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March 12th, 2011, 10:51 am

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Character's formspring! This is very awkward since the characters DON'T REALLY EXIST but I made them a formspring, so you can ask them something if you want and make me feel nervous here (also in the "askaboy" section)

Jura with his infamous lolipop by CaptainRumz <3
Vanilla's and Jura's wedding =u= by Devi-DV <3
Two adorable drawings of the boys as BABIES by kurosaki <3 i-and-jura-from g-this
And a few drawings fucking.spring drew me when we met ere

Galael: HHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAH wow this was brilliant :,I
yukaiHUNNY: i was so afraid someone would think like that, since it DOES look like that!
DysprosiumOxide: that is bad 8I this liking may ruin your life in the future >:,U
SamuraiParfait: that was so rudeeeee nooooo
Kurosaki556: you left this comment about babies on last page AND ON THIS ONE IM ALREADY POSTING 2 DRAWINGS OF THEM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Sviperin: there could be worse things he could be doing to him, believe me ;-;
Fang Shinobi: :,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,D
Meg-comics: how can u bear the icon of Walter and not know Lisa from my icon from SH1? >:,I ooohh thank you for the reccomneds! two of my comics?! IM SO HONORED! THANK YOU <3
MaryStrawberries: yes, herz is a jelly most of the time but he will get more manly as time fliesss
Kate09190; tinypic asks me to register on photobucket =-='
Joobers: this is really some deep shit, i agree. I don't have the talent to draw comics both understandable to me and others :/ much will be cleared soon though
Indomitable=Hyperactiveness: ur family's weirdness? ;-;
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Yay! First one to comment! The fifth pannel: awwwwww <3

Big brother Hirny <3

:3 Hirn is fine! I'm so relieved!

glad you like em
And about that page, at least Hirn is okay.
And nnn how he's holding Herz is adorable
and about the formspring.
I bet fans were WAITING FOR THIS.
I'm so following it .

LOLLLLLLL Bout time hirn put lungie in his place ; n ; he never listens to me~

YEAH Hirny is okay and hes going to kick Lunges ass well thats good to know ^U^

lungie your bandana = fail :c

I have to explain my-self u-u

When I played Silent Hill for the first time, I played The Room (YES! I started with the last one at that time XD) and then I played Origins, and then the second one, and then Shattered Memories... My point is xD I played all of them in no-order! hahaha! And I have to play 3 and 1 'cause I didn't yet! DON'T KILL MAH!!

hahahah xD Of course you have two places in my top-20 ;D

You - are - AWESOME! <3

PD: And I can't play SH5 'cause i haven't got play3 T_________T Life is so unfair ;A;

D'aww! Cute brother relationship there ;) haha~

aaw *goes to a corner and cries*

yayayaya yayayyayayayayayayya Hirny <3 thank you for saving him!!!!<3

I joined formspring JUST so I can ask questions.

yeah, i guess i should stop liking him then, huh?
-latches onto Hirn instead- 8D

baaw herz ;__;

Do you hand draw your characters and then draw the backgrounds on the computer? :O

Just wondering. :O

:) I love the brothers~!

lol I meant it as a compliment. You know I love Herz Family and your comic! PFFFT WHo wants to be normal anyways?! NOT ME! XD
btw: I REALLY want to know wtf is going on now... this just turned very scify XD still love it, though.

oh and the panel with the big Bro hugging/carrying the little bro... SO DAMN CUTE!!!!! ^///^

Gotta love the hierarchy in Herz's family XD It's... eerily reminiscent of my three-sibling family, except we avoid the bloody kind of punishment and I can't harass my little brother anymore since he has grown taller than me D:

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