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January 10th, 2011, 12:22 pm

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Don't miss every day updates! Lol little Herz looks like big Soki :J Do you like all these updates?
No, just look at that. I forgot to draw him plasters ON THE SAME FUCKIN PAGE!

Nekkid Cuddles: why are you talking to me like that ;;-;;
Bliss41: what are you talking about >:U it's a horror comic too, you know >:I LOL i hope every single person, who reads both of our comics saw that fanart >:J
ninjies: you know too much >:O
fucking.spring: why is your icon so not cute?
Nwonknu: he hid them, like any other thing that eventually sticks out of him
SamuraiParfait: hah I haven't expected anyone to read that, but yes :D it says exactly that!
I_lost_the_game: pretty much everything that will happen in the next pages will remind you of something :I i mean, all the horror things have been used somewhere already
MadHatterGonzo: HHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAAAA!!! That's a theory :,D
WiddleWade: AHAHH it does look like it XD
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Lol, I was just about to comment that he looked like Soki. Lovin' it :D

Im loving you more and more when you update all the time <3. Maybe I should learn a thing or two :U

because u don`t love me anymore:V that`s why.
also because his anus is bleeding.

T-the last few panels are the cutest thing in the world, I have teary eyes from how cute they are. ;o;

fffff it'd be will think I'm such a jerk for shalshing my own character with yours!! And be like: ohhh who does she think she is to do something like that! <-<

Oh gosh thats cute

I love the updates!You got me soooo curious about that door!

Updates = Love keep em up please!! (:

That unholy door! Murmuring profanities,telling racist jokes and Harry Potter spoilers!*Snape killed*

@Bliss: lol then I`m the biggest jerk in the Universe, cuz I mostly slash Milk`s and mine characters:'D
don`t sweat, hun! imo slashing OC`s is funny at least for me<:/ so...fucking adorable. OwO <--raepfaes- Hoyes~

Because I lurf you. <3

ugh it's that door again >.<

Herz's wittle feet are so cute! :3

These updates are amazing! Herz is so cute c:
Brightens my seriously dull day.
Your comics and art always make me wanna draw. INSPIRATION!!

Know what I like? I like the scratch marks on the wall and the bite marks on the bars. o uo

I can't read what the door is sayin 3:

So effin adorable!!! Aww man! I love lil Herz! If he continues to be this cute, I don't care if his story is super long!

Keep up with the daily updates! Thank you!

Faved* OH GODZ! This comic is so fucking funny! I love it!

Heeerzchen woo bist duu!

XD I'm not sure about the chen part. I have bad eyes, but it was my first guess

really? XDD lol

Herz looks so sweet <3 <3

Noooo Herz!! dont listen to that horrible door >_<!! stupid Amityville-like-door T-T

oh God whatever is behind that door is going to rape Herz D,: isnt..??

I can kinda read what the door says...other than his name, but it's in a language I know not. wo bist du? looks like it. XDD iddkdkdkdkdkdk

love the updates too bad i'm late though.
Where's the creepy talking door Herz?
Listen to it! But don't do what it says (yet.)

How can Hirn not remember that door?!

" herzchen...where are you..."


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