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August 18th, 2011, 6:32 am

Soki is in chocolate <3

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Pretty much what i have to go through every month. Beauty is pain.
minnieamos, MomotheGreat: omg thx for pointing out! Yes, Nobel prize XI
*milk+assassin*, August 18th, 2011, 6:32 am Reply

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Ahahaha, Poor boys xD

Jura, you can't go back BOY.
Vanilla looks like he's either going to cry, or lready is.
Soki, your new enemy is the nmud >.o

:3 FIRST, Just kidding. That first comment thing is kinda dumb o3o...

Stay Strong! Those poor, poor boys.
I'm so glad I don't have to go through all that.
Jura looks like he's in so, so much pain.

That is one epic throw... WHY CAN't HE DO THAT ON THE BEAR?!

They're gonna come out all shiney *@o@* shiney-shiney-boys X)

my mom is like the lady who's doing jura's face.....
it huurts, and i tell her to stop, but then she's like "im almost done, just one more!!!!!" then i run awaaay. so far away. my mom's weird o_e

Oh god the pain they went through!!! D:
Spa's are cruel! DX

I think Vanilla just died there. Poor boy. XD


Vanilla is a baby, the legs doesn't even hurt that much :c It could be ~way~ worse

Ouch!! xD! Poor Vanilla
And poor Jura! I've done facial extractions before and they SUCK ><!!!
*rubs hand on face*
Smoothah than evah befoh <3

Np 8DD
Be strong! Once we get rid of all of yur hideous blemishes, then we'll (maybe) work on those disgusting personalities of yurs 8D

Vanilla you are my spirit animal. Your life is mine.

Fucking body hair >I

Oh god vanilla I know your pain getting your legs wax's hurts but getting a bikini wax's is a whole lot painful.

NOT UNDERSTANDING Lucky me. I have never been to a spa! HAHAHA! I thought those places were supposed to be relaxing? o:

Dear Characters, Again, I love you. I love Vanilla sooo much, I WREALLY love Herz and want him to get better <3, I want to squeeze Soki. I want to play with Jura I worry for Sunny's life, and Alex. Alex is just...Alex. <3

Nilla's face is priceless <3

ha ha, I've never gone to a spa before, but it sounds scary.

Well I don't need to go to spa so I think I'm lucky.. but on other hand I need to do most of those things excercising depilation etc..
And Vanilla - I totally can understand his pain 'couse men have thicker hair on legs/arms than most women do :P:P

I can feel the pain :c

aw nilla 3:

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