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January 7th, 2012, 12:57 pm

and he kills him and the end

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Last page Well guy, I might have been wrong, these are probably the last pages. Maybe I'll add just one more page. I'm sorry, I feel like I'm just using space. It's very discouraging to receive so little comments lately, it's making me unmotivated to put effort into the comic to no end as selfish as it may sound. It's VERY uncomfortable seeing such a high number of favorites and so little feedback. Maybe you shouldn't have faved it. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or has this comic just worn itself out. If it has, well, it deserves to be ended then with no regrets.
Thank you for reading, peace out dawgs .3.
p.s. herzes fingers look like small dicks
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D8 Nuuuuuuu! You must sail my shipsssss before you go and kill people off! Dont be like Hussie and make all your characters die. :I Not fair dude. Not fair at all.

@Teh-KaiKai I'm sorry, I just laughed myself to death. I have no time for this comic anyway and time is dead kids.

Oh no :( I love this comic. I don't want it to end.

Nyeh! I'm not someone who comments often, but srzly I love this comic and all the humor in it. Despite all the funny at the beginning you've managed to make it have some underlying seriousness and that is admirable. If you do choose to end the comic here that is your choice it will still stand as an awesome comic and I will not unfav it. If it does continue I will remain an avid reader of it and wait patiently for more no matter how long it takes. Regardless of what happens I will admire you, the artist, through thick and thin.

Please don Don't feel discouraged D: nononono, I'm in love with your comic and even if I'm only one fan I will be very sad its ending. Ya got tallent and this is the cutest comic I follow. Don't kill it! pretty please ;_;

NOOO!! Don't quit! You can't quit!! I love this comic!! I wanna see what happens!!! Please don't end it!! D:

No way man! I love you! 5ever! How do you just leave us here. With "kill me" WHAT EVEN MAN.

Alright, alright, I understand. I'd be pretty pissed off too if people were favoriting and no one was commenting. It just...I don't know it makes me so sad. Because this was one of the comics I was always looking forward to. I guess no one can have all the time in the world, because even I am busy. And if no one cared, well then, what would be the point? I'll miss you a whole bunch, knowing that there won't be an update. I don't think I'll ever un-favorite though. <3 5EVER. 5 EFFIN EVER.

i tried not to comment because i feel sometimes comments are bothersome llorz //regrets it

I'm one of the bad guys who never comment, but I want more of Herz-chan D: He IS SOOOO CUTE. You really should do a comic for him only . And I want more pages, and more often D:, maybe that's why there are fewer comments. This happened to me once, with a story I was writing; I was late with the chapters so fever persons comment on the last chapters D: It's horrible. Keep going! See you later :).

I Guess It's Time To Say Goodbye I'd go ahead and be all "Noooo, you can't end this, it's too good, you have to go on!" But as much as I love this comic, it's up to you. If you haven't got the time, then I guess it can't be helped.
I'm gonna miss reading this though. This was my favourite comic of all. I loved the art, I loved the story, I just loved everything about it. I'm sad that the characters are now being killed off and that there will never be another update. But hey, that's life I guess.
It was cool reading this comic. In fact, it was the coolest, greatest, most awesome thing ever. And I'll miss it.
But oh well.
See ya. I hope you'll have time to maybe make another comic at some point in the future. Or something.

We do love you and this comic, comments or not Sad. You open up this whole new, really interesting, dark sub-plot with the Monster Brothers and then decide let it die. That's a bummer. I know the updates have been few and far between, but every time I saw those zombie, sailor, girly, soulja boys in my comic feed my day brightened a lot.

In the end it is up to you, but I just wanted to let you know that despite your impression that nobody really cares about this comic, you are wrong. You know, this is the only web comic out of all of freaking Smackjeeves that I have ever drawn fan art for.

You are appreciated. I just don't want you to use your viewers as your excuse to quit. If you are tired of the comic or it doesn't hold the meaning it used to for you, that's fine. That happens, a lot, especially as of late. We'll understand.

But don't just do or not do this comic because of us. Do it for you. You are the one that needs to be the happiest doing it, not us.

I know how you feel though I have like 400+ fans and no one comments.
It's selfishly discouraging.

But at the same time not to update just makes me guilty.

Just hang on there. The duty you have is to your few readers and the characters that live inside you (as corny as it sounds, it's my honest belief)

But hey, good luck with whatever you choose to do. The above is just me sympathizing anyway. o3o

I don't like to comment but I really like your comic. it's not about just "normal" school boys and your comic is so funny. your art is amazing and your coloring too. the AWESOME page and the Evening at Wolframs' pt.1 and 2 are really awesome and funny xD

please think a bit more before ending boy lessons.

Please nooooo Ive been having a horrible day, then hearing that you werent gonna make this comic anymore almost made me cry. Please dont discontinue it! its one of my favorite comics on sj. I understand if you're tired of doing it, but I dont think you should quit because you dont get comments. You have a lot of fans who love this comic,just because they dont comment doesnt mean they love it any less

Why no comments. I normally don't comment because I am too stunned by the beauty of your work and the amazing story that I don't know what to say. Other then Thank you so much for writing this amazing story! It was beautiful while it lasted. Your by no means taking up space. I agree with another person on here. Don't do this comic for us. We are merely it for you. If it no longer pleases you to draw it, then don't! Do what pleases you and we will be happy for you. we may not like the choice but we have to accept the fact that you are happy and we as fans should want that. =D

Super Sad Face :c I'm guilty of not commenting, I rarely do, I'm sorry .-. as much I love Herz and his brothers (their my favorite) and their story time, I am waiting a bit for the other characters' stories to advance as well.... perhaps this is the same reason for others, Idk. I would be extremely sad if you discontinued this comic, it was one of the very first comics I started reading on smackjeeves, and I love the humor as well as the drama, it is in no way like the other bl comics ever, very interesting. But as much as it would pain me for this to die, I do have to agree with AzurePersona, so if YOU genuinely wish to discontinue with this comic, then we are not able to stop you, for you are the genius behind it and the only on able to make such desicions.

