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March 2nd, 2011, 1:03 pm

I draw pain for breakfast

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Everything turned out almost well :) UGH WHAT IS THAT PANELING?! 1 to 2nd panel oh gawd there needs to be one more panel...Next update is going to be FAAAAAAAAR away :,( but the good news is, we're coming to an end of these Herz pages :)

One more gift of alex with sunny both in a sexy tanggoo by savingyou369 <3
Annd sunny's eye by Aifukola <3

I hope i'm not forgetting any fanart! Please tell me if I do!

lockjaw50: AHHAHAHAHAAA!! And everyone died!
Insert_Witty_Username: i wish i could hear it ;w;
LePlase; oh my, I think this music is just about gay enough for this comic! Nice choice, bro!
Kurosaki556: you can't see the BG well? May I ask why? ;o; omg drawing babies is the best activity EVER!
toratsubasa: AHAHAH!! Makeup that can hide even your second faceee~
TechnicolorTango: i love your icon <3
mamorukelly: you need help ;-; stop it, you're scaring him >_>
MeepLover: ohh i totally forgot about the luck thing nooooo lungeeee!
Fang Shinobi: yesss creepy sims is the best!
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Awwwwww i feel so bad for him! his brother is such a dick!

awwww poor thing ;A; the glass its in his face.

why is he so damn mean D':< he needs to get laid.

And they all lived happily ever after.
Except for Herz, who got curbstomped.

I agree with Izzy. Lunge needs to get laid. So damned horrible to Herz...D8

But yay! Creepy mirror is broken~!

bb, I`m starting to dislike your comic, cuz it makes me sad8'C TOO MUCH VIOLENCE... WHERE`S THE HAPPY GAY STUFF?!<:'u

Even as I smile happilly at the background, I cringe at Herz's pain. O-Q

You bastard thats your little brother what reason do you have to torture him. Dont you realize that he could have died . Lunge you could have lost him YOU DICK!!!! COMFRONT HERZ HES SCARED SHITLESS!!!

... Go back into the mirror, Herz D: At least, the man in black was hugging you there, not pushing your face into glass ç_ç

Oh gosh in the last panel I though Lunge was squeezing a tiny Herz's butt. Alas.

Well, all hopes of Lunge being worried about Herz are shattered... Unless that's just the way he shows his concern? xD Poor Herzy....

Thanks, I like it too, obviously, or else it would not be my icon, indeed :D

And what's this about the next update being far away?! Nooooooo T_T

I'll just have to survive till then

The throw is epic. Love the dynamic; yeah..he's a poor thing :C

oh wait, Lunge doesn't care, because he's a heartless bastard. >:I
... i still love him though >3> is that bad?

aaw 3rd panel was so sweet *cries*

Lunge you bastard >=I
I still like him but that just makes me want to tear off his dick and shove it down his throat >=(

I can see a bit more of it, 4 characters?
:0 A friend of mine that doesn't know anything about your comic was looking through some shit on my iPod today and came across some sketches you did of baby Herz, she was like, "What is this? It's so cute and small!" and really liked it. It was awesommmeeee
I LURVE DRAWING BABIES I'm so gonna draw your characters as babies sometime soon


what the hell's goin' on here!?
Heeeerz D;


caalm down Lunge D= u're hurting Herz ; _ ;

Whatever happened to Lunge's gentle touch?!

wooh, violence?? O.O
by the way ... love your new comic background

Oh Gosh love it TuT

PD: your avi is amazing OuO where's from?

PD2: I recommend your comic in my blog xD you're in my top-20 *-* take a look ;D

Why has Herz regressed into a sniveling manchild? Or... teen-infant? That is what I would like to know. Although the glass in the face is pretty sucky. At least he'll bounce back? Unless it's still got some kinda dimensional-mindfucking powers.

Oh no! :c Please, Lunge, don't make me start hating you!

poor guy don't wrry Lunge i still like u lol

well time to get out the band aids again -u-


how is that good news ? lol. herz<3

I don't know if you're allowed to use other sourced than Photobucket to upload your background/banner with, but you should use Tinypic. if you make an account and leave the photo in your uploads, it won't usually get deleted for "bandwidth" and time allocations. Also, they don't usually delete for content, at least, not on your own personal account.

Oh, it's free, too.

*reliefss* I read this so fast that I thought Hirny was the one to be so mean and violent with Herz andIcriedanditwasn'tgoodandandnand
*cries in the corner*
Lungeh is such a meaneh >:c
But that is what we expect from him :D

AWW! Poor Hirn & Herz. Although his curiosity has put them all in danger. =C
I really hope the next far away page everyone is healed up and not angry or sad.
They should come together as a family. Why didnt their mom ever stop Lunge in the first place? Were they all some sort of experiment of their father's and the mom was a host or something?
Idk...this is some deep shit yo.

@themusicalmuffin: Your mom must be strong.
Most moms can't pick up let alone toss their children after age 12 or 13.

I think this is Lunges odd way of petending he wasnt worried about losing his brothers??
Not that it makes it okay, you mean piece of cheese!!

AWESOME!!! ♥ I will never complain about my family's weirdness ever again XD

Momma nuuuu~!
I've finally caught up to the latest chapter and now I have to wait for an update like everyone else D:<
lurves this comic<3

herz marry me O=O herzs is so tragic <3 i love him and all his tentcally goodness O=O

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