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January 11th, 2011, 11:27 am


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Don't miss every day updates! THIS SHIT JUST GOT SERIOUS
coochie-coochie teenage Lungy >w>

fucking.spring: does your explanation always have to be "cuz you don't love me"? SHANTAZHISTKA! EW did you fuck that cloud in the butt?! And what, you always had special permission to draw our OCs together! Didn't you know?
Bliss41: that's it im drawing herzxklaus
Leplace: I don't understand harry potter humor, i'm sorry.
DCEsRedStar: you're not supposed to :,D
Guest: you have eyes of an eagle! it says exactly that!
kuroi_hitsuji: you are correct :> and that language is german
MermaidUnderSea: doesn't he? *wink wink*
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LUNGE YOURE SO HOTT <3, look at your little fase <3 Ich liebe dich mien dumkoff

Oooo sexy OSM Action pose X3

hehe... glad to be austrian, so i can understand what the door (in this instance the wall) is saying. looking forward to find out what's behind it.

I don't even want to say this here but OH GOD YES DRAW THAT.

And this page is so FUCKING COOL. Damn it Herzy, I didn't imagine you had THIS MUCH BADASSNESS in you.

Oh, no Mahou shonen transformation for him?

Who needs keys when you can turn your arms in mantis clawns right?

Oh Wow I didn't even know he could do any thing other then tenticles, lol XD *pokes the pointy*
Also, First time comenting ^^

watch this video and you`ll get it

of course I knew! I just told Bliss not to worry about it:u
and those monster\crab hands look awesome.
also teenage Lungy looks like Herz but with luciok 8D

Those hands are made of pure awesomeness.
And it reminds me of Alex Mercer from Prototype.
Omg, I love Herz, he's so cute.

Oh yeah !
I love everyday updates !

(I've read all the comic three days ago, that's a nice story I want to know what's coming next !)

holy munchkers, he's a crab too...i gots to get me some herz babies

I KNOW WHAT THE DOOR IS SAYING! "I have waited so long" I didn't realize it was German until now xD

Last panel is made of pure awesome \\(*o*)//

nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~! (in horror movies) you never go into the freaky door!!!

imma guess someone bad is in there

I need glasses... When I first looked at the talking wall's text, I coulda sworn it said, "Herzzz...marry me..."

jizzed in my pants okay wow

why is herz so goddamn adorable and sexy /SOB

Lunge sad to saw is hot!!!! And Herz well i think he is really scared if he is using his full power to destory the door and see whats inside. I wonder what is inside that closet

that's some creepy shit! Trust me I wouldn't open that door XD

Sooooo many updates!!! i think im in love!!!!!!! :D



love <3 love for the Milky and love for the Boy Lessons

ALSO, if anyone is wondering the door says "I've waited so long"
is really hard to read though because of all the distortion effects
also in German :U

what does the closet say?? o_0

Mmm I am so hot for Lunge~

What happened to photobucket? Why is some pictures gone?

HOT DAMN his eyes are beautiful Im in love seriously.
give me your talent or Ill shoot! D':<


Praying mantis like? Or would you say, more like the bottom part of a crab's claw? :D

I bet 5 bucks that he'll get out of this whole thing hurt.

0o0o0o0o0o~ i really love this page ;A; it came out so awesome, and the last panel is so badass.

I'm back! >:D

I freaking love the fourth panel soooooooo much :'D Herz look so pretteh@ - w-~~~

the wolframs' are aMAZINGGG~! ^^ i love that pose/new transformation soo much, he has determination

Wharrrr Niiiiiice. 8) Reminds me of Prototype.

Awesome pose and I like his weapons. :D

That door/wall is hella scary. I WISH I COULD READ GERMAN, FRAK. >^<

Omg im so scared

Herz looks HAWT in the last panel!!!

Oh cool. XDD<3

P.S. panel 4 is sexeh beyond words. :3<3

...The door/wall has been waiting? ffff-

Last frame Hertz is cool... I think I might like badass Hertzy more than hurt Hertzy.... O_O

That look o-o
*droolz* =////='

He's really turning up the badass-ery indeed!

But I wanted LungexKlaus! :C

So reminds me of Alex Mercer from Prototype.

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