The last pages...? Aw... I'm honestly sad to see it go. I won't complain, because it's entirely your choice in the matter- but I just want you to know I really enjoyed reading "Boy Lessons", it never failed to make me laugh. Thanks for the comic- it was fun. :)

all of my favorite webcomics are discontinuing...but normay i dont comment becaue all i would b able to say is the generic things about loving it so much. i really cant think of anything to critique because i would only end up, in the end, pointing out that your style isn't perfectly realistic.

i know that's pretty much what everyone is saying, but i realy feel bad, i mean, if dissinterest and lack of time were the only reasons, then so be it, but it's partly because we didn't participate, and for that i'm sure everyone's sorry, judging by the paragraph long comments.

if you're final desision is to stop, then i guess i'll just say it's been great reading, and good luck with everything! though i would like to know what happens to Hertz. i'm sure everyone would apreciate a small summery of the end [if there was even one in mind]

It's really sad to hear that but in the end it's your decision and I can really understand it.
But I really think that there are lots of people who enjoy reading this and are curious as how the story will/would go on even thought they aren't all commenting.

LEGASP WHAT!?????????
and poor baby dont kill him hirn... herz is jsut sad

I usually tend to refrain from commenting because all I have is "ooh I like panel #_ a lot" or something else to that effect.
It certainly doesn't help that I hardly have time to get online anymore, haha.

Not getting to see the response to your creation is indeed discouraging, and it makes your consideration to quit totally understandable.
I, personally, will be going with the generic "no don't go" argument though.
It is entirely up to you, but I'd definitely be sad to see this series go. I was losing my mind waiting for this last couple pages. Watching what Herz is going through is fucking magic and I am/was eagerly awaiting the stories behind the other characters. I love your style, your story, the way you portray your characters so animatedly.
Seriously, I'm at a loss of words to express why/how much I like this story (then again I'm usually at a loss for words about anything). This will stay on my favorites forever though.

If you choose to end it, c'est la vie. It is your choice and you have the absolute right to do so.
If you choose to continue, I promise to put comments on every page, even if they are completely asinine "oh this is pretty" type comments.

Good luck in the future~

I don't usually comment on comic pages and now I feel entirely awful for not doing it more. Firstly, while this is your choice, I really hope that you give this comic a bit more time. I feel like while quite a bit has happened, we still have a lot more to learn about each character and their lives. Secondly, the story itself is something brilliant! It's so unique! I fear that if you do end this comic, I wont be able to find something as absolutely fascinating as this. Yes, that sounds selfish but if you get to be then so do I. ;)
Thirdly, it is a secret pleasure of mine to see how much you've matured and grown as both a story weaver and an artist. You may not see it yourself but you have improved something fierce over these last few pages! It's wonderful to see. I would really like to continue watching you grow through this story!
Fourth, I LOVE YOUR CHARACTERS SO MUCH! I really do. It's insane how much I love them! I can't even say I have a favorite because I love them all so completely equally. Ahaha. Don't take that away from me! I have to know what happens with them! xD
Fifth! You have so many fans, and I understand that you don't feel motivated because you aren't getting that much feedback. I also understand that this comic has run a long time and you might be feeling a little bored with it now. However, taking a little break from it and reassessing the comics main plot line may help. I know that finding a very good and creative friend to help discuss future ideas and plot twists with is a wonderful way to get back into the groove of things. Not to mention you get some pretty snazzy ideas to throw in! LOL. As for the comment bit, just know that you have countless numbers of people who squeal to death every time you update, myself included. I feel awful that I haven't commented all that often. I will definitely work on that. D:
Lastly, If you feel you must end this comic, why not leave it an open ending. That way you still have the opportunity, if in the future you suddenly get inspired to keep working on it, you can pick it right back up. So sorry for the wall of text, you are simply the VERY first webcomic artist and author that I ever started following. This is the comic that really started my whole love of internet comics. I just hate to see it go. You inspire me so greatly.

Lots of love regardless the decision.

I will admit that I'm guilty of not commenting and I have no excuses other than my laziness. I'm sad that you will end this comic, but hey, this is all up to you. I would like to thank you for sharing this wonderful comic and for still updating, despite the fact that you didn't have much time. Again thanks for everything.

I'm sorry I don't comment! I just don't know what to say! I'm not as funny as I dreamed! I'll miss it. This is your decision. Can we know what would of happened? Please? T3T P.S have you ever noticed that the font of the commenting boxs thingy is different from the font of the comments? Unless that's just my computer.

QAQ aww I shall be sad to see this comic die away. This is one of the comics that inspires me to work on my own stuff. You're characters are all so unique and interesting and I really looked forward to seeing them all develop further and show off their full character. oh well though you must do what you feel best T_T I shall be sad to see this comic disapear though, it was and is truly awesome

Please don't! This is one of my top favorite comics on the entire web site! If I need to comment more I will, just please don't end it!

WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? You can't!!!!! I love this comic sooo much!! It was one of the first comics that i faved on Smackjeeves!! And just because we don't comment doesn't mean we don't love you!!! So please don't quit on us!!! :'C

sometimes we have to get used to not recieving any comments (; it's not nice but it happens, really.
If you don't have time for this comic, though, then it's better to end it; it's important for the author to feel good with their work and stuff.
Anyways, thanks for everything you've done so far (; good job!

you can't end it just because I'm a lazy prick who doesn't comment! I promise I will comment on every following page!

Ooh nooo! Don't quit! We love you! I've got to know what happens to Herz! Does he ever find someone who loves him? What about poor Soki and his bear? I don't even know who to pair half the cast with in my fan fiction yet! I'll comment on every page, just don't quit!


I know it's been said over and over, but none the less, we love you and this comic to death. ;__; I'm horrible with pep-talks, I'm sorry. You can stop if you want, but don't if you feel like we don't support you.

I'll admit I'm guilty of not commenting very often, but that doesn't mean i want the comic to end </3 I'm like in love with this story and I don't want it to just up and be over because people aren't commenting enough. MAN I WILL COMMENT FIVE TIMES PER PAGE IF THAT WILL MAKE YOU KEEP GOING D:

So much for few comments So...
I don't really know what to say
Everyone has been putting down all this inspirational stuff and I feel all lame...
But I don't know what you need to hear to keep doing the comic
Maybe nothing will
But if you really love this comic and your fans you will keep doing it...
But if you dont then give us all up

Oh and ps
not alot of people comment
It's just something they do
When I wrote stories I would get one comment from my boyfriend and two likes but when I went to class the next day 15 peole I knew had read it
At least here by faving it to keep reading it you
know how many fans you have.

For gods sake you should draw because YOU want to, not cos people follow you. And don't fish for comments.

