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January 27th, 2011, 12:46 pm

Now Herz is Travis

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Galael still, thank you for the opinion :>
Meg-comics her icon is from Adventure Time and I don't know! Tell me!
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OH HELL YEAH COMMENT VERGINITY!!!!!!!! OoO omg disapearing guy alert noooooooo do not take the sexiness awaaaaay I was having fun drooling over two of him

I detect an alternate world! That or Herz is paying a visit to Hell...

This is about to be a sad part of the comic, isn't it?

Herz!!! noooo!! T-T...

Looking Glass Wars? Feels like Herz is about to go off into Wonderland.

Aaaaw... poor little Herzchen... D:

That's not very nice Herz >:O

Okay, seriously.. is this Boy Lessons? Oo;;

DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN, indeed DDDD: Don't get eaten by melancholic mirror people, Herz! D:

That said, I like that we have a throwback to the Herz of the beginning - the boy that makes mouths and tentacles appears on his skin when he's distressed; and his "monstery" characterics are subtly added (the black fingers 8D), not emphasized with "DUN DUN TRANSFORMATION!!1".

You really improved since your first pages: your drawings, dialog and pages layout are better, more coherent, and you seems to be really much more in control of your story! One day, I'll find your darkest secrets and will blackmail you to get you to redo the beginning :° FEAR ME.

Oh sheeeeeet!!! I hope the mirror image doesn't come out to replace him.

!!!! O-O D:

whut is going on.

WOW did see that coming where did Herz go someone save him!!!!!

I hope someone saves poor Herz chan!!! T^T preferably with swords and a big amazing epic scene in which they have no idea why they are dressed like that lol

Holy shit he just..... got eateded D: Someone save Herz!!!!!!


so epic.

Dude. I hope that thing doesn't come out and replace him. D:

D: I was SO NOT expecting that

oh those stupied new water mirrors...sucking up people whole and what not


Oh-shi! It was a trap O.O

mmm that looks yummy... poor Herz hope everything goes well... loved the happy look on the mirror Herz's face XD


.... what are the chances of this all being just a dream? XD

Portal to the past!

Drama queen :c

omg second panel... that expression is AMAZING. ffffff

lol tricked....


whooooa this reminds me of my comic O.O

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