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January 19th, 2011, 10:58 am

Blondes are not always dumb, but in this comic, they are.

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GERMAN CITIZENS PLEASE TELL ME IF I WROTE IT RIGHT! Is it DIR OR DICH? Have you ever got a little sheet of paper in school, which says "turn this paper around" on both sides?


Sviperin: girls heart must fill with sad blood if she reads this comic :,C
fucking.spring: now that i think of it, you two would be a great pair!
RiverxHaku: I haven't even started it yet! I'll try to keep it less than 7$
KealPanda: no no no! YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ON PHOTOBUCKET! This is mine photobucket's bandwidth that was exceeded! I need to wait till it gets reset! Bare with me!
Galael: no no! I'm open to criticism as long as it doesn't concern my style or body proportions XD You hit me in my weak spot there! I've accidentally made those as speech hands draws them automatically and I was like WHY IS HE TALKING TO HIMSELF?!?!IAJSJDFKA?!
Saralena: no :C i wont print the actual story >>
Kurosaki556: I'll post the side story comic on this site if I make it and you can see it fro yourself :> you don't need to decide anything now :>
Koakuma: why broken? ;-;
Guest: ahh ahhh we weren't even talking about that XD nobody called me a nerd!( cuz its kinda obvious) You got it all wroooong!
Waiting For Your Whistle: damn it! y u notice everythin?!
MaryStrawberries: you made my soul fly into an eternal river of sadness :C sadnessss :,C I'm a terrible mean person irl. You will grow up and everything will be ok, believe me.
Thank you for your kind words, though :> they mean a TON! Ahahah Jura's name is pronounced differently than it's written too :J no biggie
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what a spongebob-esque moment.

it's correct :D

Indeed she does :ccc, but that just means more affection and love for herzbby, while lunge is fuming on the sidelines lmfao.


I like how the mirror actually looks like it's reflecting correctly. So many artists don't get it right! Good job.

Even cellulose knows Herz is an idiot. That's pretty humiliating. :,D

I missed the translation and sent the link to my German friend like a derp XD

Omg. Herz.
You really are a fucking blond.

lol dumb but still adorable <3

I got the "There are red ants on the ceiling" lmao... while in class *looks up* everybody laughs(quietly) and then you had to pass it to the person in front of you.. and that's the circle of life :'D

I love this comic! But, don't remind me about that paper thing... I once wrote 'Turn over for the meaning of Life' on both sides of the paper and gave it to the school idiot. Half an hour later someone finally took the paper off him and said 'It's a LIE!'

-has been snooping through comments out of boredom-

Lunge is pronounced German-ly and not English-ly?! >.< I hate when I find out I've been saying a character's name wrong...>.> I suppose I've been saying 'Jura' wrong as well.


We did the paper thing at our school once...Only it said: "How do you keep an idiot busy? Turn paper over for answer." On both sides...Me and my friend had it for almost an hour before we finally realized...>.<

OOOOOH. The his reflection going to kill him? Oooh, or is it a myyysticaal portal? IT'S THE ENTRANCE TO NARNIA!

...or to hell. -shrug- Whichever.

don't worry "dir" is correct!
keine Sorge "dir" ist richtig!

D: it's like a dog chasing it's own tail xD or a cat!

Because Herz seems to be like the character who alway go through a lot of suffering all the time and I feel terrible for him :c
Even if he is pretty stupid XD

Wow herz sweetie...Ya need to lay off the paint chips

haha aww <3

"the mirror you idiot"

I lovels him <3333

Oh Herz ur soo cute

is the paper magic or did he just turn it over XD and if you through a vag in a bl horror comic people are sure to notice XD

so this IS herz. but wasn't it lunge who broke into the closet O_o

"Der Spiegel du Trottel!" xD

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