Okay, I'm going to be like everyone else and say "I don't comment but omg I am here D: "

I have a lot of reasons for not commenting. Mostly it's because I don't have much to say and because I follow like 100 separate comics sooo lmfao it's a lot to sift through daily

But I genuinely found your comic to be one of the 1) more interesting ones and 2) possibly the funniest.

Anyway, it's up to you. If you don't have time and you don't wanna continue, that sucks :C if not then that's awesome and you can count on me reading! But either way, do what you want to do. Don't stop because you're not getting the feedback, and don't continue because you are. You gotta enjoy what you're doing to be motivated, not feel obligated.

But if it isn't too much to ask...can you at least like...tell us what happens lmfao? If you don't wanna it's totally understandable but it's gunna drive me nuts to never find out XD;

Pretty much everyone here is now commenting to keep you making this comic. I'll join in because I absolutely love this! I wait forever just to see updates on this and you have no idea how much I love reading it.

I know this might not make you feel better, but even though people don't comment, it doesn't mean they don't like it. I don't ever comment on the things I love because I don't think about it. If I did, all the comments would be "I love this! It's great." and I think that would just be tiring. Please rethink your decision. I hate seeing people give up on something they've created just because of a lack of response. Your art is amazing and unique to you and I'd love to see where you could go with this story. If you don't finish it, just know that I'd still support your story because it's great.

Good luck with everything and I sincerely hope you do finish this.

I don't comment because I figure you have so many to read mine would wind up being redundant. Not any more. I'm commenting everything baby!

AW NO PLEASE Please dont end it ;_; !
I know alot of people are still reading your comic, and its really awesome! It would feel like there was so much we didnt get to know in this comic.. if you ended it now..
So many good stories ;__;
But well, anyway, if you really dont feel like you have the motivation, i dont think you should continue. Making a comic shouldnt be something you do because you feel you NEED to, but because you WANT to!
I always get so happy when i see your updates, and this is definitely one of my fav. webcomics .. <3
Its one of those comics i always can read over and over again, but still, i wish there would have been more..
But do what you feel is the right thing..!

Well I personally don't leave comments unless I have a confusion or or critique, which I never have in this comic. :c Don't be so discourage, I'd like if this story went on.

No way. One of the best comics is about to vanish

I wait for months for pages, and most of the time I've been just too tired to reply. I love this comic and I don't want it to go away. I honestly have read every single page and now wish I'd commented. You get viewers, even if not every single one of them comment. I can wait more months for this. I love it and I'd be extremely disappointed if ANOTHER comic decided to go down the drain. I LOVEEEEEE this comic and will pretty much cry if it stops. I love Nilla, and Jura, and Soooooki, and Herz, and Hirn, and Sunny, and Alex and Lunge. I love them all. I wish I could draw 1000+ fanarts for you, but I simply can't draw such beautiful characters right. I wish I could because when you drop the comic it's all I have to keep them going in my heart. This is a very disappointing start for SJ and w/o this and many other quitting comics SJ is never gonna be the same.

I'm sorry I'm one of those people that just fav and never leave a comment! ;_; And I don't really know if it's bad on my part that I'm only commenting now that you've said you're probably going to end it, but before you do I just want to put in my two cents and say that I've loved your comic very much. >_< It's supplied much amusement and is truly unique in my opinion, so thank you!
End it if you want to, after all it's yours and non-profit so I can't complain (I'll still be sad of course), but I just wanted to say you've done a wonderful job and it continues to be wonderful with every page. )=

NO NO NO NO NO NO This is like my favorite webcomic ever!! YOU CANT stopppppppppp! *cries* Ill comment more i promise! DX

Sad to see it go I'm sorry you feel this way, I really do I've been following your comic since the beginning and I've watched you improve so much, and I'm sorry to hear that you want to quit because love where the story is going and I was hoping to see where this story was going, and the development of the characters, your comic actually helped me feel better during a dark time for me but life happens and you have to chose what is more important, its just sad cause a lot of my favorite comics seem to be quitting these days, I guess that's part of life, I wish the best of luck for you.

I am yet another who never comments, but that is because by the time I get to see the page everything I would've said has already been said and I felt being redundant would be a bother to everyone else. If you really want to stop that's okay, but I'll be sad. If you do end it though I at least want to know all the canon ships. :/

D: D: D: Nooo! Don't quit it! I was taking a break from drawing fanart picture to check if there was a new page. And then I read something like this (author's comments) and I was like owww.. ; w ;

It would be a shame if you'd end it like this. The characters are so adorable, so unique and so funny and the story just started to show it's darker colors. (Obviously I, like many others, am curious about Herz and his brothers and love them so much <3) I just want to read more and more. :' 3

Your style has improved on like every page and you're getting better and better. (Even though you already were an awesome artist on the page 1!) I'm honestly curious to see how your style will change in the future. : D

However, if you happen to end this story some time soon I among others will miss it. In that case, I guess I'll have to stalk you more actively on tumblr. Y__Y

NO PLEASE NO!! Im sorry im one of the fans who never comments but its because Im stupid and dont always no what to say. But I love BL and your art style its so beautiful and it always makes me laugh and be all happy when you update. I hope you dont end it but if you do I understand and im sure everyone else will too. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome comic with us. I love your art and comics and characters and YOU!! *hug*

shame on me for hardly ever commenting this wonderful comic. I've been reading since page one was posted (just how long has this been going oh my!! All my respect to you darling!) and I'm not tired of it yet, haven't said "spaghetti" right?

I hope you don't take these as just empty kind words; I especially love your sense of humor and how it makes every page enjoyable. I've always admired artists who are able to do comics, I do draw myself too but I'm nowhere smart and witty nor courageous enough to be able to pump a page out within decent timelimits as you do. uwu

gosh my finglish today...but I hope the message comes through. If you end this now, I will miss it. I will miss all the characters, each and every one, and also your fun commenting with the followers. But I don't feel like trying to talk you into continuing the comic if you feel it's not what you want to do, I'd rather have you move on to another projects that get you excited and make you want to keep going at it wholeheartedly?

Whatever you decide to do, I will support that, just know my love for your work now uwu <3

I never have enough free time to look at all the stuff I like and still comment on them, so I dont leave comments that much.

But I really like this story, and I dont want to see it go!! Herz and Sunny are like, my favorite characters, and DAMN after such a sudden saying "KILL ME" its like cutting off a fan's oxygen supply two seconds before they can actually get off it!.....that made no sense, but that was like seriously the only thing I thought of XDDD

Anyway, if you do have to leave, well, I'll be sad to see such a good, funny comic go, and I hope to maybe see something else by you.

oooh nooo
I do like this comic, I'm sorry I don't leave messages often.

