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September 24th, 2011, 4:27 pm

hobo hirn :(

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this is not page 189 this is page pathetic This is the last update....
Last update made in my illegal period that is :,I In two days I'm turning 18 and this comic will NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN! IT WILL BE DRAWN BY A FUCKING ADULT NOW :,,,,I

bunny jura and with his friend by bliss41 ing

Koakuma: yeah you should get scared of moving out :O it's terrible
Razellia: HAAHAH! Zombies would spice this comic up a notch!
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Happy almost birthday~!~! :D

FACEBOOK I'm soo glad I follow you on facebook :3 AND NOOH poor Herz
and happy almost B-day :3


Anyway, happy early birthday xD

I miss Herz too ;~;

An adult comic drawn by an adult for adults...........................................maybeeeeee.... that your an adult time?

Happy birthday in 2 days time! :P
omg, this comic will be run by an ADULT!? the horror! (jokes XD)

Adult?! Not cool, dude, not cool.
D: You were supposed to break the rulez here, with us and stay not-adult forevah!
But then again, as an adult you're allowed to do shit that us under-18's can't do.
Happy early b-day!

XD I'm afraid of Zombies!

Sharing is caring~ <3

Happy Birthday...does that mean there are just going to be dicks everywhere now? Lol

HAHA FUCK lmao i keep forgetting you're like 100 years younger than me! ;o; HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BB

omg herzchen noooooooo

It's sweet that Hirn can still be so kind even when he looks like shit. XD

Herz get better!! FFFFFFUUUUUUUU Why isn't my brother that fucking awesome? Poor Herz!!! I miss him so much, the cutie. Get better! Jura was totally blushing. No doubt in my mind.


they are all so gay...tell him, please do!

I got a debit card for my eighteenth this year...I wonder what you'll get?
TeeHee, what's he gonna say?

Why is Jura mad? This is pretty sweet actually >_>

<3 Happy Birthday!! <3 YAY! Now you can legally buy cigarettes and porn!! :D Welcome to my world (minus the cigarettes >>')

Poor Herz!!! Quick! Let me huggle you to my breastisez! They've been know to cute anything! :D
Except for gayness...the hugs make that worse...sorry :T

consider other country's legal age :B you won't be an adult until your 21s

Herzypoo<3 poor herz.
poor Hirnyy you need some sleep babe.


omg you almost scared me to death there with your "this is the last..." I should kill you for fooling me like that with such a mean thing, but then there's be no more updates, would it :P

Happy Birthday!!!!

God you scared me for a second! I read "This is my last update...." and almost died O___o
... Then I read the rest... :D
Happy almost Birthday!

Oh god, I almost fainted when I read "This is the last update" DX But then I read the rest!
amg why is he mad??? o3o

Happy (late)birthday!! :D I'm sorry I missed it. But I actually started reading this comic yesterday! So you got a new fan on your birthday ;) Please be okay Herz! And Jura, why you so mad! D<

yur turning 18....i feel so old now-_- turned 19 last August & still haven't sat down 2 comicify one of my stories in all those 19 years~I'm such a failure TMT

lol, your turning 18? get over it, im 20, and still act like a little kid, age is a state of mind not a number.
character in the story im most likely to date?Vanilla.
character in the story im most likely to kidnap and morph into to replace him?=soki.
my least favorite character in the story up to this point?=lady gaga

...Why do I get the feeling that Jura's about to break into a freindship speech? Not that a character like candycane there wouldn't be totally in character openly accknowledging his friends and the importance of them, but yeah. A friendship speech, followed by a house call by a few of the members at least to check up on him the next day when Jura shares the news. (Maybe even skip Alex's lesson to go make the house call...)

Everytime I see "Hoe Declares" I smile

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