot. /ducks and hides

Also all the guests above look like the same xD

I've been reading Boy Lessons since day one, and this? This is upsetting. Not even because you completely ripped off Hussie's style in what comes off as more self-indulgence rather than a homage. That's not what upsets me. It's you killing off a character like that. So fucking randomly because you want to end the comic because you don't get enough attention. This doesn't fit the tone of the comic. It's just sad and horrible and bullshit. I wish you had just ended it like most smackjeeves artists that lose interest: put up a single last image, say you didn't have time for it anymore, and just left.

I don't know why you would do this. I hope this is all a poorly executed joke and we go back to the point we left off and Herz doesn't actually get killed in so nonchalant and ill-fitting a manner. But somehow I doubt that'll be the case.

ô__ô hm... I must be one of those who is not in this homestuck scene so I'm a bit confuzed of this sudden style change. However, I found this kinda funny although I have no idea why are you doing this. : D

Oh guest, you If nothing else, 'guest' seems to be more than willing to shower the artist with compliments. The clever use of different type of names completely takes away attention from how similar the comments seem 8D.

Sure, like everyone and their mum's horse I was sad to see this comic go down the drain. We've all followed these boys for ages, so how could we not care? But funnily enough, I was more annoyed with the many people suddenly going; "omg, I never commented before, but plz plz plz dun drop diz comik just cuz I comment nao, plz". To be honest, I am going to be very disappointed if the comic starts back up just because the artist got a boost of attention from this little stunt of theirs. He/she said it was dead, which'd be fine if it'd just staid dead. No need to beat the thing any more and just upload random crap.

People need to calm their tits. Or stop being cowards and get off being guests. :1

I'm kind of hoping that this is just a way to weed out the true fans. Because the ones who get angry clearly don't support the artist.

I'm so confused with what is going on. XD I never got into Homestruck so... YES. I'm Jura. I'm going to defeat gloomy bear once and for all because I know he's going to come out any second. :B

oh jeez XD i started from the starting point and LOL
the whole "MAKE THEM PAY" idea of this is really funny XD
yeah people should have commented regularly by themselves and not just wait till the last second to comment in an attempt to save your comic :S
but i think this whole homestruck boy lessons thing is hilarious :3

I'm very confused as to what's going on, but I'm certainly gonna stick around to find out! Haters gonna hate.

ok I`m laughing my ass off with those "guest" comment, apparently people have no sense of humor and forgot what a "filler" is

... What just happened?

Jura: change back to normal drawing style and go save your boyfriend.

Interesting. I'm reserving further judgement for now. But I kinda must add Jura looks pretty cute like that.

I'm so confused right now.......

Dear "Guest", please grow some balls and STFU. Posting anon comments, seriously? This isn't second grade.

I'll be honest, I hate Homestuck. Not only is is spammed Internet-wide, but I don't see why it's so popular anyway. And yes, I have read it. That being said, does that mean I'm going to flame her comic because she chose to do a few pages in it's style? No. Am I going to stop reading? No. Everyone has their own fetishes that they like to inflict upon their characters. Obviously the artist like hurting him, and she said she was self-indulging. While I am desperately hoping she won't end it this way, I respect her enough to acknowledge that if she chooses to, that was a pretty unique/memorable way to do it.

I think I'm just overall amused by the whole thing. I say, keep going! Let's see where this very strange wind takes us. :D

Okay people need to calm down and learn to take a joke. I'm fairly sure that's all this was and for people to chose to comment just to point out the Homestuck reference is pretty silly to me. People add net culture to comics all the time to make it silly at times, and while I'm no fan of Homestuck, I still find her use of it silly and will keep reading cause I love this comic and am looking forward to the rest of the story :3

People need to be takin' their haterade and pouring it down the drain.

Yep worked my way through that, I don't get it!

Wow, I'm not understanding the hate here. It's pretty obviously a parody of Homestuck, and the author herself is doing it on purpose to get back at unsupportive fans (like myself; sorry for not commenting before, I have crippling social anxiety to the point where even making a throwaway comment on a webcomic is extremely difficult for me) and the correct response is not to hate on her; the correct response is: "Oh, you~"

If you don't like the direction the comic is headed in, just pretend it already ended. It was going to anyway.

No matter where this leads, I'll be entertained, and isn't that the most important thing?

Okay, everyone is complaining about the Homestuck looking art, while I on the other hand am laughing so hard about it XD

jeez guys settle the fuck down dont get annoyed shes having some truoble and oviblosuly is doing something different while shes thinking soo just sit down and enjoy the ride :,D

T_T Whut. T_T
You can't be doing this seriously, so I'll just wait.