NUUUUUUUUUU-!!! *sob* I know I don't post comments often and I know *sob* you may be discouraged, but...but I love this comic...please say it's an early April Fool's joke? *sob*

DUDE! I check this comic like five times a day for updates! I'm OBSESSED with this comic, don't delete it! I mean, we haven't yet found out what Herz is! I MUST KNOW!!!! *starts running around in circles screaming about it*

GAH!! Oh nuu~! I usually never comment on people's comics just because I'm not the type to express feeling or whatever but I LOVELOVE your comic! It's so great to see how much you've progressed since the beginning and the plot is just getting started! Maybe take a hiatus and think it over instead of just quitting? Please, for us, your fans? D8

WHUT Don't end this comic! D,8
i love it so much. *sniff*
;A; this is probably the most enthusiasing comic ive evar read.

It isn't that you're doing something wrong, it's that you're doing it very right. We don't need to give feedback on something that's perfect. As much as I'd like to squeal and whine about how much I love the comic and don't want you to end it, I am obligated by my morals to do the (why the fuck does it have to be ???) correct thing and tell you I support your decision.

It is only the artist who can decide if a piece is good or not, and if the artist decides to stop mid-process it is his/her decision. Fans have no right to try and convince otherwise because if the artist is forced to work the piece will not be at its full potential.

It is a shame to see it go, but personally I would prefer a few good pages to end rather than you suffering trying to make the comic long. I love this series , it's very terrible to see it go but I respect your decision.

Please stay wonderful.

nuuuu! Don't end the series!PLEASE!!!!i usually don't comment 'cause i thought that comments were a bit annoying.NUUUUU!I should've commented more.

NOOOOOOOO Please don't kill them pleases at least posts fillers T^T

don't go away plz and the reason people haven't left comments is most likely they are away on holiday or have started up on classes again just plz don't go your comic is the reason I come on here


First and foremost, while I don't want to you to end your comic, I will respect your decision to do so if that is what you so choose. It's a really great comic and I love your characters. I rarely get attached to characters and I find that I will greatly miss yours. Plus I would like to find out what happens to them and OMG PLEASE DON'T KILL HERZ!!! Sorry, I thought I would let a fan girl moment slip through.

To end a comic just because you donĀ“t get enough feedback is really sad :(

I like your comic, drawing style and story a lot, so maybe you could at least finish it with a open end or something? That way you could always come back to drawing on it when you feel like it later :)

dont end this comic! D: arhfngbgvlkvmf to suddenly end with DEATH is too heavy D:
don't~ stop. believing~
^srry that was necessary :|

omg This is my first comment on this website ever and let me tell you that this comic has been my favorite since I first joined this site. It's funny, it's unique, has awesome characters with stories still developing, and oh mah gawd your art is amazing jesusmotherfuck. But if you don't want to continue that's your choice and it's understandable.

please don't be discouraged!Have faith in your fans!!!I don't usually comment because I guess...I'm just shy >.<
Please don't end this comic, its getting better.

Well, I'm guilty as charged, and there isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said.

I'm just one of those people that carries on with my work regardless of whether it gets comments are not (I'm a fanfiction writer, not a comic artist). Getting a favourite or a story/author alert makes my heart sing a little because it means that someone out there is taking their time to read my work and like it enough to come back for more. So part of me believes that other people must believe that also.

That, and all I can really do is comment upon how such and such a panel is really nice. I don't understand how one critiques a comic really since all I can critique is story (and even then I only comment if the story is exceptionally good/bad, and I feel that it could use with a little "tweeking" in places). Story is half the process. Art is the other that must be critiqued too in the case of the comment because the story is told through the artist's work.

In summary: don't take the lack of comments to heart. The fact that people have favourited this comic and will come to read it every time there is a release should make you feel proud. Seriously, the number of people that are fans of this comic is astronomical and nothing to be sniffed at. I envy you because of it. I don't even have a tenth of that number.

Don't You DARE I LOVE this comic more than any other on the web. I don't have time to comment because I'm smash texting people to get on their computers and read the newest update. Our cosplay group is just starting work on our outfits. I'm being the adorable Herz. You can't take them away from us. Please! You can't just... kill them! They have hearts and souls. When you share their experiences with the world, their existence becomes a reality. We ALL witnessed it! P-please don't. I'm begging you. Please. I will go back and write comments on EVERY PAGE if that's what you want. Please don't kill them. Please. Please...

END this comic can't end!! if it end the world truly will end and all hope will be lost TT_TT

WUT? Never ever ever feel discouraged. Your art is AMAZING, and I literally just read this whole thing in about two hours. You can't leave me hangin' like this D8

You may not have time, but please please please update when you can <3 pretty please?

I also feel guilty for not commenting as often as I should. But I beg you, please don't stop making and creating this wonderful comic. It might not seem like it. But this is truly encouraging. The character are amazing and the humor is priceless. Seeing an up-date makes , otherwise crappy days, a whole lot better. And seeing it go down the drain is a heart breaker. So please reconsider. Please? >:

;A; No, i finally caught up. after missing it when my computer crashed.

I understand how you feel, and i feel sad ;w; that people aren't commenting as enough put please know that we do love this comic.

This comic is like one of these seriously once in a lifetime unique comics. It's dark, and it was so interesting fresh and new. it wasn't like all the other comics i read before.

BUT whatever you choose i can only accept.
I understand how you feel though, when i had my webcomic up i hardly got comments and that discouraged me as well ;w;..

I'm joining in everyone that's saying IM SORRY i didn't comment before but I'M here. now!

You are so creative and nobody could ever take your place ;w;~!


