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September 15th, 2011, 2:16 pm

you should go to parties less hirn >:I

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Update~ I will try to update as often as I can! Sadly university started and I live alone now so it's no laughing matter. But drawing this comic IS WHAT KEEPS ME ALIVEEEEE EEEAAAUUUGHHHHH there are still so much things to tell and porn to draw :,I

An explosion in Candyland with j and v in it by jamnic <3

And a godly painted hysterical soki by dark-tarou <3 i
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Yay~ Another page!
Wait, what happened to Hirn? *concerned*

Woohoo!!!!!!!!! OMG, UPDATTTTTTTTTTTTTEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck at uni!! :D hope you can still update lots and lots of porn- I mean, pages!! XD <3

Woo~! Soki fanart~! <3 I love that little guy~! Anyways, poor Hirn, does someone need a hug?

Living alone? Cool! c:
It is one of the things I'm most anxious but also one of the things that make me really scared >_> Hope you're liking your 'new life'! c:

And uhhh, he looks possessed ._.

"and porn to draw." Because life is uncomplete without porn.

You updated! I was so sad! I would constantly click on the comic expecting for a new page to magically pop up. What? Hirn? possessed? NEVER.

Omgwut update -huggles- ; w ;

The hell happened to Hirns' bishie sexyness!?

ahhh finally u updated! i thought u wouldn't anymore. :,I i am happy now. OH JURA DONT WORRY YOUR FACE WILL LOOK SO MUCH BETTER SOON! ugh i remember when i had such a bad skin and i had to do that too aaa my face was SO RED AFTER ewewew and ahh masha, hirn looks even sexier now 8,I does it have something to do with what happened in germany? or is he tired for work? hmm i wonder. also dude that hospital looks like a prison...8I its scary.
btw...u didnt see my fanart did u? ;I

ubububu so happy for update ;u; I too think it has to do with what happened in Germany and Herz and all those weird business ;.;

I wonder what is wrong~
keep updating, please : D


I hope you find more time to relax!

I may be overeacting but I think Hirn turned into a zombie.

The classic look of a coffee drinker without the black elixir of life lol

Hiiiiirrrrrnnnn? :T

mmmhirnbear is so swag <3

YESSS! you're back! :D im so happy >w<

welcome back! and i hope the university life goes well ^^

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