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April 21st, 2011, 1:17 pm

just wanted to show that soki actually has friends

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Previous page was a filler page! Im real real busy, so no often updates No no, this is no musical, no Gagas I don't even like her! Back to life!
Wow i really did forget how to draw everyone :I especially Alex! And Jura with Vanilla look like LADY BABIES 8I
Updated only because I promised Ur Mom to update whenever she updates. So you can keep track of her comic and I'LL BE UPDATING TOO. MHM.
SUPER DUPER BIG drawing of EVERYONE from the comic, doing their jobs and Herz being all like LOOK AT ME IM SO SEXY ngh~ by Devi-DV<3
Such a HOT and GROWNUP Alex by CrimsonChidori<3(look how many favs it has 8I)
Jura and Sweny making it HOT in there once again by savingyou369 <3
Herz in all his tentacly and SUCTIONY glory by LightOfTehDead <3
Three SURREAL Vanillas by the amazing lovefadeslikesummer <3 -i-drew< br /> Adorable BABY MONSTER HERZ PAPERCHILD by Dartlein <3
AAAAND NEWWWW NEEEEEEEW! A FANFIC by Galael! It turned me upside down! You'll have to go into the happiness section to find it there!

ONE BIG THANK YOU FOR SO MANY COMMENTS ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE! It means a lot! It really does :,) You are kind people!
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You live~! Alex is still sexy, so don't worry ;) Well they all are...

almsot comment virginity... AH YAY UPDATE,3 *SITS NAD STARES AT SCREEN * everyone looks so fresh and clean and ... shojo O=o
must continue for my life will not end well if you dont,3 and omg my pictures in the comments<3 nyahs!

I missed your awesome comic, glad you are back!

YAY! Update!
Ohmygod!! Baby monster Herzy is SOOOOO CUUUTTEEE!!!!
I nearly flipped tish!!

Yay! Updated xD hehe I loves Alex ^^

what baby no i thought this was only a one time thing, dont update every day i update because you KNOW HOW BAD I AM WITH UPDATING 8( 8( 8( and your fans will be pissed
this is a plot to get me to be more responsible with my own comics hmm

AND AH BABE GRAMMATICAL ERROR. "tonight" should be "last night" but aww sokis talking to people without shitting himself :') or is he just too tired to even bother being scared anymore W/E I LOVE HIM. and I LOVE HOW YOU DREW ALEX AND I LOVE THE LITTLE LINES OVER HIS NOSE and ahh!! JURA IS CUTE HE DOESNT LOOK LIKE A LADY BABY auu

i like that guy in the first panel
i like his sideburns 8I

oh hai Alex I missed ya :3

Bawww! you back! new page! omg alex looks sexy <3

AWW like alway thank you for post my drawing <3! *baby herz pic*I'm so glad you like it! lol i feel i little obsessed with him, just to cute! i make a comic *part of a friend idea <3*

ohyeah! Nothing boring about Alex's lessons XD

aww poor soki ;~;
but look at his lil' bear pencil case >w< !
and alex is sexy here like always~

I think you drew everyone faaaabulous still <3

I mean, just look at ALEX WITH THAT SEXY LOOK ON HIS FACE... And Vanilla looks HOT.

So yep, this page is excellent.

Youre updating makes me so happy T_T<---Tears of joy

The man in the first panel is can all leave now

Dear god i didn't know they existed in this universe O__O
Alert the media with a quickness D:<

Sunny is just soo tall, I can't get over that!
Back to the "normz" for the boys eh....except for Herz-chen??

na Sunny hittajut simpoticnie parni a on daze ne obrasciaet wnimanija 8'I what a nerd>8I
Soki na epoj stranicke takaja prelest! Osobenno gde on sidit riadom s Sunny! Takoj wes stesnitelnij i takoj milij ;w;

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