D: I can accept when something endsl but for that reason makes me feel kind of like crap.... most fans are just so caught up in how great something is that they don't participate.... please finish it for us ): were sorry

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! please don't do it!! D: you don't know how many of us enjoy reading your comic, it's really good!! >___< I think that just looking at this page you can see that we really love it! D: and that any of us want it to end, specialy like this!!
you have been working on this for soo long, and all we missed you the time that you don't uplate anything DX

We love you!!, i loe you!! ;w; (*magic music starts*) this it's one of my favorites comics!! i love your stile and characters! specially herz, vanilla and jura!!!! >___<


Nooooo!!!! D: don't do this!!! I love your comic!!! It's so funny! Right now it's sad! Poor hirn! D: but yeah!!! Don't die! I promise I will comment on everything from now on!!! Lol

Please don't end the comic like this!
You are one of the best comic artists/writers I've ever had the pleasure of viewing work from...
I'd lose every ounce of respect for you if you just ended it with this just because fans aren't commenting enough. We're here... Just too lazy to wiggle our fingers. c:

your not doing anything wronge man just some people don't like to comment like me. and some people haven't been on smackjeeves so don't think its you man

Hm. According to your profile we are about the same age. I can easily say I understand why you would want to end this comic. Managing something so popular is hard whilst still dealing with life.
I tried to get a comic up and going like, last year... But I just didn't have the time thanks to damned high school, setting up a reasonable portfolio, and having a job. I had no time to finish the thing. I had an entire story infront of me but only got as far as sketching the first chapter before just giving up. I have no idea where those things are today. I have piles of art shit all over my room, and never dare to venture into them no matter how desperate I am to find a working ink pen. I fear I may lose my hand to paper cuts or chance upon a sharp pencil or exacto knife.....
I would be so very sad if you ended it like this though... This comic struck me as comedic with dashes of drama. Ending it with everyone's favorite little monster dying would just kill the amazing image this comic has. Taking a hiatus to think about the comic and relax may help reason things out. Just know I love you like I do my tablet, and I'm sure your fans adore you lots as well. I admit to being too lazy to post comments, and for that I am so very sorry...

you have something good going here
i just think it needs a little more thought and planning done
maybe take a break from it,start something new for a bit or just take some time to rethink where u would like the comic to go
dont just end it cause u have a lack of feedback i kno there are a lots of fans for this,i myself am one
you have great art and it has been amazing to see it improve
these characters r all so cool plz continue <3
take a break if u need but PLEASE dont end it <3

<3 I'm a total lurker, and I never comment, but I know how it feels to want feedback as an artist as well as general appreciation. I love your work, not just for the artwork, but the well developed characters. Your story is driven by such strong personality, which is rare now a days. Your decision is yours alone, maintaining comics can be hard work for what seems to be very little gain, but just know you have a story that is well loved by countless people. Even if they might be a little shy in saying so, like myself. Seeing your artwork brightens my day and I hope you always find pleasure in doing it. <3 <3

hononono please don't quit this comic! don't you see all these people that enjoy reading it so much? It's so adorable and lighthearted even with these gory monsters and scenes and it's just a very cleverly balanced comic. Goddang if I could draw like you I would never deattach a pencil from my hand ever. Cmon, there isn't even a one percent chance this story will go on in the future?


I'm so sorry. I haven't commented in like... a year, yet now I feel like such an ass. I've been watching for so long the progress of this comic [the changing styles, the beautiful humor~], and commenting was almost impossible on my phone [without a laptop for a year, yeah...]. I wish you didn't feel the way you do. Honestly, it's lurkers like me that owe you so much. I won't beg you to keep going if your heart isn't in it, but I at least wanted to let you know how much I've loved this comic and that your efforts have not been in vain. Truly, thank you. It's been a wonderful few years watching Boy Lessons grow and grow. <3

UNMOTIVATED!! my baby hertz is hospitalized like this and you lack motivation! if this comic dies i won't know what to do, this comic is one of my top three most addicting comics i know. Please please please continue it, i neeeeeeddddddsssssss to know what is going on with hertz, or if you do absolutely have to kill this a comic all about hertz is the only repentance i will accept. So for the love of us fangirls everywhere, pleasy keeps this comic alive.

:'( don't stop this comic o.e I really enjoy reading your manga :D please continue!! ><
and I don't commend cause I'm kinda shy just like those other people who don't comment ;D

I luffs this comic! I just don't comment liiike, anywhere >.> I hope you continue, but ultimately that's your choice :/

Look at all the comments you just got </3
Please don't end this comic just like that. I understand if you just dont have time, but because you haven't been getting any comments is sorta stupid. You have tons of fans who love this comic. Just cuz we don't comment doesnt mean we don't love it! This is one of the first comics I fell in love with when i started on SJ, and I still do love it. This probably wont change your mind, but I hope it at least makes you reconsider?

also my icon fits my comment*evil eyes you*

welp clearly you have a lot of fans so don't worry!

I just wanted to say; I know how you feel about feeling paranoid/worried if you get a lack of comments once in a while. But! it's normal to go through dry spots with actual comments on a wecomic- esp. over xmas ect. but it doesn't stop people from reading it- it's not a good merit for how good your comic is, and it's something you can learn not to take too badly =D aso! you're really lucky! not a lot of comments to you is like 30?! or something - that's amazing! if you don't get any feedback, it doesn't mean people aren't reading =) I read a lot of comics that I don't comment on! I'm sure by now you know the various reasons as to why people don't comment. I guess i just wanted to encourage you to be more confident in your story/art :) lack of comments doesn't mean anything - have faith in your story, the comments you do get, your fans, your readership, and yourself!! =) xxxxx

i didnt comment im soooo sry D:I LOVE THIS COMIOC THOUGH!
when i read i nearly piss my pants its soo halarious
hope it dosent end and u get some motvation back!!!!

Go Ahead It was a good comic, but I guess the time always comes. But the amount of comics show how many people do read it, but don't don't bother to comment. I always feel like if I comment too much, I become annoying, which is why I don't comment. idkit'sweird.

Well, damn. I discovered this comic...lets see...yesterday. That would probably be why I haven't commented much; too much bursting out laughing and hitting the "next" button.
...Then again, I could be wrong.
Anyhoo, it is, of course, entirely up to you as to whether or not you discontinue it. However, going with the same theme as everyone else and say that 1) I love this comic
2) so does pretty much everyone else
and 3) I don't want you to discontinue it.
Also, I think that while comments and feedback are important, if you have so many favorites, it means, generally, that people appreciate your comic even if they don't have anything to say that hasn't been said already or are rendered speechless, as I often am, at how amazing it is.
So, that's my sermon. Do what you will, but you've heard my opinion and those of hundreds of others.
I hope you change your mind

THIS IS NOT WHAT I WANT Please continue when you have the time! Don't say that!
Everytime you update, I literally scream out loud. I just love these guys too much. ;A;

I'm not one to comment... I'm not one to comment on my favorite online comics but I have to step in and try to save this wonderful comic. I love the characters and story. It's a great mix of funny, serious and gay, and I really dont want it to end. I've been following it for a long time and I know that a lot of my friends are following it too but they are, just as me, not ones to comment. I've even had thoughts of gathering a group of friends to cosplay from "Boy Lessons" because of the awesomeness and character designs but it would feel a little pointless if you're giving up on it.