I'm not sure what's going on but...
I like Homestuck, and I like this comic and your art.
I trust you.

XDDDD oh my God this is fucking hilarious, I can't breathe!! I mean, it was sad when Herz was killed and all and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY YOU BEAUTIFUL BOY??????? But hur hur hur the Homestuck ref just made me laugh. Hey, I'm not that into it, but I thought it was pretty funny. Then I read the comments. Obviously, some people need to take a fucking chill pill and soak in some ice water. Like, really, come on guys, take it like a joke, this shit is funny!

Anyway, I really hope Herz doesn't die for real, cuz I was really rooting for some pairings with him. Keep going with this, lotsa people love this; anyway, class starts in like five seconds so I gotta go

You rock kay? <333

Que el fuck?

Let the flames roar! Stoke them with Homestuck nonsense. Kindle them with a needless death.
I say...whatever. It's a weird turn of events, but who give a fuck? It's a fucking comic not real life.
"Durr I am angry cause you killed off my favorite character who I married in my fanfic!", SHADDAP!
No more bitch-assness. Stop the bitch-assness.

Let the Crowd Eat me Alive I seriously hope this isn't real. I'd rather you had just put up one last picture and said "That's it, bitches!". This is just sad. You had so much talent, and so many fans, and now you're throwing a hissy-fit like a 6 year old. You make webcomics for yourself and the audience. Not because you want someone constantly chattering at you. If your going to stay true to your word, pull on your big girl panties and end this in a sensible fashion.

What Just happened? ummmm... I have no idea what just happened lol so confused right now XD

WHAT??? NOOO herz DX. I'm pretty confused on whats happening *scratches head*lol. Please dont let it end like this DX.

Guys If you read most of the comments, they mostly said something along the lines of "If you HAVE to end the story, then we support you, but at least tell us what happens."

I'm pretty sure that's what's going on right now. She's telling us the rest of the story real quick before she goes, and she picked this format because it's 1) funny and 2) fast and easy. Sure she could have just written a enormous paragraph and had everyone read it but where's the fun in that?

And also, for all the people complaining that "this isn't in the same tine tone as the rest of the comic," um, did you read the rest of the comic? It only recently got a little more dramatic, up until now this whole story has been absurdly funny and unpredictable. If this isn't absurd or unpredictable I'm going to need someone to explain to me what a blatant lapse into a Homestuck ripoff IS. Sorry if you don't think it's funny, but try not to get so god damn butthurt about it.

Really, you are all taking this shit way too god damned seriously. Lighten the fuck up. God, you throw a little drama into a comedy series and all of a sudden everyone's underwear flies up their asshole. "WHAAA THIS IS A FUCKING ATROCITY AGAINST THE REST OF YOUR MASTERPIECE! STOP BEING SILLY AND DO YOUR SILLY COMIC THE NORMAL SILLY WAY BECAUSE THIS NEW SILLY WAY CONFUSES AND ANGERS ME." Holy shit. Calm the fuck down.

And that's really all I have to say. Hey, it'd be nice if she told us what the hell was going on but, oh well! It's really not something to leave a nasty, raging comment over. And who knows, maybe this IS all just one big joke and she'll go back to normal!

When I make art or comics I do it for myself; I don't always keep who's going to be seeing it in mind. I'll do what makes me happy, I'll do what expresses myself, and I'll listen if there's friendly critique.
Honestly, I don't see what the problem is (so far). I think she's entitled to do what she wants with her comic and her characters.
If a fan doesn't like, well, it's not exactly her problem...

people need to calm their tits about homestuck!! It's popular yeah so stop complaining about it! It's funny and her using this style is kinda funny as well! It isn't like her entire comic is this, just these pages so enjoy the work she put into this and shut up!

I agree with sad guest. You started to develop an interesting plot, and then you go all attention-whore. This is not how an artist makes comics. Its simply trolling.

everyone stop complaining D:< sheesh they can do what they want

Oh man I nearly peed when I saw you had updated and, even though I don't understand and was really sad that you said it was going to end, I'm still happy your posting something, even if it's just as silly as this.
((I really don't get the Homestuck reference lol I'm so lame I guess))

i am lol'ing so hard at all the people claiming she's ripping homestuck. i am fucking crying it's so funny.

good job though, you do it well. awesome comic too so idk why everyone's panties are in such a bunch.

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