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January 6th, 2012, 9:46 am

a bu bu bu

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UPDATE DUN DUN DUUUN Oh man, I wish I could make a comic just a bout these two, I would be so much more motivated to draw it ahahah!
I might be toning slightly less from now on to save up time :T
Expect next update of this crap soon!

Dangerously pink Jura by Ringorina <3
Herz looking like he looks like on this page :D by TheCandyFairy <3
ABUBU baby Hirn and miserable herz by neonzombe <3
Badass Lungie by ms.delicious <3 c-to
And ABUBU Xmas card from fucking.spring <3
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I think most people are interested in what happens to Herz more right now anyways because his story is the most exciting and heart wrenching to us. I wouldn't mind the story either becoming more centered around what happens to him.

holy shit, i was just spazzing yesterday wondering when you were gonna update, and i wake up to this!! i love you! C:


Herz T^T

*hopes fangirl love will help the heal*

Such beautiful hands on this page ^^

Omg!! Update!!!!! xD
And I would not mind if it was more about them too! As long as its gos back to the others too :)

Really happy about the update. I was afraid that yet another webcomic I fell in love with was going to be discontinued.

HERZ wah ... herz ... i mss this comic i love you and wah jura being so nice ... im so glad ur back sortta kinda :D

AH DAMN. I caught up~! loving it now...*w* i have to wait..le sigh..

Okays. I look forward to the next updates.

whooooah look at those rad hands in this page 8III dude those hands look so awesome
and abubububu indeed this is so sad and cute and if you`d make a hirn and herz only story I would love it so much:'u herz looks so mature in the last panel and so srs ;a;

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