So I will ask you to not give up on the comic. Give your readers another chance to prove that they are indeed still interested and following the whole thing.

Thank you for reading and (even thought the chanses are very small) I hope that you will continue this and let the characters develop even further.

Damn. It's pretty sad to hear that this will end. Probably one of my favourite webcomics. Ah well. It's completely your choice, and if you don't feel happy doing it anymore, then don't force yourself. Your fans should understand. And really, like a few other people above have mentioned, don't draw for us. Draw for yourself. And yeah, hope everything works out for you.


This is such a wonderful comic! Don't let it die! What will I read???
Nobody else updates anymore *dies*

Besides that, I want to know what happens to Herz so baaadly!
I no want him to die, hes the best character in the story! D':

You know, I didn't even reason the stupid dick fingers until you mentioning it made me look again... NOW IT'S ALL I SEEEEE.....
Anyway, I'm sorry I don't comment often, and stopping the comic is ultimately your choice, but if you do, I will miss it. Also, I will tie a string around my finger to remind me to comment.

D: I don't comment on comics much but i'd be so sad if this comic was dead 3: Sorry for being lame and never commenting! this is such an awesome comic! I love it. Please don't let it die 3:

D:> but you can't end it! I'll miss Herz and Jura to much D:

WAIT. WHAT. WHAT. WHAT DO YOU MEAN THESE ARE THE LAST PAGES? The story isn't over! Nothing has been concluded! I've been following the comic for quite a while, and I've been so excited to see what happens with all these characters! I'd hate to see it just end off randomly. ): You're such a great artist, and this story is fabulously entertaining.

;~; i understand why its hard to keep this maintained and going, but could you tell us the plot idea for the rest if it would have continued?

nu-uhh! please don't go, I love this comic so much ;_;

Nuuu D:!

Don't stop please ; n; I love this comic...

I apologize for being a quiet lurker ; n;

I've been waiting all day to comment, just because I don't want to sound like a mean-spirited jerk. I love this comic. I'm a lurker...I almost never comment. I just have too much crap going on, that i often read the page when it pops up, and get on with what I need to do.

I would look at your 400 favorites, and know you have a huge fan base, whether we all comment or not. And mostly, no comments only means you're doing something right, especially with such a popular comic like this. You wouldn't want the whole entirety of your fans to comment with the same redundant stuff over and over, and over again. It would just get boring. That's why most of us choose to stay quiet. We don't have any good critique to offer, because you do such a good job.

So, if you're going to quit, do it because you have no time. I completely understand that. Don't do it because of the lack of comments. :)

Ps: I really, really hope you change your mind when you see how this comment board has blown up. But if you don't, it was a good run. And Hopefully you can explain a few things before taking it down!~




I love this comic so much ;A; It's like the first ever webcomic I've ever read DON'T TAKE AWAY MY NOSTALGIA!!!!! You are doing absolutely wonderful please don't end it!!
Goddamn I need to learn how to stop lurking >< I'm too embedded in my stalkerish ways.

I read this whole comic today and I really dont want it to be a dead end D: I love the story and the characters and I want to see more and more! You can't be discouraged just cuz only a few people have commented, enjoy those that have commented instead D:

Please, do not quit this comic. Maybe take a hiatus, but please do not quit. :(

I understand how it feels to be unmotivated with a comic for what you may feel are selfish reasons. I get that way, too.

Perhaps people like myself are wrong to be "ghost watchers," but when I see a lot of comments I tend to not comment since so many people already have.

When I discovered your comic I read it straight through in one night because it's hilarious and just all around interesting. It's truly one of the best examples of a webcomic I have seen in a very long time and I hold it in very high regard. I check each new update. It brightens my day to see an update from your comic!

I would be willing to bet there are many others who thoroughly enjoy your comic but have been very quiet on your comment space. I recommended your comic left and right to everyone that'd listen the second I found it. But I have only commented once before.

However, if you've worn yourself out on this project, it won't be as stellar as it has been, so please do as you like. I'll follow any future comics with enthusiasm.


Nooo! Please DO NOT end it ;n;
Boy Lessons is by far one of the comics I look forward to updates for!
I still want to know more about the story and see the characters develop!
You've come so far don't give up on it!
I mean I never really commented before either, but it didn't mean I'm not supporting it, so you aren't doing anything wrong! The fans understand if you can't post updates all the time, as for the ones that don't then they aren't even worth worrying over!
Many devoted fans will miss it ;O;

:'C Please don't end your comic it's my favorite comic on here. You were the one who really inspired me to draw. It truly makes my day when I see it update. I hope you decide to continue making Boy Lessons. I'm sorry that I had never commented before (I just enjoyed in silence) :) . ~Lorrie

No you have to make more I love this comic so much, I'll comment on every page you will ever post just plz don't quit this comic. Q-Q

why! whhhhhyyyyy!!!!! nooooo don't quit! i love this comic this is like one of my fav BL comics u can't end it D:

I rarely comment on things.

But yeah, put a hit counter on your comic or something?

Also, I forgot to say that I adore this comic, really and truly!

Please keep making it! It is getting so interesting!

Oh Herz, you're so silly. Try to get yourself killed? Hahaha, not this time boy! We love you too much~.

;;;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;;;;;;;; I only found this comic not to long ago, I love it, my friend showed it to meand he loves it too, please don't go yet ;A;

Duuude, I understand you don't want to continue because of lack of time, but don't blame it on your FANS.
This is one of the few comics I squeal with joy to see, and each page brings new surprises. But unless I have something meaningful/original to say I usually choose not to uglify your pretty pictures with a half-assed comment.
It's like youtube; sometimes you DON'T want comments. The views are enough.

I don't know how much I can say that hasn't already been said but, I love this comic and I would be devastated if you ended it. I have laughed so many times while reading it and i find all the characters to be really fun to read about. The comic also gave a fun interesting story line That I loved to read about. While I don't want you to end it I will say if you want to you can. It's your comic and it's up to you if you want to continue it or not. Just know we do love this comic.

Please Don't ; n ; I really do enjoy this comic. Your characters have such a funny/unique side to them and I would like to see how their story continues. v.v; But you're the artist and what you say goes...But you know you wanna continue... <3 I hope.

dont end the comic!! even if you decide to update once every 6 months or something ill still be reading it :>
i really want to find out if vanilla and jura end up together or something. and herz ;A; the chars are all so adorable/lovable/squeezable etc. i love seeing each new page!

