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October 29th, 2011, 9:05 am


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Next update won't be soon :( I didn't even start drawing the next page u-u once again, you can follow this comic on FB to keep track of the updates or possible livestreams of the page progress :> *selfish*

A gorgeous late birthday painting by apostrophewolf <3 ian
And a stalker-ish snapshot of herz by spiffybanana <3 rz-and
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aww, poor Herz :( hope he gets better <3

Herz :( HEERRRRZZZZ!!!!!!! D:

-cries all my tears. all of them-

Herz D: No :c this page made me wanna curl in a ball and cry. I hope he heals...

I'd break down in tears if I saw one of my friends like that. Poor Herz.....*teary eyes* Get better plz, I wuvz youuuuu.....

Jura needs to throw Swen in a ditch and nurse Herz instead! XD

Oh gooood D:>
Bawww, you just broke my heart
my eyes get teary just looking at this site
Poor Herzchen ;_;

wah SO MANY TEARS OF NO!!!! get him better soon now please AH!

Horrible D:
Poor, poor Herzchen! :(

Please Herz, get better soon!

Poor Herz *goes to emo corner*

Herz! T^T

Oh my god that poor baby :C i hope he gets better.

Poor Herz! He is always getting hurt by one thing or another! *cuddles his almost lifeless body* MY BOOBS SHALL SAVE THEE!!!

Aw. :( I want something nice to happen to him noww <3 Poor baby T_T I feel bad for loling at his pain.

Herz *cries* you will be ok *pets his head*

Poor Herzy...:'(

Awwwh, Jura's such a nice friend. :D
Like, he didnt run away screaming. :3

...This is probally the only slighty happy comment on this page. '¬_¬

Get better quickly Herz!! >.<

FarFarT.Awesome is right... Jura is a really good friend... Most people who saw something like that would probably either break down in tears, or flee or something...
Get well soon, Herz! *gives get well card*

wahhhh Herrzy :(

Jura watch over himmmm


he looks like shit. Major drama lama right thur.

Poor sweet sweet herz =(

Jura heal him with your powers of platonic love!

I spy a Homestuck fan.
You just gained +20 in awesome.

As always, bosom loads of love to the comic. <3333

D': I'm gonna start crying!

D; B'aww. If Herzy was in the hospital I've been in I'd so visit him. <3

X3 i love uuuuu so much for bringin this comic to the world! it makes laugh n sometime be serious n one time i nearly couldnt breathe cause i was laughin so hard like the domino incident!

This isn't really related to the page but I accidentally discovered Bro Strider on your page. You are now OVER 9000 times cooler.

This is actually so scary.. but sad

Ohmigod :( Made me cry :(

Nooooooooooooh! Hertz! Meine arme Baby!

hey dude, I hope you're submitting something again soon because your comic really kicks MAJOR ass.

ah, and I read the whole comic mostly uh, idk the word. xD
I read the whole comic in about 2 hours or something - and your art really gets better~ congrats man xD

nuuu herz >< poor baby!! im crying D:

Aw poor Herz. :( Just wanted to leave a comment saying I adore your comic. Stumbled upon it today and completely fell in love. <3

herz nooo!! D":
poor baby ; 3 ;
jura should stay the night with him until he wakes up, hm, hm. TT 3 TT

Update, where are you? :<

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