It is sad to see this comic go, it was one of my faves. I will miss the shenanigans, and Herz, but I understand. Its hard to continue on something when you don't feel its appreciated, and your giving up precious time to begin with to do it.

I do hope that things change, and that you do decide to continue this because I truly do adore it. But if you choose not to I respect that decision, and only hope to see more of your work in the future.

Thank you for what you've shared with us!



I know some of us don't offer feedback on this, but believe me all those followers are always watching and reading and waiting for the next page to show up! I should know I am one of them! PLEASE!!! I love this comic and don't want to see it die, it made me so happy to read and it still brightens my day/night when reading it, please I know I am selfish for saying don't do this, but look at everyone we all love your comic! So please, please, think it over first before you completely make up your mind!

hey i don't usually comment but if you need encouragement then I WILL TRY.
I really enjoy reading this comic it's so funny and and the story and and I dunno it just feels so different than some of the other comics here, in a totally good way!
if you are gonna make this the last page then
i'll be sad.
I hope you'll continue this, but I guess. Do whatever you need to. :c

Devastation! Devastation is what I've come back too! I don't know what I would do if you quit working on this comic! Especially because of lack of comments. That just makes me feel like a shitty reader... D:
I'm a lurker most of the time but I'll come out of my lurking depths if need be! I'm determined. My quietness doesn't mean that this comic doesn't make my day every update. And even when there's not an update I'll go back a reread the rest of the comic OVER and OVER! I don't want it to end! I'm upset!

I know it might not make that much of a difference but I love this comic and it would break my heart to see it go. T__T

Q.Q No Herzy, you can't die! You're my freaking favorite. People love you.

NO. Don't stop this comic!
I wait forever for a page and it makes me so happy.
I don't comment, 'cause I never have anything to say except "OH MY GOSH, AMAZING. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT PAGE." and that tends to annoy authors... so I don't do it. Don't... stop. Please. We all love this comic and you for creating it. D:

Nuu... please don't stop the comic! D: I always look for ne pages! Pretty pretty please! Make it last just a few pages more! :') please?

OnO W-what!! D: I'm just shy!!! I.. *cries* I.... this comic filled my days with joy a-and and and and... *siiigh*

I guess I'll go back to *insert controversional hobby*

god no! Please do continue!

It's readers common sin to not comment often enough and I'm sorry for that! j_j

I've been with this comic since you launched it! This comic is one of the reasons I still drop by smackjeeves now that I don't have much time because of my studies so pleas don't drop it! * pretty eyes*

I really like your crazy story that actually developed into something quite complex ;) and all the characters are just...... ARGH! too amazingly, adorably, crazyly unique <3

It's been 4 ( I think so) great years! please make it 5 ( then 6,7,8... or however many you'll need to finish all the plotlines! <3 )

I'll be reading and making an effort to always comment even if it's just a simple " great page! love it!"

no no no no no no no no no why please continue please please please

OH NO YOU DIINT nooo please stay with us! I'm a regualr reader and I love this so much! This comic is so unlike others and the characters and plot is just amazing! I don't usually comment as I'm usually busy with things but when I see you say this then of course I'm going to comment! I beg of you to continue this brilliant piece of artwork!.....Well as long as you want to i mean it's your choice!

LOOK AT THESE COMMENTS. I'M REPOSTING. BECAUSE I JUST RE-READ YOUR WHOLE STORY. It's okay, I didn't have a life anyways. WHAT ARE YOU DOIN' TO US MANNNN. I'll wait for you till I'm 30. I think I might just go and re-read again. It's cool man.

WHAT?! NO NO NO! The comic can't end!! I just found it today! ONLY @ HOURS AGO! I JUST GOT DONE READING! I GET TO THE END AND YOUR SAYING ITS OVER?! Oh godd nononononono! This is now my most favorite thing ever! EVER EVERRRR! Oh godddddd *literally sobbing. nasty sobbing with snotty clings to you in desperation* PLEASE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Sorry I don't comment, but I really do love your work! This comic was one of my faves to see updated! T_T

Most people are probably like me, they love each page but don't post a comment due to time/effort. Don't let it discourage you in the future though- you do have fans!
If you want it to end, fair enough though. If it's not fun for you, it won't be fun for us. Maybe sometime in the future you'll grow to love them all again and they'll have new, exciting adventures of their own and you'll start up again. But either way, thanks for the awesome ride! I love them all ;w;

I'm sorry that you feel that way, but look at all the comments you just got now. I know what it's like when you lose your inspiration. Maybe just taking a break will help. As much as I love your comic, and I regret never posting a comment before now, I understand when you feel like it's just time to quit. Thanks for all your work so far. I love this story, so please don't kill off Herz. And if you are going to stop posting, at least please leave up what you have so far so we can read it again in the future.

Blue Please don't stop with the comic
It is sooo good and it would be a shame if it were to end so soon =[
Also you have a lot of readers like me who really look forward to every update you make
And if you do stop it, then I hope to see you again in the art world ^^

DONT END IT DX This comic is amazing and funny please dont end it :'(. That part when Hertz triped and broke the world, was awesome ^^. I look forward to your ever update, I think it's worth continuing. So please continue writing, I love this story. If you dont I look forward to your other work ^^

T^T i never comment cause i'm a shy lil bugger, i've been reading this since 2008 when you started it. been a fan for over 3 years. i'll be like everyone and hope yee don't end this, but i understand if you do stop, i'll be sad but it's up to you afterall. and i'll wait and hope you continue this comic in the future even if i have to wait years. and i will wait, i've done it before for other awesome comics that have stopped or gone on hiatus for a few years.

For you <3 I am not a person who comments alot either.. But I really love this comic, it's one of my very favourites! I love the art and the story too, its funny, sexy and just amazing ^^!

stopping is forbidden milky :O I just started your comic four or five days ago, and I liked it so much that I read it too fast to comment!! If I would've have known your comments are feeling unloved, I would go through and comment on everything! Please don't let your lovelies down by ending the comic with this page....and if you do end it, make it an artist issue please! If you do discontinue, I'll have a day of mourning D:

Not stopping! Noooooooo please please keep continue this comic D: I totally adore the story, the art, EVERYTHING. I check the website really often and hope for new pages every time!

I am a big fan of your comic, and a friend and I plan to cosplay Herz and Jura!

keep it up, my friend! You are a fantastic person, and your comic are so great and awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know I already commented but...

I just read the character info and I just keep thinking, shit man... I fucking love these characters. I'm one of those people that take their imagination to the max. I see characters as almost living human beings. Or monsterz. Or cat people. Or whatever!! I love the story... I love the characters... I love all of this!!! Please dont go!!! Look at all of the comments you got... You do have love... You do. :(

Ahh! Please don't end this comic! ;A; I absolutely /love/ this comic!

don't leave!!! I love this comic, I promise to post more comments! I want to see all the boys happy :(

No no no please. I love this comic and I know I'm new but it's so good I'd hate to see it end like this TwT

This comic has gotten better and better. Please, I will never forgive you if you end it before you finish. I HAVE to find out what happens to Herz

Just because you don't get a lot of comments doesn't mean no one is reading your work. I don't comment because I don't feel I need to. There are so many other people that comment and respond, that my words end up getting lost in the jumble. However, I felt it was necessary to respond today. Don't quit just because you feel you aren't getting enough praise. That's a bullshit reason. It would be just like an author giving up writing just because one of their books didn't sell well. People are harsh, tough shit. It happens. Draw because you want to. No one will care if you have a long break between pages. They'll just be happy that you're submitting something. But, if you are going to quit, then don't do it for a stupid reason like "not enough comments."

i do adore your comic and plz believe me when i say your fans are with you we love this comic and i cant part with it. i just started reading the comic and its love at first sight and so plz keep going... it would mean the world to me. :)

SUPER HEART BREAK i'm pretty sure theres a lot of us silently stalking your comic ; A ;
i have personally because i'm too shy to comment on such quality work sdkgjlhsdg

i'll be so sad if it ends... it looks like everyone would be ; ^ ;
if this ends..I'LL STALK ANY OTHER COMIC YOU MAKE. just sayin ;D

I mean, this is how I look at it. When I read comics, I'm racing. I go and I go and I might spend all day reading a comic. I BINGE and when you're racing like that you're so focused on whats going on it's literally like watching a movie! Everyone has a specific voice and you hear it as you read the worlds and its all being "acted out" and you don't even think to comment or rate or anything because... its a movie! it's exciting you want more and more and its so fun!

But also, I think a lot of people get burned when they try to comment artists. Like you get no response, people act like you just SHOULD be and its not inconvenient for you or anything when it really is, you get ignored, like it feels like a waste of time because it gets you absolutely nothing especially with people who get a lot of comments like you just become a number and you're probably saying the same thing as like 100 other people and and it's just upsetting when you try to connect with an artist or anyone and they're like "what-the-fuck-ever". Like that's another reason why I don't because I'm sick of throwing out compliments, giving up a little piece of myself in the metaphysical sense and basically getting "I know." in response or "Yeah, thanks" It's upsetting, especially when they acknowledge other people (often the same people)all the time

Just wanted to apologise for my previous comment. I think I misunderstood you. Anyone is allowed to feel apathetic toward their work. I thought you were directing that blame toward a lack of feedback. Sorry. You're still a great comicker ^^

*nods* Well. I desparately love this comic. I check every day for updates, just in case. I do, however, understand if you can't continue because you don't have the time. Life gets in the way sometimes and leaves less important things unattended. I will miss you dearly if you do decide to quit.

i think the lack of comments recently has to do with slow updates. this is an awesome and hilarious comic, and i wouldnt have faved it and constantly wait for updates if it werent good. but when a comic slows down in update speed a lot, it tends to drive people away unfortunetly. you should know that there are people who like this even tho we dont comment a lot ^_^

WHAT?! I seriously just got an account to comment on this. I've been reading your comic and others on the enternet for the past year and a half, and I have to say that this is the best comic I have ever read. When I saw your complaint, I immediately got off my lazy butt and got an account JUST FOR YOU! You may not know, but trust me, that's incredible. You are a hilarious person. Please don't let any lack of comments get you down, 'cus let me tell you; THIS COMIC IS WELL LOVED. Now, I understand that as the artist, you have the ability to shut it down, and you certainly can if YOU are no longer liking it, but like I said, hundreds of people will always love it.

So if you decide to end it... Would you mind writing up a short summary of what happens in the end? Like "so and so became godlike and all the others got boyfriends" and such? Something to tie up loose ends? I understand that sometimes we need to end things that take up too much time in our lives that is better spent elsewhere, so by all means do what you need to do... but please don't drop it with out some kind of closure. ^_^

I'll respect your decision. I am very sad though. I checked everyday for an update for a while, but I just thought I'd try to wait patiently. Personally, I didn't comment much because I figured the long hiatus was probably for a reason--school, life, what have you. Didn't want to pester or guilt trip you. But I wish you well in all future endeavors! Hopefully you can look back on all this fondly and forgive us lurkers.

NOES!!!!!! Not Herz. D: He's my favorite character and the one I got most attached to. T^T

A sad fan I love this comic I always reads it when I got time and I know I don't coment so much but I hvave so much troubel tring to spell so that you will know what I'm talking about but it's not that you do wrong it's just that I get sad when I'm trying to spell D:

>:[ A proper ending because this one just leaves me with questions and I hate being left with questions.
i feel this response to be adequate.

Nooooo! It can't end!
I don't want it to end!
I just love the way you draw so much!

Noooo. Q.Q I know I'm horribly late to comment, but I honestly had no clue what to say.
I typically don't comment on comics because I never really have any useful input and I just feel like I'm spamming when I attempt to comment. D: I feel awful now.

NOOOOOOZZZZZZ!!! Don't end it!!! just say you're going on hiatus, at least give us a little hope!!!!!TMT

omg! So I just read this from start to finish in 3 hours. It's amazing! I love your plot, your characters, and your art is simply amazing. I know this is only one comment among many, but please do consider keeping this going. I'd totally buy your comic if you ever made it into a book.

EDIT: My computer was also dying I was reading it so intensely I didn't notice it dying till it said 3% battery life left. D:

I'm sorry you feel discouraged, and I understand if you have no time for it; but don't think that just because people don't comment that you have done something wrong. If we didn't want to read this to the end, we would have un Favorited this a while ago. I can also assure you that ending this in the way you are isn't going to help things, only make people mad. If you are going to end things, give us a summary of what would happen, not an ending that leaves us unsatisfied.

You can't stop this! I love this comic :,(

post comment